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Day 22

Why Do You Want to Reunite with Your Loved One?

To achieve your goal of manifesting your loved one, you must first be clear about your desire to be with them. How badly do you want to be with them? How ideal would your life be when you finally reunite with them? Can you imagine a perfect life with them?

More importantly, WHY do you want to be reunited with your partner?

And if you say, “I am in love with my partner,” ask yourself further WHY you are in love with your loved one.

And if you say, “Because they make me happy,” ask yourself WHY they make you happy.

Every time you answer, ask yourself WHY until you genuinely and clearly understand your reasons and motivations for manifesting them back. There should be no doubt in your mind as to WHY you want to be with them.

The reason I am asking is some people want their loved one back for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they hurt their ego during the breakup, or they would rather not be alone, or they feel hopeless, incomplete, and desperate.

Some people get entangled in toxic relationships because of FLBs. They know the relationship is not healthy or good for them, yet they choose to hold on to the relationship.

Some people also have half-hearted desires, which means that they want their partner back but don’t have any long-term relationship plans, like they don’t see themselves in a long-term, committed relationship with their partner, or they don’t see a future with their loved ones. Some can’t even imagine being married to their loved one. They want their partner back because they felt rejected and other shallow reasons.

Make sure that you want to be back with your partner for the right reasons. Knowing WHY you want to be with your partner will give you the necessary motivation to pursue and go through the process of manifestation. Knowing WHY will also inspire you to “feel as if” you already experience a brand new relationship with your loved one.

You must desire “wanting to be with your partner” so that it’s worth all the work that you’re going to do and worth all the sacrifices.

Do you want your loved one back because you feel it in your heart or your head tells you so? If it’s from your heart, your intention is purer versus if it is from your head. I encourage you to have reasons that come from both mind (logic and practicality) and heart (feelings of love, joy, and peace) for a better-quality relationship.

You also need to know what “reuniting with your loved one” symbolizes for. It may be happiness, starting a family, traveling together, sharing your home, sharing love, companionship, etc.

Be careful with the emotion of desire, however, because it can make you feel attached to your partner and also make you doubt your power to reunite with them.

Imprinting New Beliefs

Once you are clear about what you want about the kind of relationship that you want with your loved one, the next logical step is to imprint these new and empowering suggestions into your subconscious mind.

You can achieve this through different modes of “self-influence” or do-it-yourself subconscious reprogramming techniques.

Once you have successfully imprinted these new positive and empowering suggestions, they will become part of your beliefs.

These new beliefs will influence the meanings that you will start to attach to things around you. You will cease to feel hopeless, sad, anxious, and fearful of manifesting your partner back.

As all is mind, the way desires are manifested is through the mind first and foremost. That aspect of the mind that’s responsible for manifesting all beliefs in Physical Reality is the Subconscious Mind.

Your new stored beliefs then, when imprinted in your subconscious and given substance using good feelings, will manifest in your Physical Reality.

In the next lessons, I will discuss the different ways you can influence your Subconscious Mind and reprogram it with new beliefs about your partner and reuniting with them.

In the meantime, continue to clear the remaining FLBs from your subconscious. Continue to dig deeper into your childhood experiences, think about the people who influenced your childhood and the beliefs that they passed on to you, some patterns in your relationships, your fears, your opinions about specific relationship issues, your expectations of your partner and where these expectations come from, your beliefs about living together or being married, and so on.

Continue to perform the clearing process to let go of these FLBs and to create room for new beliefs that will bring you closer to your goal of achieving the kind of relationship that you want with your loved one.

Activity for Day 22

Mindmap Your Ideal Partner

Now that you already know about mind mapping and why you need to be clear about what you want in a partner and in a relationship, it’s time to create your own mind map.

You may use XMind or go the traditional route by using pen and paper.

Do the following:

1. Map out the best version of your loved one using Xmind or a pen and paper.

What qualities would you like your partner to possess? How do you want them to treat you? What do they feel for you? What do they think of you? Do they have a successful career? Do they like to travel? What do they like to do during their spare time? Map out everything that you can think of.

2. Imagine as if your loved one already has all the qualities in your mind map RIGHT NOW.

Imagine them transformed into the version that you want them to be.

3. Imagine your partner treating you like how you want to be treated.

Imagine feeling love for them and imagine feeling love from them. Imagine Unconditional Love flowing effortlessly between the two of you.

4. Map out your ideal relationship.

What is your relationship like? What is your living arrangement? Where and how often do you go on holidays? What activities do you do together? What is your financial situation life? What do you like about your relationship? You can be as detailed as you want.

Imagine your ideal relationship as if it’s your truth RIGHT NOW.

5. Print your mind map and review it in the morning as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed.

Do this for the duration of this course, after your visualization session, until your desire manifests in your reality.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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