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Day 20

The Clearing Process

In our last lesson, you identified your FLBs about love and relationships.

Today, you will start to clear the emotional blocks caused by these FLBs.

These emotional blocks may be subtle or obvious negative sensations like the heaviness that you feel in your body.

These may also be your surrounding space, like that feeling of pressure or tightness around you as if you have a negative presence or aura.

Energy blocks are usually stuck feelings that are left unresolved.

When it comes to love and relationship, these emotional blocks are caused by false, limiting beliefs, like:

“I don’t deserve love or be loved.”

“I am broken.”

“I can’t get my love back.”

“Love hurts.”

“My partner will cheat on me.”

“Unconditional love doesn’t exist.”

“I am not worthy of him/her.”

“Long-distance relationship doesn’t work.”

“I have a hard time trusting my partner.”

“There is no such thing as true love.”

Now that you have already identified your FLBs in love and relationships, its time to transmute or release these energy blocks FOR GOOD.

To release, listen to the guided meditation that I recorded in the next lesson. It is okay if you cannot visualize the meditation clearly and properly. What’s important is for you to imagine that you participate in the clearing process.

Activity for Day 20

Guided Meditation to Clear Energy Blocks

This is an effective guided meditation to clear energy blocks caused by false and limiting beliefs. Use this guided meditation multiple times until you can feel that you’ve let go of the heavy emotions from energy blockages.

The Clearing Process Simplified

Don’t feel so overwhelmed by the meditation guide needed to remove the energy blocks. The lesson aims to impart the basic and most essential concepts once it comes to clearing these blocks, and all you need to note are these four steps:


Feel and determine where your energy blocks are in your body. They would feel stuck, heavy, or pressed. Once you find them, lift them out of your body one by one.


Disintegrate the blocks that you’ve placed outside your body. See the blocks gradually crumble away. As they do, return the energy to the universe.


Massage the newly cleared area in your body using your energy. This is to stabilize the “hole” left by the energy block. Smooth out your entire aura, filling in the block with your positive and good energy.


Some may immediately feel lighter after the exercise, while others might take some time. Feel free to repeat the steps as often as possible to keep finding, releasing, and smoothing out your aura.

When you can transform a situation, even if you only make small, gradual improvements, your confidence grows. Congratulate yourself. You have taken these simple, yet important steps in self-empowerment and soul wellness.

Now you know that stuck energy is temporary and changeable, and you realize that you can be proactive with your energy because you are fully capable of changing not just your Physical Reality, but also the health of your energy.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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