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Day 25

Everything Has Its Own Time

The seventh universal law of manifesting your loved one is the Law of Gender, which is also known as the Law of Gestation. This law explains the time or period that it takes for your desire to manifest from Mental Plane to Physical Plane.

You can see the Law of Gender in action around you. Although you know that time is an illusion, let’s use our definition of time to illustrate Law of Gender:

A woman usually is pregnant for nine months.

The Earth orbits the sun every 365 days.

It takes 15 hours to travel directly from Manila to San Francisco.

It takes approximately 90-100 days to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest.

In each of these examples, there is a specific period that passes before you can see your desired results. For example, when someone is pregnant, you don’t expect them to give birth in the 3rd month because you know that the baby isn’t ready to be born yet. The “expectancy date” is usually nine months from the conception. Everyone in that woman’s family expects the child to be born nine months later.

When I travel from Manila to San Francisco, I know that I will get to my destination in 15 hours for direct flights, and as long as 22 hours if I have a layover. I don’t expect to get to San Francisco in 3 hours. It’s not possible.

Likewise, you wouldn’t expect to plant seeds and have ripe tomatoes after five days. It usually takes 90-100 days to harvest tomatoes from the seed. A farmer knows and waits 90-100 days. It’s all part of the creative process.

But, for some reasons, many people don’t think this way about their desires. They want it RIGHT NOW… right away, pronto!

And they panic if it doesn’t happen now. They keep checking and analyzing the reactions of their loved one; they keep looking for the signs, they keep complaining on the forums, they get impatient and forget that every desire has a gestation period.

Although the desire to manifest your loved one back has a gestation period, unfortunately, I cannot give you the exact time that it will take you to fully manifest back, because it is dependent on so many factors.

What I know for sure is that there are things that you can do (from these lessons) to speed up the process. The gestation period also depends on the complexity of your desire.

For example, my desire to come to the U.S. and becoming an American is a complicated process and had a gestation period of eight years. Starting my business took me three years from the inception to launching. For simple desires, like a bar of chocolate or a call from a friend, the gestation period can be as short as one day or even right away.

There are so many factors in play in the creation process: your thoughts and feelings play a BIG part, so you need to have total control and command of your thoughts and feelings. If you have negative feelings like worry or fear, these negative vibrations can delay the manifestation of your loved one. If you doubt if you’ll get your loved one back, that can delay it as well.

Some desires require you to take action. For example, if you want to be a YouTube star, you will never be one just by wishful thinking. You need to start recording and uploading your YouTube videos.

How to Use the Law of Gestation to Get Your Loved One Back

For manifesting your loved one back, I recommend that you let them come to you; but once you already have mastery of your thoughts and emotions and can genuinely give them Unconditional Love, it’s okay to contact them first.

The only reason you should allow them to contact you first is most people have their ego bruised when they contact their loved one first and don’t get the kind of reply or reaction that they expected.

They get hurt if their loved one doesn’t respond or return their call, refuses to see them, or doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. If you are like this, your ego can easily bring you down to the lower levels of consciousness (low vibes). You don’t really want to be there.

So, reach out to your loved one ONLY if you are sure that you can shrug things off if they don’t respond or don’t give you the kind of reaction that you want. Reach out only if you can entirely move past the potential rejection and say, “Next!” and continue to be happy and fabulous!

Speaking of taking action, some people like to acquire knowledge but don’t do anything about the knowledge. They don’t bother to create their desire in the Mental Plane consciously. And, they don’t have the mental discipline to direct their thoughts.

So, what happens? Their desire dies. If you don’t take care and nourish your desire by visualizing it daily, it dies.

Now, give this some thought: If you adopted a small kitten, will you abandon the kitten? I don’t think so, because that kitten cannot survive on their own. You have to take care of them, feed them, and train them until they grow and survive on their own. This is the same thing as taking care of your desire.

You can effectively use this law to your advantage by maintaining your faith and expectation that your desire will come in PERFECT TIME.

You must know WITH CERTAINTY that your loved one is coming back to you. You must maintain your faith and expectation throughout the process. The best place to start is by giving your loved one Unconditional Love.

Also, be grateful AS IF you already have your desire manifested in the Physical Plane. Gratitude and Unconditional Love are energies that can facilitate the creation of your desire. They can help cultivate your faith and fuel your expectations.

You are a HUGE part of this process, whether you believe it or not. You can’t get to where you want to go until you know where you currently are. Once you realize you create what you want in the Mental Plane, it will be incubated for a period of time before you can see its physical manifestation.

Where are you now in this journey? Why is your manifestation taking longer than expected? Are you giving it love? Do you know, without any doubt, that is on its way?

If the expectation is the farthest thing from your mind, cultivate your faith through gratitude and love. Believe your loved one is already here in front of you. Be grateful as if you are already reunited with your loved one. Trust the Law of Gestation, and you will eventually manifest your loved one at the right time. Know that it is already on its way.

Application of the Law of Gestation

This is a practical exercise. Practice how you can use the Law of Gestation to your advantage.

When you face challenges in manifesting your loved one, remind yourself that every desire has its own perfect and Divine timing, and you can expedite the process through the following:

1. Always be focused on your end goal of manifesting your loved one back. Do not be distracted by the setbacks that you experience during the process.

2. Nurture your end goal by always focusing on your goal in its complete state. Give it love, joy, and peace. ALWAYS give it positive feelings.

3. Do NOT give up on your desire if you are giving it good thoughts and feelings. Your desire will come at the perfect time.

4. Always vibrate at the scale of Unconditional Love or above. The fastest manifestations happen at the highest scale of consciousness.

The Law of Use

The Law of Use is not part of the seven Universal Laws that we discussed already, but I would like to include this law because this is essential to make the other laws work.

The seven Universal Laws that we discussed have been securely locked up in the minds of the fortunate and powerful possessors for many years. Unless you are proactively seeking enlightenment, you will probably not even discover that these laws exist.

These laws need to be enforced and put to use before you can take advantage of them.

If you keep reading and acquiring new knowledge about reality creation but don’t do anything about that knowledge, you get nothing. Even though you are taking this course but devour the information without practice, you will not manifest your loved one back.

Knowledge without use and expression, is a vain thing that brings nothing to its possessor. Don’t be one of those who studies the concepts without expressing these concepts into action. Study the theories and apply them as well.

Let’s have a review of some of the important concepts that we learned so far and how to practice and use them.

“To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration.”

Changing your mood or vibration is not dependent on anyone or anything outside of you. So many people ask others what to do if they find themselves in low vibrations. They can get advice from others, but if they don’t make a decision to use their will to rise above their thoughts and feelings, then the Law of Rhythm will overpower them, and they become “victims” to their ever-changing moods and feelings.

When you decide to direct your thoughts to operate in the higher scales of consciousness (like the scale of love), you can easily shift your attention to anything that you love and makes you happy.

Take a moment to appreciate what you’re holding right now, your immediate environment, the food that you eat, the person you are with right now. Give love to them! This simple act of loving and appreciating what you have right now will naturally lead to your change in vibration.

So, cultivate your will, and you can solve the secret mastery of thoughts, moods, and feelings.

“To destroy negative thoughts or feelings, use the Law of Polarity by concentrating on the opposite pole of your negative thoughts or feelings. Make them disappear by focusing on their opposite poles.”

This is a fundamental formula because it is based on scientific principles. The Law of Polarity states that there are no real opposites, just two poles of the same thing. Changing your thoughts and choosing to operate on the higher scales of consciousness will make the negative thoughts and feelings disappear.

So, if you are angry at your loved one, do not spend time waiting for the anger to disappear. Instead, direct your attention to the polar opposite of fear, which is love. Cultivate love for your loved one and get lost in your imaginable act until the anger will disappear on its own.

If your loved one is not talking to you right now, stop waiting until they talk to you; instead, focus on the polar opposite of “no contact” by getting lost in the idea that they are talking to you right now and they will!

If your loved one has stated that they don’t want to be with you anymore, do not wait for them to change their minds. Imagine them desperately wanting to be with you and they will.

To make a negative quality disappear, focus on the positive pole of that same quality, and the vibrations will gradually change from negative to positive until you are polarized on the positive pole.

By consciously changing your polarity on a daily basis, you will master your moods, change your mental states, improve your disposition, and build your character. Much of mastery of self is due to the application of polarity.

The mastery of polarization is the mastery of mental alchemy. Unless you master the art of changing your polarity, you will not be able to affect positive changes in your current reality. Mastery of this principle will enable you to change your polarity as well as the polarity of others.

“You can neutralize the Law of Rhythm by applying the Art of Polarization.”

The Law of Rhythm manifests both in the Mental and Physical Planes, in a way that there would be no bewildering succession of moods, feelings, and emotions, without the backward and forward swing of thoughts.

You can neutralize the swing of your mental pendulum if you stop the swinging of it backward. You can do this by focusing on your Higher Self, or by directing your thoughts to the vibrations of high levels of consciousness.

This is similar to rising above a negative situation and allowing it to pass without hurting yourself emotionally. This can easily be achieved by individuals who have some level of self-mastery, whether they understand the universal laws or not. These kinds of people just made a decision not to be swung back by the pendulum of moods and emotions. They also made a decision not to be disturbed by the current situation with their loved ones. They realize that they can always count on their Higher Self, or that part of them that’s capable of giving Unconditional Love for all, to deliver to them the highest versions of their desires. They affirm being superior to their thoughts and feelings all the time.

So, going back to contacting your loved one: the ideal scenario is you wait for them to contact you. After all, contacting your loved one means operating in the Physical Plane, which is the least effective way of changing your reality.

The exception to the rule is: it is okay if you reach out first as long as you “refuse” to be swung back by the pendulum of emotions if they ignore you or do not reciprocate the way you want them to reciprocate.

Remember that you cannot destroy the Law of Rhythm, for that is indestructible. What you can do is transcend it or be above it rather than letting it control you.

“Nothing escapes the Law of Cause and Effect, but you can use the higher levels of consciousness as the causes to overcome the negative effects.”

Applying the Law of Cause and Effect is still going back to mastering the Art of Polarization. If you understand the practice of polarization, you can easily rise to the higher levels of consciousness (or, the higher rates of vibration) to change the negative effects in the Physical Plane.

When you can change your thoughts and feelings through polarization and by neutralizing rhythm, you can change or improve your causes.

You don’t want to be part of the masses or the herd that “go with the flow,” who follow the wills and desires of others who are stronger than them, who inherit the moods of their parents, who follow the suggestions of others, or those who get influenced by outward causes.

Don’t be moved like pawns in the game of chess. Always rise above yourself and any outside influences. Don’t be a slave to people and circumstances, be the master of your mind and your destiny.

Don’t be like those who try to manifest their loved one back but feel hopeless, helpless, and desperate about their current situation.

“Mental transmutation is an art.”

You can only influence your environment, your situation and others (including your loved one) through mind power. The universe is ALL MIND, so the manner of creation or influence will always be mind. Direct your thoughts instead of letting it direct you. When you become the master of mental transmutation, you can do everything, and nothing will be impossible.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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