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Day 21

Effortless Subconscious Programming

We’ve previously learned that our upbringing and experiences in life contribute to our creation of false and limiting beliefs (FLBs). If these FLBs become so integrated and you perceive that it is what you experience all the time, then these FLBs become accepted by your Subconscious Mind as ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Looking at the situation where you and your loved one are no longer together, you naturally feel sad and hurt over this, you even doubt your worth and put yourself down with thoughts like, “I am not enough” or “I can never be happy again.”

This is worsened by instances where you try to reach out to your partner, but get no response, or they are resistant. This strengthens your negative thoughts about being unworthy and unhappy. You start thinking “my partner has moved on” or “they don’t love me anymore.”

These thoughts become your FLBs and result in you finding it harder, or even impossible to be back with your partner. Not only do you believe that you’re not a precious and Divine Being, but you also think that you’re not worthy of your loved one.

The negative emotions of fear, depression, anxiety, and anger aggravate the situation. The combined effect of the FLBs and negative emotions prevents you from manifesting your partner back.

It sometimes feels more comfortable to absorb the stress and pain from being no longer with your loved one, which in turn creates FLBs, but this difficulty only arises when you try to resolve these feelings through your Conscious Mind.

To address these FLBs, you need to attack it at its very base which is in your Subconscious Mind. Accessing your Subconscious Mind through meditation and visualization techniques is highly effective, but can prove to be quite a challenge for beginners. This is how subliminal audio programs come in handy.

What are subliminal audio progams?

Subliminal audio programs are audio recordings of empowering suggestions, messages, and affirmations that a person listens to so that the suggestions contained in the record will replace the FLBs stored in their subconscious.

We produced these subliminals using soothing sounds, such as ocean waves or a gentle stream, combined with vocals that, instead of singing, say affirmations that help replace your FLBs with positive statements to counteract it.

The soothing sounds are recorded on low frequency, so they are audible to you because what is distinct in your “waking state” is what your Conscious Mind tends to focus on.

The affirmations, on the other hand, are recorded at a high frequency so that they are almost inaudible to your “conscious ears.” What happens is that because your Conscious Mind is distracted by the soothing sounds, your Subconscious Mind can pick up these affirmations and replace your FLBs.

How to Use Subliminals to Manifest Your Loved One Back

If you listen to a subliminal program about loving yourself and manifesting your loved one, your previous FLBs get replaced by the belief that you are self-sufficient, you deserve to be loved, and that your loved one still loves you.

Sometimes these affirmations are hard to believe when we listen to it consciously or try to absorb them in our “waking state.” This is because our Conscious Mind actively negates these statements with its own negative stored thoughts (or FLBs).

This is why subliminal audio becomes powerful because it penetrates our Subconscious and bypasses the skepticism and negativity of the Conscious.

Remember when we discussed that you don’t try to win your loved one back through the Physical Plane by using physical effort and energy, but instead, communicate and influence them through the Mental Plane.

Apply this same concept in relinquishing your FLBs. If you can’t convince yourself to be Unconditional Love by merely telling yourself, use subliminal audio to stop self-communication (intrapersonal communication) through the Conscious Mind and do it through your Subconscious Mind.

Over time, the affirmations completely replace your FLBs, and you become more confident and more loving in manifesting your partner back. Your mental power is heightened when you believe in it, so, use subliminal programs to help you overcome your self-doubts and fear.

How We Make Subliminal Audio Programs

In this modern age, we can bring our music wherever we go. To focus on manifesting your loved one back, listen to subliminals whenever you can, may it be while taking a leisure walk, as you travel to work, or right before you sleep. There’s no maximum dosage for how often you should listen to affirmations.

However, there are specific occasions when subliminal audio is most effective, such as when you’re dozing off to sleep, or soon as it’s the first thing you hear in the morning. You can listen to it while relaxing or meditating (unless the meditation exercise requires utter silence). The more active your Subconscious Mind is, the better the effects.

There are a host of other subliminal programs out there. There are those that are just as effective in relinquishing your FLBs regarding manifesting your loved one back but be wary of incorrect subliminals.

There is no completely “silent” subliminal, nor should the affirmations be spoken in a fast or high speed. Take note of these kinds of subliminal programs which will have absolutely no effect (or worse, the opposite effect!) on your goal to manifest your loved one back.

I care so much about the process of producing these subliminals that my team and I had gone through several iterations before we came up with our current formula.

We use ReproSync Sound Technology to produce our subliminal audios programs. All suggestions are based on my knowledge of subconscious reprogramming, consciousness, and the universal laws.

The suggestions and affirmations contained in each recording target the most common false and limiting beliefs related to manifesting your loved one back.

We incorporate our Universal Mind affirmations, Unconditional Love affirmations, and closing affirmations in every subliminal audio program so that you vibrate with Unconditional Love before you even begin to absorb affirmations about manifesting your loved one back. These are usually missing in other subliminals in the market.

We include Solfeggio frequencies, which are tones used in sacred music, including Gregorian chants. The chants and their special sounds are believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony and help balance your energy and keep your body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony.

The subliminals we provided in this course directly target your FLBs that stop you from loving yourself and from manifesting your loved one back. It works on raising your vibe to make your Conscious Creation for your loved one powerful.

Specificity is the Name of the Game

Now that you are clear about wanting to reunite with your partner, it’s time to design or create your ideal version of your particular person and your perfect relationship with them.

Since thoughts are translated into physical manifestations, it is essential to be specific with what you want to create.

Although you want to manifest your partner back, I’m sure you don’t want to manifest their qualities that you don’t like or parts of your relationship that didn’t work out.

As you have the unlimited power and ability to create anything, you can also change anything that you created.

We have already established in our previous lessons that everything comes from the mind and you are the Divine Creator who created and can create ANYTHING that you can conceive and believe through your mind.

In this case, you CAN create your ideal relationship using the power of your mind, through the process of conscious thinking or visualization. In other words, YES, you can turn your partner’s negative qualities into positive ones, and change the less-ideal aspects of your relationship so that you will have the perfect relationship with the ideal partner!

What is a mindmap?

One of the tools that I use to create and plan anything from scratch is mind mapping. I’ve mind-mapped businesses that became successful; my life goals, my bucket list items, house projects, daily habits, travel itineraries, marketing plans, and even my ideal partner!

Mind mapping allows you to “make sense”and understand your thoughts when you visually organize them. Mind mapping does that for you.

A mind map is often created around the main concept that may be written in a circle or drawn as an image in the center of a page. The idea is to branch out of the main concept into sub-categories that then branch out into more ideas — all of which connect to the main concept in the center.

My favorite mind mapping tool to use is Xmind. I’ve used it for many years and for many projects and goals. Xmind is free to download. You may want to download it at (this is not how you read a web address. You should just read,

You may also use a pen and paper to draw your mind map.

The main reason you need a mind mapping tool is for you to be CLEAR about your ideal partner and your perfect relationship with them. Mind mapping will help you achieve this.

Take note that when you mind map the best version of your partner, you are not changing them against their will. You are applying the universal Law of Mentalism, which states that everything is mind and the universe is mental. This means that even without mind mapping and conscious thinking, you create anyway. In fact, you create all the time although you are mostly unconscious about what you are creating in your mind. Being conscious of what you choose to experience in your Physical Reality is not manipulation at all.

By creating the best version of your partner and your ideal relationship with them in your mind through mind mapping, you will easily imprint these thoughts and mindmap into your Subconscious.

Then, you need to review your mind map on a daily basis. By doing this, your thoughts will be stored in your Subconscious Mind as permanent beliefs, and beliefs are what will manifest in your reality.

What to Mindmap?

Qualities that you want them to possess

How they are/act toward you

What your relationship with them is like

Describe your life as a couple

Recommended Subliminal Audio Programs

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Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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