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Day 12

The Mental Plane

Now that we’ve established how difficult, even impossible, it is to shape Physical Reality into your desired reality, this is why you should mainly operate in the Mental Plane where energy is less dense and moves beyond the concept of speed.

When you consciously use the faculties of your mind through mental concentration, that’s when you can see the objects in the Mental Plane more clearly. When you include feelings in your mental imagery and use all your senses to “experience” your desire before it even manifests, the objects become more like what you would actually experience in the Physical Plane. That’s why the gurus always tell you, “feel your desire as if it’s happening right now.”

If in the Physical Plane you don’t have your partner back, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily change this situation by operating in the Mental Plane. In the Mental Plane, you can create your dream relationship from scratch, without regard to everything that happened in the past.

There are so many scenarios to choose from for you to visualize. Neville Goddard, my favorite manifesting teacher, calls this “imaginal act”.

If in the Physical Plane you have to physically call your partner and invite them for dinner, in the Mental Plane you are already having dinner with them at the most romantic restaurant in the world.

If in the Physical Plane they are not talking to you and have blocked you on social media, in the Mental Plane they are crazy about you and only want to be with you. In fact, they are dying to spend time with you right at this moment!

If in the Physical Plane they have moved on, in the Mental Plane you are already married to each other.

If in the Physical Reality they don’t like to travel, in the Mental Plane you are traveling the world with an unlimited budget!

If in the Physical Reality you don’t think you are attractive, in the Mental Plane everyone is drawn to you and finds you attractive that your partner is jealous of all the attention and admiration that you get.

You can create unlimited possibilities for the two of you together in the Mental Plane. You simply need to consciously direct your thoughts and feelings to create these possibilities.

In other words, you can only successfully create the things that you want in the Mental Plane through mastery of your thoughts and feelings. This will never work for the mentally lazy, and those that let their emotions control them.

This will also never work for those who are easily offended, easily hurt, and easily affected by the actions of their special person in the Physical Plane.

You MUST always rise above the Physical Plane and ignore what’s happening in your Physical Reality. Always remind yourself that everything in the Physical Plane are manifestations of your mind. So, who cares what your loved one does in the Physical Plane? Who cares what they say? Who cares if they blocked you on social media? Who cares if they refuse to talk to your right now?

You have VERY LITTLE to NO POWER over them in the Physical Plane, so don’t operate in this plane if you want them back.

If you want COMPLETE CONTROL over the situation and if you want a higher chance of success at getting your partner back, you should ALWAYS operate in the Mental Plane where you can easily influence and manipulate all the energies.

In the Mental Plane, your loved one has ZERO resistance and won’t even suspect that you are responsible for their change of hearts and minds. That’s because they are not even familiar that this plane exists and have no idea how to properly navigate it.

The moment you create things through an “imaginal act” in the Mental Plane, your creations have no choice but to manifest in the Physical Plane. This is how the Mental and Physical correspond.

Of course, there is ALWAYS a delay in the manifestation because the nature of energies in the Physical Plane is denser and travels slowly. The speed of manifestation also depends on the complexity of your creation in the Mental Plane.

Example, manifesting a chocolate cake is easier than manifesting a new relationship with your loved one who is with someone else now. Someone can just buy and surprise you with a cake out of nowhere, while your special person has to realize that they still love you and need to call it quits with whomever they are with before they can be with you again. In these examples, manifesting a chocolate cake happens faster than manifesting your special person back.

There is always a delay in the manifestation of your “imaginal acts”. Some “imaginal acts” manifest right away while others manifest in weeks, months, or even years.

The delay in the manifestation of your desire is the same as light and sound. Light travels faster than sound, that’s why when there’s lightning there’s a delay in the sound in the form of thunder, when in fact they are created at the same time.

While creating your desire in the Mental Plane, do not contradict your creation by thinking that it cannot be done or by thinking of the opposite of your desire; and don’t resist it by operating in the lower scales of consciousness (low vibes).

You can also speed up the manifestation if you really want. This takes mental focus and control over your emotions, which you will learn and study in the succeeding lessons.

Activity for Day 12

Your creations in the Mental Plane

This is a journal exercise. You need a quiet place, your journal, and a pen to complete this exercise.

You’ve learned that the Mental Plane has no concept of limits. Everything is possible, everyone can be present. This limitless capability, however, is not always put to good use. As you learn how to manifest your partner back, this exercise will make you reflect on the kinds of ideas and thoughts you had about your loved one before learning Conscious Creation.

The purpose of the exercise is to make you recall and identify what thoughts and feelings you had after your break up so you can determine if you have been creating your desired reality in the Mental Plane.

Again, this is not about recalling the thoughts you are manifesting now, but instead, the thoughts you used to have before this course.

Find a private and relaxing place where you can reflect on your previous thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Be in a comfortable position and just think and remember what you’ve thought or felt concerning getting back with your loved one.

Did you feel like it was going to be hopeless? Did you think they might have already found someone better? Did you torture yourself with ideas of how much your partner hates you?

Recall how you felt and thought about your loved one after the breakup. List all these things in your journal. Reflect on the images or assumptions you had in your mind about your special someone after the relationship ended.

Did you focus on creating your desired reality in the Mental Plane, or you focused on the opposite? Did your thoughts and feelings align with your desire?

Write down how you plan to align your thoughts and feelings with your desire. Write down the changes in the way you create in the Mental Plane.

Always take inventory of your creations in the Mental Plane. Always check your predominant thoughts and feelings and ask yourself if they can bring you closer to your loved one or not.


In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day.

You may also perform any of the visualizations that I mentioned in the previous days.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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