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Day 24

Everything Has Two Sides

The Laws of Polarity and Rhythm are the greatest reminders that everything is an illusion, and that we you master how to transcend and transmute energy using these Universal Laws, you will achieve harmony and the manifestation of your desired reality.

The Law of Polarity

The fourth universal law, the Law of Polarity, states that all that are manifested in the Physical Reality have two sides, two aspects, two poles, and has “opposites.”

For example: happy and sad, night and day, left and right, up and down, etc. Men have tried to explain this phenomenon by a bunch of sayings:

“There are two sides to every story,”

“The coin has two sides,” etc.

We have been conditioned to think that the difference in the things that I mentioned above are actual “opposites” when, in fact, they are not.

According to the Law of Polarity, they are not opposites but are actually the same thing that varies only in the degree of consciousness or vibrational frequency.

Going back to the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Planes, we established that these planes belong to One Plane of Life Manifestation. We may think that the Physical Plane is the opposite of Mental and Spiritual Planes, but actually, they are the same belonging to One Plane.

What you create in the Mental Plane will be the same thing that will manifest in the Physical Plane. In fact, the creation of your desire happens in all planes at the same time, simultaneously — there’s just the difference in the density and the speed of energy in each of the planes because of the difference in their vibrational frequencies.

The concepts of heat and cold illustrate the Law of Polarity very well. They are the same but vary only in degrees. When you look at the thermometer, for example, you notice that it shows many degrees, the lowest being the coldest, and the highest being the hottest; but there are also temperatures in between like “warm,” “warmer,” “cold,” “colder,” etc.

When you talk about East and West, you can go from East to West when you move westward. In between, there are other directions like Southwest, Northeast, etc. This means there’s no absolute standard. All vary in degrees. All are ever-changing in states. All are a matter of the difference in consciousness or vibrations.

Light and darkness are the same with many degrees in between, like afternoon, dusk, and dawn.

The musical scale is the same as well, with many notes in between the lowest and the highest notes.

Large and small are relative, just like noisy and quiet. Hard and soft, sharp and dull, positive and negative are all the same thing that vary only in vibration frequencies.

How to Use the Law of Polarity to Get Your Love Back

When you say that you love your partner profoundly and then feel and demonstrate that profound love, you operate at the higher scale of consciousness. When you say that you love your loved one but don’t trust and are angry at them, you operate at the lower scale of consciousness of the same thing.

These two states are not independent of each other but belong to the same pole.

Your loved one “not with you now” belongs to the same pole as “in a relationship with them.” Your loved one ”upset with you” belongs to the same pole as your loved one “madly in love with you”. Your loved one who doesn’t want to be with you belongs to the same pole as your loved one who wants to be with you so badly.

It’s just that these scenarios vary in their vibrational frequencies. If you want your negative experiences to go away, you must direct your thoughts to the opposite pole of that experience. You can do this by when you imagine the opposite of what you don’t want and when you give it high vibrations — meaning when you are relaxed about your situation and when you feel love, joy, and peace for all.

You can choose to have your loved one back when you focus on the polar opposite of what you experience right now, that is, when you change your mental state about being with them. Instead of focusing on the low-frequency version of your desire, focus on the high-frequency version. Then, give your loved one Unconditional Love, which is the most powerful vibrational frequency of creation.

Given that there are so many degrees of manifestations, your desire can also manifest in different degrees. This means that you can get your loved one back in many ways, and it all depends on your degree of consciousness and vibrational frequency when you manifest them.

Here are the different degrees of “getting your loved one back”:

They can stop their hate for you, unblock you, apologize to you, be friends with you, be best friends with you, hang out with you, profess their love for you, get back together with you, live with you, propose to you, or spend the rest of their life with you. These are all different versions of “getting them back,” and the version that you will get depends on your vibrational frequency as you focus on your “imaginal act” in the Mental Plane.

When being blocked on social media has deeply affected you, focus on being unblocked. Imagine them send you an invite or a friend request out of nowhere. Imagine them say sorry for blocking you. Imagine yourself okay with it and not ask for reasons. Imagine the two of you together again.

If you are sad because you have no contact with your loved one, focus on the polar opposite of this undesirable event in your Physical Reality. Imagine a phone call or an email from them out of nowhere. Be happy and excited about the idea that your loved one reached out to your first!

When you understand and apply the Law of Polarity, you will realize that no situation is permanent. This means that you can turn things around and get your loved one back IF YOU CHOOSE TO. I say “if you choose to” because this takes a deliberate application of the concepts that you learned so far. You can’t just know these concepts and, voila! Your desire appears in front of you! It doesn’t work like that.

You can “transmute” or change your mental state into another, thanks to the light density of energy in the Mental Plane — you can manipulate it so, and at any time you want.

Through your willpower (or mental and emotional discipline), you can always choose to focus on the positive and higher levels of your consciousness. If you fall into negative thoughts, you already know how to negate them: just remove your focus on the negative and direct your attention to the positive version.

When you change or transmute the energy of your desire, make sure that you do it in the Mental Plane. All your creations must happen here — there is no other way, and there is no other place. It is only in the Mental Plane that you can direct your consciousness into its highest state. It is only in the Mental Plane can you accomplish your goal.

Imagine if you do this in the Physical Plane: yes, you can change the loudness, highness, sharpness of your creation when you use words, actions, and physical force, but this takes so much time and effort, and you will have to deal with some forms of resistance from your loved one. You will be prone to rejection.

In addition, you can also use the Law of Polarity to influence your loved one.

You can induce ideas in your loved one’s mind when you think of a particular idea and then see the image of them in your mind’s eye. For example, imagine your loved one dial the phone and excited to call you. Do this again and again, and they will!

You can communicate the “polar opposite” of your current reality into their minds. So, if your current reality is you’re not together, you can “induce” the idea of togetherness in your loved one’s mind. Imagine they realize that they’re in love with you, after all. You can even “inject” specific statements into their minds, like, “I realized I am in-love with ____.”

If you want to change your situation and influence your loved one in the Mental Plane, direct your thoughts into the highest state or vibrational frequency of your desires. When you are in that state already, transfer the idea to your loved one’s mind. And because you operate under the same mind under the principle of Divine Oneness, the result is that the person will start to focus on the highest state of your desire (in this case, a relationship with you) as well.

The more you practice, the more your loved one will realize that they want a brand new relationship with you. Eventually, they will act on this realization.

Application of the Law of Polarity

This is a practical exercise that will help you transmute your thoughts and energy by mastering the Law of Polarity.

In your journey to manifest your loved one back, start doing these things starting today.

1. Make sure that your thoughts, feelings, and statements about your loved one are positive. If you find yourself thinking about negative things, immediately shift your attention to the opposite pole of that negativity.

2. Always look for the good in your current situation.  There are many reasons for your temporary physical separation. Identify these reasons.

3. When you talk to others about your loved one, make sure you only focus on their positive traits and say good things about them.

4. Train to catch yourself focusing on the negative pole of the situation. Immediately correct your thoughts by focusing on the opposite pole of your negative thought.

5. Do this for the entire duration of this course and beyond. You can also apply this technique to other desires.

Master transmuting energy using the Law of Polarity and you will always get your desired results.

All Things Rise and Fall

The fifth universal law is the Law of Rhythm, which says that everything that has been manifested has a measured motion, a flow and inflow, a swing forward and backward, a pendulum-like movement, a high tide and a low tide. This law is closely related to the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Rhythm can swing to the negative pole or the positive pole, or can swing towards either pole.

There is always an action and reaction, an advance and a retreat, a rising and a sinking manifested in all of the airs of the Universe. Suns, worlds, men, economies, animals, plants, minerals, forces, energy, mind, matter, and yes, even spirit, manifest this law.

This law manifests in the rise and fall of nations, in the rise and fall of economies, in falling in love and breaking up, in the life history of all things, and finally, in the mental states of man.

As with the babies who were born, they eventual grow, live, and then pass; only for their consciousness to be reborn again and take another shape and form.

Everything swings from birth to death, activity to inactivity, being rich to being poor, weight gain to weight loss, clear skin to bad skin, getting the best job to losing that job, winning the lottery and bankruptcy, the rise and fall of a great leader, the change from summer to winter, and so on.

With the Law of Rhythm, there is no such thing as absolute rest: everything is always in motion, always moving, always changing.

This law also manifests in the “mood swings” of men, which changes constantly. Sometimes you just “don’t feel like it,” or you are having a bad day, or you are annoyed for no reason. Sometimes you feel like giving up on your loved one and curl up in bed, but other times you feel motivated to be the best version of yourself and manifest them back into your life. These are perplexing changes that we notice in ourselves that we can’t seem to understand.

The Law of Rhythm states that there is no such thing as permanent mood. You can’t expect yourself to be in high vibrations all the time. You will always have changes in your mood, and you will always have the “rise and fall” in the quality of your thoughts.

The good news is that the Law of Rhythm is not absolute. It is a mutable law, which means that you can transcend and rise above it.

As always, you can only transcend something if you FOCUS your mind to the creation of your desire through that “imaginal act”. This means that you need to have the mental and emotional discipline to direct your thoughts and feelings to focus only on your desired outcome.

These rhythms manifest in the lower plane or the Physical Plane. You have the power to rise to the Mental and Spiritual Planes at your own will and escape the rhythmic pendulum in the Physical Plane.

In other words, your mood swings, the rise and fall of the quality of your life, your inability to sustain wealth, and the erratic states of your relationships come from your lack of knowledge of Conscious Creation. The operative word here is “conscious” meaning it requires your willpower to create.

When a negative situation comes up and you let it affect you, it can also affect the rhythm of your creation. So, if your creation has been swinging to the right or forward all this time because of your high vibrations, when you let a negative situation affect you, your creation will swing to the left or backward. It’s like taking two steps forward when you’re thinking positive and one step back for thinking negative. The swing in your moods and feelings can derail the manifestation of your desire.

The correct way of dealing with negative thoughts is to rise above and let these thoughts pass.

How to Apply the Law of Rhythm to Get Back with Your Loved One

If you found a photo of your loved one with another woman on Facebook, or you heard news that your loved one is with someone else, the correct reaction is to ignore the news and let it go.

If your loved one didn’t reply to your text or didn’t return your call, it shouldn’t affect your current mood in any way.

Do not investigate, do not research, do not try to find out, and do not ask. Pretend that the things that you don’t like don’t exist. You should already know by now that what you focus on grows, and what you ignore disappears. If you ignore these things that you don’t want and focus only on what you want to happen in your mind, what you want will prevail.

If you deal with negative thoughts in this way, the process of creating your desire will not be affected, will not take a swing backward, and will keep swinging forward.

Refuse to accept any other realities aside from your own “imaginal act.” Do not let anything tell you it can’t be done. Do not get discouraged by the overwhelming circumstances. Nothing is impossible when you focus only on what you want.

Do not participate in the backward swing of your emotional pendulum. Always focus your eyes on reuniting with your loved one in a brand new relationship and still vibrate Unconditional Love.

If you know some individuals who have attained self-mastery, like the most successful entrepreneurs and most Olympic gold medalists, they just refuse to allow their moods and negative thoughts affect them. When they suffer a major setback in their companies, personal lives, and careers, they let it go, move on, and try to do better the next time.

If you want to be a master of yourself and your life, you must have the poise and firmness that are not affected by negative thoughts and situations. Make a decision today not to be influenced or be swung backward by your changing moods and feelings. All the negative things that you see related to your loved one are manifestations of your past thoughts and consciousness. Yes, you can change these situations when you have total control of your emotions.

I think you will realize and appreciate that the creatures of moods, feelings, and emotions — like the majority of people are — have very little mastery of themselves, that’s why they can hardly manifest anything that they want.

If you stop and think about this for a moment, you will realize that being emotional, and giving in to your negative thoughts (which results in panicking, crying, getting depressed, feeling down, spending hundreds of dollars on ebooks, etc.,) have negative effects in the manifestation of your desire!

You can’t be enthusiastic about getting your loved one back and then feel depressed the next hour. You can’t have the courage to conquer your fear and become fearful again the next day. You can’t believe getting your loved one back is possible and then entertain the idea that it is impossible; you can’t have Unconditional Love for your loved one and then hate them when you see them.

If you have these mood swings, it only means one thing: you haven’t decided to consciously or willfully direct your thoughts. You become like the majority of the people who want to manifest the best relationships with their exes but do not possess the mental and emotional discipline to direct their thoughts, which results in erratic moods and feelings. The tides of their feelings have risen and fallen with them.

I would like you to MAKE A DECISION TODAY to master your thoughts and emotions. Trust me, I was once in your shoes: I was easily affected by people, events, and situations. I would just let my feelings overpower me; until one wise person told me that if I couldn’t master my thoughts and feelings, I won’t have my desires. That statement changed everything for me.

Rising above your thoughts and feelings is a decision that you have to make RIGHT NOW. It is not for me to do it for you, and it is not for me to convince you to do it. It is a decision that you have to make for yourself. That wise person didn’t do it for me, but he made me realize that without self-mastery, I wouldn’t be a great creator of my reality. Ultimately, I made that decision for myself.

Once you have mastery of your thoughts and feelings, you will know yourself better and will no longer be carried away by the inflows and outflows of feelings. Whatever your loved one does right now will no longer affect you. What you hear from your friends about your loved one will no longer affect you. Your fears about losing your partner will disappear, and you will be more confident about creating your desired reality with them in it.

The Law of Rhythm will always take effect, but since it is a mutable law, YOU HAVE A CHOICE whether you want to be carried away by the rhythm or not.

Application of the Law of Rhythm

This is a practical exercise. Practice how you can influence the Universal Law of Rhythm.

When you face challenges in manifesting your loved one, mastering the Law of Rhythm can help you easily get back on track. You can use the Law of Rhythm to your advantage by applying these reminders in your life.

1. Recognize whether the pendulum is swinging backward or forward, especially as regards to what you think and feel about your loved one. Then, remember that nothing is permanent — it’s the Law of Rhythm working all the time.

2. When the pendulum swings and you feel that it is pulling you back, make sure that you continue to focus your thoughts and feelings on your desired outcome.

3. Be patient and do not get discouraged by the pendulum swinging backward. The less negative your thoughts and feelings are, the faster the pendulum will swing forward.

It is essential to recognize the Law of Rhythm in action in your daily life. Know that you can easily influence the pendulum so it swings to your desired outcome right away.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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