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Day 23

The Power of Suggestions

Your false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about relationships are deep-seated. They didn’t just pop out soon as you started your relationship with your partner before, but instead, they are created by your experiences in childhood and by the most influential people in your life (parents, relatives, teachers, etc.).

FLBs and negative emotions combined create an amplified low frequency which completely overwhelms the high frequency of desire and love. This dissonance or misalignment in the two frequencies either results in the perpetuation or worsening of an unwanted situation.

Manifesting your loved one becomes a nearly empty feat when your mind is full of FLBs that tell you “my partner has moved on,” “they will never love me again,” or “my loved one is better off without me.”

This is why the reprogramming technique of positive affirmations was developed. Put simply, to counter your negative statements you need to listen to positive ones. The important role affirmations play is in countering your FLBs with new beliefs that are helpful in your goal to bring your loved one back into your life.

Both positive affirmations and FLBs create a powerful high frequency that is harmonious with the high, creative frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that is being emitted by the Universal Mind.

This means that both positive and negative self-truths are powerful enough to create your Physical Reality. Ultimately, you aim for the positive best version of your desired reality, so you must focus on making, listening, and believing in positive affirmations.

What are affirmations and how they work?

Positive affirmations are merely suggestions or messages that you read or listen to. These affirmations are the exact opposites of your FLBs. The reason for this is that they are intended to replace the FLBs that are stored in your Subconscious Mind.

Your FLBs are the result of years of constant and impactful negative experiences and people. The most effective way to relinquish these beliefs is by inculcating positive statements in the same process. By reading or REPEATEDLY listening to positive affirmations, your Conscious Mind filters these new thoughts to your Subconscious Mind.

As your subconscious recognizes these affirmations as NEW TRUTHS, it throws out the old burdensome FLBs and replaces them with new, empowering affirmations. Therefore, no matter how many years old your FLBs may be, you can always overcome them and have a new positive set of truths that will help you create the best kind of relationship with the person you desire.

As your mind is freed of the burdens of FLBs, you respond with positive feelings, not only of relief, but also of joy, happiness, and empowerment. When you have this kind of self-sufficiency, you become better at manifesting your loved one and in sending Unconditional Love.

Lies vs Truths

You may have read from other sources that positive affirmations don’t work and that they are nothing but lies. They claim that, despite using the technique, once a person is confronted with the reality of their situation, it only confirms how hopeless their situation is and they develop negative feelings about themselves. They add that no one feels right about lying to themselves.

It must be pointed out that FLBs are, themselves, based on lies that have been obtained from the belief system of others. You may have been led to believe that you are powerless over your situation, that you’re too weak or too unintelligent or too reckless to achieve anything.

This description of yourself gets repeated so often that you start to see it as your truth. You’re too poor to afford a romantic dinner date or too unintelligent to attract this wonderful person or too reckless to be in a relationship. So, you go for artless dates, never make an effort to talk to your loved one, and end up wrecking every relationship you have.

The thing is this idea of who you are started as nothing more than a statement. Completely neutral, completely changeable. In other words, the statement was nothing more than just a “lie” that you could have chosen not to believe in.

Truth is you can better your current financial status, be intelligent enough to attract anyone, and be the most romantic person anyone has ever met. With just a flick of a switch, you could have chosen to discard the negative and make right the positive. And yet, many people continue to cling to FLBs like lifelines.

So, how do you counter these stubborn FLBs? Through positive affirmations. They are intended to help an individual CREATE A NEW REALITY by ELIMINATING THE LIES OF THE FLBs and BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR MANIFESTATION WITH NEW, POSITIVE TRUTHS.

One important thing to note is that another reason why non-believers invalidate positive affirmations is that they expect fast results. Things don’t work that way. You don’t just vibe with Unconditional Love overnight.

What the process of Conscious Creation requires are patience and consistency. Just as you need to plan, draft, and create a building piece by piece, so you have to be only as gradual and progressive in manifesting your reality. Enjoy the process of planning, drafting, and building it piece by piece.

That is why individuals who are doing positive affirmations for the first time are strictly required to remove anything that will reflect how they look at the present. When trying to manifest your loved one, stop checking their social media all the time, don’t spam them with texts or calls, and stop checking on them through mutual friends.

The first and most crucial step in Conscious Creation is to focus on yourself. The more you focus on looking for your loved one, the more you focus on their absence, and the more you fuel your FLBs about not being able to have them back.

So, prepare to be as solitary with your positive affirmations as possible. You don’t need the outside world to affirm any of the statements. It is entirely up to you to believe in your capability to manifest your desired reality.

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Manifest Your Loved One Back

Ideally, you should make your positive affirmations, although there are a lot of good examples that you can get from the Internet. However, I recommend writing your own (it’s so simple!) because the affirmations should be the direct opposite of YOUR existing FLBs so that they can be counteracted.

Before listing down your affirmations, it is crucial that you do a thorough examination of yourself. You need to determine what FLBs you have and where and when they came from. It may be an uncomfortable process that may bring out a lot of bad memories. But if you want to rid yourself of these FLBs, you need to determine their origins.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself about your loved one include the following:

  • What is my belief about love?
  • How did I react at the time of our break up? What emotions did I feel?
  • Do these thoughts/ideas/memories still affect me at present? How do they affect me?
  • How do I see myself as a result of these thoughts?
  • Do I like the way I am right now?
  • Am I worthy to change and experience happiness in my life?
  • Is it within me to forgive my loved one and myself?

As you ask yourself these questions, take a sheet of paper and fold it into two columns. In the left column, list all of your FLBs. You can also mention the emotions these FLBs made you feel.

Once you are done, list in the right column the positive affirmations and the right emotions that come with them. One recommendation I have is to start your list of positive affirmations with messages and suggestions that will put you on track to achieving your desire.

Let me give you some examples:

If you always thought “my ex has someone new,” this is countered by listening to the affirmation “I am the best person for my loved one.” Write down the accompanying emotion (confidence, trust, etc.).

If you always thought “my ex is happier without me,” this is countered by listening to the affirmation “my loved one and I are enjoying the most wonderful relationship.” Write down the accompanying emotion (love, gratitude, etc.).

If you always thought “my ex is miles away and we’ll never see each other again,” this is countered by listening to the affirmation “we are connected through the Universal Mind and bind to each other through Unconditional Love.” Write down the accompanying emotion (trusting, joyful, etc.).

If you always thought “I can’t forgive my ex for hurting me,” this is countered by listening to the affirmation “I am capable of heartfelt forgiveness and understanding.” Write down the accompanying emotion (forgiveness, sincerity, etc.).

Once you have completed your list, tear off the left column with the FLBs and throw it away or burn it. While this is a symbolic gesture, it sends a strong message to your Subconscious Mind that you are rejecting these FLBs and are ready to replace them with the positive affirmations.

For 30 days, you must read your list of positive affirmations while in a sleepy state which is as soon as you wake up in the morning (before you get up from bed) and before you go to sleep at night.

Your Conscious Mind is not “fully awake” when you’re in a sleepy state, so your Subconscious is entirely open to the positive affirmations.

You can also make copies of your affirmations list and pin them on your desk or a small private message board. This way, you can read your affirmations any time.

You can also make an audio recording of your positive affirmations. Make sure that you listen to your recording at the same times mentioned above.

It is not enough that you read or listen to these positive affirmations. Focus on how these affirmations make you feel. Given our earlier examples, concentrate on feelings of courage, confidence, forgiveness, gratitude, and love.

Activity for Day 23

Listen to affirmations to manifest your loved one back

This is only available in the premium course. My team and I recorded “affirmations to manifest your loved one back specifically for this course.

This audio program contains audible affirmations (similar to the affirmations in the subliminal recordings) to manifest your loved one back. You can listen to this affirmations at any time of the day. This contains Alpha 8.5 Hz brainwave to bring your mind into alpha state (conducive to suggestions) while you listen to this recording.

Listen at least twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Use a headset / ear phones / ear buds at all times, UNLESS you are alone in the room. This recording is only intended only for those who want to manifest their loved one back.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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