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Day 18

The Cause is the Meaning

All your experiences are the results of your thoughts. Your thoughts are your tendency to add meaning to neutral events. The causes of the reality you experience now are the meanings you attached to your events before.


Most couples break up after a big argument. Arguments usually ensue because of jealousy, feeling misunderstood, fear, doubt, or paranoia that the partner is cheating on them.

Jealousy, feeling misunderstood, paranoia, fear, doubt, and other negative feelings usually come from your mind’s tendency to add meaning to a neutral event.

Example, many people feel threatened that their partners may cheat on them. The more they entertain the idea that their loved one may cheat on them, the more that thought grows.

Suddenly, your partner’s meet-up with friends or their SMS replies that take too long or your unanswered calls to them are infused with meanings that “my partner might be cheating on me.” Then, you add more details to this doubt. When you continue to fear losing your partner, this fear ultimately becomes real.

This also applies to your thoughts after the breakup. Your recurring thoughts can either affirm the breakup or help you reunite with your loved one. The choice is always yours.

If you continue to focus on the event that your loved one blocked you on social media and translate that neutral event into a negative meaning, like they hate you, you affirm in your mind that this is your truth.

The more you focus on your lonely days and assign meaning that you can’t get back with your partner, the result is you continue to create your partner’s absence in your life.

If the neutral event where you don’t see your loved one every day makes you think that your relationship with them is over, then it is over.

If the fact that your loved one hasn’t contacted you yet since you learned about Conscious Creation keeps you thinking that it’s a struggle to manifest them back, you will always find it challenging to manifest them back.

If you always think your partner doesn’t love you anymore and has already moved on, they will eventually move on.

What happens in your life depends on whether you see life as good or bad. As a famous quote goes, “You can’t always have a good day, but you can always face a bad day with a good attitude.” It’s all about perception or how you give meaning to the things that happen to you.

If you always entertain all these negative self-talk about your partner, it’s time to pause and reconsider what you always focus on. Concentrate on positive thoughts and give positive meanings to neutral events that happen to you.

It’s time to be conscious of the meaning. It’s time to be conscious of your causes.

Where Meaning Comes From

You discovered in our previous lesson that the way your Conscious Mind labels and adds meaning to neutral things and events is from your stored beliefs in your subconscious.

The perceptions, assumptions, opinions, judgments, labels, and meanings that you assign to neutral experiences are all based on what you’ve been programmed to believe as true.

If you’ve been conditioned to believe that your partners will always leave you, you will tend to think that anyone you’re with will also eventually leave you.

If you’ve been programmed to believe that once you lose someone they are gone for good, then you will not necessarily believe that you can manifest your loved one back.

If you believe that your loved one can quickly move on after the breakup, they will easily move on after the breakup.

If you believe and fear that your partner might meet someone else after you, your Subconscious Mind will communicate to the Universal Mind and arrange things for your loved one to meet someone else.

What are False and Limiting Beliefs

The beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals, dreams, and desires are called false, limiting beliefs (or FLBs).

When it comes to manifesting your loved one back into your life, your FLBs are the major barriers to this desire.

Even if you successfully manifested your partner back in your life, your FLBs will hinder you from having a healthy and loving relationship with your partner.

The reason many people experience the same negative relationship patterns over the years is they keep manifesting the same FLBs in relationships and love.

These negative relationship patterns are manifestations of deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional trauma that they experienced in negative, dysfunctional, and destructive situations. These experiences usually happen during childhood that they didn’t correct.

These events may include being abandoned by one or both parents, unhappy childhood; physical, emotional, or mental abuse; criticisms from parents and teachers, abusive relationships, memories of being rejected and cheated on, and many others.

These FLBs create EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES that hinder you from having a long-term, stable, and healthy relationship. These emotional blockages will block positive energies that align with what you want.

If you don’t do anything to clear and replace these FLBs with beliefs that align with your desires, you will continue to expose yourself to the same type of dysfunctional relationships.

Activity for Day 18

Visualize Laughing with Your Loved One

This is a great guided meditation to let you visualize a positive moment with your loved one. Whatever you imagine in your mind and feel it real will manifest in your reality.

You can use this meditation everyday. Meditate every morning, right after you wake up and before you go to bed at night. You can also perform visualization at any time of the day. Remember to act and feel as if the scenarios are happening right now.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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