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Day 14

The Past Still Exist

Today’s lesson will give you the assurance that you can change ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in your situation even though you think you have a hopeless situation or had the worst breakup.

You probably think that there’s nothing that you can do about the past that’s why you still keep obsessing about the things that you did and didn’t do.

Perhaps you feel guilty about not doing your best while you were physically together with the person you love. Maybe you think that if you could just travel back to the past, you’d be able to fix everything.

You probably think that there’s nothing that you can do anymore to reverse the situation and that you wish you could have done better.

Let’s go back to the Different Planes of Existence that we discussed and how the Mental Plane is more real than the Physical Plane.

The reason the Mental Plane is more real is it is the cause of all the manifestations in the Physical Plane.

Take note that whatever you see in the Physical Plane are the “effects” of what you did in the Mental Plane “in the past”, that’s why the Physical is called The Plane of Effects. We all know that the effects cannot exist without the causes, so the cause must always come first.

You also learned that the energy in the Mental Plane is less dense and travels at the speed of light, that’s why you can easily change or manipulate it. This plane has no concept of time and space, like what we are accustomed to in the Physical Plane.

So, when you create something in the Mental Plane, it exists right away. If you want to travel to another country, you can do it right away by using the languages of thoughts and feelings. If you want to be in 20 different places in one minute, you can also do it now. If you want to be with your loved one and become the most successful and wealthy couple, you can also do it.

If you wish to go back to the past and talk to the people in your past, you can do that as well by “remembering” the past. If you want to experience the future, create your idea of the future right now.

The truth is, the past and the future do not really exist. Everything happens RIGHT NOW. Life is always NOW, and NOW never ends.

We are used to thinking that time is LINEAR, that’s why we have the past, present, future; but that’s because we’ve been taught to think that way since we were children. But, if you think about it, the concept of time is from people who wanted to make sense of their experiences in the Physical Plane.

Julian Barbour, a British physicist, describes time as “a succession of pictures, a succession of snapshots, changing continuously one into another. I’m looking at you; you’re nodding your head. Without that change, we wouldn’t have any notion of time.”

To Barbour, change is real, but time is not. Time is only a reflection of change.

Examples of the Illusion of Time

Whenever I travel from the West Coast to Asia, I always miss one day, as if that day doesn’t exist. If I leave on February 14 from San Francisco and I arrive on February 16 in Manila, it’s just a 17-hour flight, but why did I miss February 15?

When going back to the U.S. from Asia, I leave on the same day and experience that day all over again when I reach the U.S. If I leave Hong Kong on February 14 at 11 p.m., I arrive in Los Angeles on February 14 at 3 p.m.!

You are reading this lesson “now” although I wrote this “in the past”. And you know that what you haven’t read yet is in the future, although I wrote some of them already.

The fact that I can talk to clients from the “past” (Europe) when I am in the “future” (Asia) proves that time is not real.

When it’s my birthday in Asia, it’s not yet my birthday in the U.S. Even after my birthday in Asia, my friends in the U.S. still greet me a happy birthday because, in their time, it’s still my birthday.

All these discrepancies and “time difference” show that our concept of time is not real and all that we have is the NOW.

You will understand the illusion of time better when you acknowledge your existence in the Mental Plane as real.

That’s why if you really want to enjoy life, do not always think about the past or the future — always focus on the NOW.

When you direct your Conscious Mind to focus on the NOW, you will realize how wonderful everything is: how your food tastes so much better, how you can be very relaxed, how enjoyable your bubble bath is, how your coffee is so much more enjoyable, how magical your time is with your loved one.

This is what you call “living in the present moment”. Eckhart Tolle totally nailed it when he wrote “The Power of Now”.

If you’ve been reading Law of Attraction materials and ebooks, you’ve probably read about “revising the past”, especially your negative experiences.

If you don’t understand why, that’s because, in the Mental Plane, the past, present, and the future all live in one time: THE NOW. All the images from the past, present, and future can also be accessed in real-time: just by thinking of the future or remembering the past.

If you want to experience the past again, go ahead, do it in the Mental Plane now. And the good news is, you can manipulate it because of the dense nature of energy in this plane.

We manifest EVERYTHING that we create in the Mental Plane, so if you want to revise some episodes in the past, you can definitely do it. Create something that you want to see in the “future” in your Physical Reality. By focusing on the images of the “past”, you are giving it energy again, and it has no choice but to manifest in your reality as a new experience.

In terms of creating your future, what you think right now is what will manifest in your reality sooner or later.

Your future already exists in the Mental Plane, where limitless possibilities exist through the Unified Field (Universal Mind).

Yes, the possibilities that you can create in the Mental Plane is limitless. Every mental image that flashes in your mind’s eye is a possibility that can potentially manifest in your Physical Reality when given substance using energy.

Whenever you think of reuniting with your loved one, this is considered a possibility. Thinking of them moving on to another person is a possibility. Thinking that you’re just friends is a possibility. Thinking about an episode in the past is a possibility. Thinking about having a wonderful family together is a possibility. Thinking about not talking to each other anymore is a possibility.

Now, the kind of possibility that you want to turn into a reality totally depends on you. The possibility that you always focus on, give love to, nurture, and care for RIGHT NOW is what manifests in the Physical Plane.

So, you see, it’s all about what you can do NOW.

And remember that manifestation happens when you consistently become a match to the vibrational frequency of your desire, which operates in the frequency of love.

How to Use the Law of Correspondence to Manifest Your Loved One

The Correspondence between these planes help each other translate your “imaginal acts” into real acts, but you need to constantly access and smoothen the communication among these planes. All three need to be IN ALIGNMENT with your desire.

The best plane to operate on your desires is in the Non-Physical Planes, or the Mental and Spiritual Planes, where everything has no concept of time and form, but, instead, is only concerned with the NOW.

Make your Mental and Spiritual Planes work together on your desired reality so that it translates better into physical manifestations.

When you imagine ideal scenarios with your loved one, empower these images with Unconditional Love. Do not dwell in your “imaginal acts” with feelings of doubts or, worse, feelings of obsession. Let your rekindled bond play out in your head like the most beautiful film you’ve ever watched and send nothing to it except Unconditional Love.

Release yourself from shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, obsession, and other low frequency emotions. When you create your desire in the Mental Plane, send your loved one nothing but love, joy, and peace. Trust that they will manifest physically. Harbor positivity whenever you imagine these scenarios and trust that your loved one feels the same way.

Do not be easily swayed by the Physical Reality. When your loved one says they only want to be friends or is about to get married, do not let this news hamper your Conscious Creation. Remember, what is happening NOW is what you’ve created in the Mental Plane, and this plane is more powerful than any Physical Reality.

Do not spam your loved one with texts or stalk them all the way back to their house. Do not threaten their current lover or blackmail them to loving you back. Cultivate the beautiful image of you and your loved one in your mind and believe that that is the only reality that matters. Ignore the current Physical Plane because sooner or later, it will happen just as you imagined it to be.

Activity for Day 14

Guided Visualization to Revise the Past

There may have been events  or people in the past that have stirred negative emotions in you up until now. While you can’t change the fact that they happened, you have power over how you feel about them and how they can turn into something positive today.

Through our guided visualization, we will help you revise negative happenings in your life through the power of your mind. Gain new confidence and turn the negative past into a positive present through this visualization to revise the past.

You can use this visualization in your daily conscious creation practice. Meditate every morning, right after you wake up and before you go to bed at night. You can also visualize at any time of the day. Remember to “act and feel as if” the scenarios are happening right now.

This guided visualization is only available in the premium version of this course.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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