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Day 17

What They Say Don’t Mean Anything

In our previous lesson, we talked about your tendency to add meaning to neutral things and events and what usually triggers you to do this. The meaning that you add affects you emotionally. The meaning is the reason you feel bad about something that’s not supposed to mean anything.

The more you focus on the meaning that you add to anything that you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste, the more you believe the meaning to be true.

It is the prolonged focus on the meaning that you add to a neutral event that convinces you to believe that your meaning is the truth. Then, you keep adding more details to this meaning.

For example:

When you see a photo of your loved one with another person on social media, your initial reaction is to give it meaning, like maybe there is something going on between the two of them.

The more you entertain this meaning, the more you are inclined to add details to it. Like, maybe they’re going out or dating; maybe he or she is the new boyfriend or girlfriend; maybe your loved one has already moved on; maybe they’re having a good time right now; or maybe he already introduced her to his parents, etc.

These negative meanings will naturally give you negative feelings. Based on the Law of Vibration, these negative feelings will give substance to the meaning that you added to the neutral events. As the meaning grows and expands, it eventually becomes a belief that’s stored in your Subconscious Mind and eventually manifested in your reality.

You are not the only one guilty of adding meaning. Almost everyone is, including me. Good thing my meditation practice and my own awareness of my tendency to add meaning have been a tremendous help, so it’s easy to catch myself and not lose track.

Everyone Makes Meaning

If you observe on Facebook, other social media platforms, and even message boards and forums, people ALWAYS tend to give meaning to neutral things and events in their lives all the time.

They attach meaning to EVERYTHING that happens to them, and most of these meanings are not even positive.

They feel bad not because of the neutral event but because they added a negative meaning to that event, which turned that event into a negative experience.

Try to observe how others tend to add meaning to everything around them. When they don’t get what they want, observe their reaction to it. If they are in the process of manifesting their loved one, observe how they become fearful, frustrated, or frantic from time to time.

Usually, this comes from adding meaning to neutral things and events, like when they don’t receive a reply from their loved one, or when their loved one has blocked them on social media.

Another thing is to pay attention to what you hear on the radio, watch on TV, or read in the news. Notice how these are all meanings the media added to neutral events. Notice how these meanings affect your mood and mindset.

Train yourself to see how everybody around you tends to unconsciously imagine meaning all the time instead of living in the present moment. When you can pinpoint another person’s tendency to add meaning, you become better at catching yourself doing the same.

You will realize that it’s not the meaning that matters but how you maintain your state of “living in the present moment.”

How Others Add Meaning

This is a practical exercise that requires you to be mindful and aware throughout the day.

As you become more conscious of your thought process in response to the things around you, it’s time to “practice” this newfound consciousness by observing other people.

Today’s exercise is the continuation of our previous exercise, but instead of catching yourself adding meaning, I would like you to notice how other people add meaning to neutral things and events.

Notice People

Whenever you talk to them, notice what prompts them to add meaning to anything that happens to them. Be more observant when you interact with people. Notice how their stories don’t mean what they think they mean.

Whenever they are upset or angry at someone, notice that their negative feelings come from adding meaning to whatever their friend said to them or from being stuck in traffic on a Monday morning.

If they are happy or excited, try to pinpoint what positive meaning they added to a neutral experience. Perhaps it is the arrival of a loved one or an upcoming concert of their favorite band.

Become the observer of their imaginal world. Notice how they imagine all the time by living in the meaning that they attach to everything.

Notice Mainstream Media and Social Media

Next, notice how the people on the radio, TV, and social media have the tendency to add meaning. Did a celebrity reveal herself to be pregnant? Is a new restaurant opening up in town? Notice whether they add positive or negative meanings to things or events.

TV reporters may call out the celebrity to be reckless and make it seem bad that she’s pregnant just when her career is at its peak. Maybe your Facebook friend is exaggeratedly grateful for this new restaurant because it serves their favorite cuisine! You can even check out hotel and restaurant reviews to read how people added meanings to their neutral experiences.

These events are, by itself, totally empty of meaning…until they give it one.

If they feel negative about something, notice where that feeling comes from. Imagine how much better they would feel if they stopped adding negative meaning to these ordinary circumstances.

Lastly, continue noticing how you tend to add meaning to neutral things and events, and how these meanings affect your mood or current state.

When you realize you’re adding meaning, let go of the meaning and tell yourself that it doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Activity for Day 17

Guided Visualization to Whisper Your Love and Affection to Your Loved One

How does your loved one make you feel? Think of all the positive emotions you feel when you remember the smile or laughter of your loved one. Not everything goes smoothly in a relationship, but embracing and emphasizing positive thoughts and feelings help you and your loved one grow more confident in each other’s love.

Through our visualization guide, we empower your mind to indirectly, but effectively nurture the positive things in your relationship by using the whispering technique.

This guided visualization is available only in the premium version of this course.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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