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Day 13

The Spiritual Plane

You become one with your TRUE nature as a DIVINE BEING when you rise above all the lower scales and navigate through the scales of Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment, which are the language of the Spiritual Plane.

Unconditional Love never fails because it is the language of The Source, The Absolute, or our Highest Self. Unconditional Love represents absolute truth and absolute beauty.

Note that you must have a deep understanding of what Unconditional Love, Joy, and Peace really are. If you keep thinking and saying you love your loved one but are obsessed with what they do on social media, with whom they go out with, and with what they think of, that is not Unconditional Love. If you are upset because your partner did not return your call or text, then you are not giving them Unconditional Love because you expect them to reciprocate.

In fact, if you ask me, I won’t even consider it love because it has the element of selfishness, where you only think of your own happiness and not the happiness of your partner.

When you apply Unconditional Love to everyone around you including your desires, you will also immediately experience joy and peace. This is why Joy and Peace are in higher scales than Unconditional Love because Unconditional Love is a prerequisite to reaching these highest scales of consciousness.

You can’t really achieve Peace and Joy if you love with conditions. When you practice giving constant Unconditional Love, you experience constant Joy and Peace as well.

The energies in the Spiritual Plane are so light that they are in the constant changing state of being, which means that as soon as you pour out Unconditional Love to your desire, energies change right away and the physical manifestations of your desire immediately start to form.

In the Spiritual Plane, you still create your desire through thoughts and feelings, but you are not obsessed or attached with it anymore. In other words, when you create your “imaginal act” of getting your partner back in the Spiritual Plane, you feel nothing but PURE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for them.

By directing Unconditional Love (Spiritual) to your thoughts and feelings (Mental), you manifest your desire better and even faster (Physical). This is how the Three Planes align with one another.

Activity for Day 13

How to Operate in the Spiritual Plane

This is a journal exercise. You need a quiet place, your journal, and a pen to complete this exercise.

In the Spiritual Plane, everything that is form and shape disappears. There are no more physical bodies; just pure energy. This is the most powerful plane among the three, and manifesting your desired reality here makes it more potent because of the Unconditional Love that makes up this plane.

Feeling Unconditional Love isn’t just a matter of wordplay or spur of the moment. You can’t just say you “love” your loved one now then hate them afterward. It is a matter of discipline in feelings and thoughts. It should also apply to everyone, not just your mother, best friend, or loved one.

Every day should be a practice in Unconditional Love, so, for this exercise, start operating in the Spiritual Plane by living every day with love.

From the moment you wake up, feel love for your yourself. Have breakfast and give love to your food. Take a shower and feel love. Give love to all the things that you own. Travel to wherever you need to be today and feel love.

The more you feel love, the more you vibrate the frequency of love.

The magnetic, charismatic, attractive, and magical vibrational frequency of love only happens when you give love to the ALL IN ALL, not just your loved one.

Of course, the central focus of all this is your partner so while you send love to the ALL IN ALL, commit the image of your loved one in your mind, in your desired state already. Ideally, you dedicate 15-20 minutes in the morning and at night to visualizing your loved one. The rest of the day, you can practice being LOVE.

When faced with a difficult situation, avoid negative psychobabble or mind talk, send love to the situation and the people involved. Not only will it lift your mood about the circumstance, but it also boosts the spirit of the people around you.

You can even start or end your day with an entry in your journal of the top 10 things you’ve sent love to or top 10 things that made you feel loved. Remind yourself every day that you are LOVED and that you are LOVE.

Living with love in your soul immediately empowers your affirmations, visualizations, and meditations. Getting back with your loved one becomes easier when you can send love to the whole universe.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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