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Day 26

Accept Your True Nature

As you may have learned throughout the course, manifesting your desired reality starts from the clarity of mind and sufficiency in one’s being. To truly exercise the powers of your mind, you have to believe in it and in yourself. Your self love is what helps you speak in the language of Unconditional Love.

In manifesting your loved one back, you first need to accept your true nature. You are a Divine Being full of love and, with that love, you can bring to your Physical Reality all the abundance of happiness and peace in your mind. In other words, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE A CREATOR.

When the Divine Creator, The Absolute, The All, or God made man in Its image, It also gave man the ability to create. You create everything in the world around you. Your friends, your income, your environment, everything! Your mind created everything through the process of thinking or visualizing your imaginal acts. Whatever you can imagine and believe, you can create and manifest.

It is crucial that you accept that you are a Creator because then you take responsibility for everything that happened to you, it is easy for you to change your reality, especially the parts that you don’t like. So long as you wait for your lover to treat you better, for your boss to give you a chance, for The Divine Creator to save you, you deny the role you play in the world.

You need to think and “feel as if” when you create. You are not a mere observer or audience of this magical film. Instead, you are an actor and a part of the story. Being a Creator is not about being worried about the events that will unfold, but about being empowered to create the most beautiful version of your life.

What to Eat During the Manifesting Process

We’ve learned early on that everything has energy, and this includes the food that you eat. Naturally, to feel good, you also need to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Drink eight or more glasses of water every day, have six to eight hours of good sleep, and eat healthy food.

Throughout my journey in Conscious Creation, I’ve noted how specific food helps raise my vibe. When I want to feel good and manifest faster and easier, I go on a raw food diet by consuming fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

If I want to flush toxins out of my body and naturally vibrate in high frequency, I go on a juice detox for seven days. In these seven days, I only consume liquid raw vegetables and fruits— no solid or processed food. I also juiced for 60 days and I felt more alive, full of energy, and very happy.

Going on a raw food diet makes me very sensitive to other people’s energy, and my senses become enormously magnified. I also notice that people are easily drawn to my energy and compliment me for how great I look.

Again, using the fundamental principle that “everything is energy,” the food available around us are full of energies and operate at different vibrational frequencies. While food has their natural vibrational frequencies, we can easily affect these vibrational frequencies through our vibrations.

That’s why you shouldn’t prepare food or eat while grumpy, sad, frustrated, angry, or just feeling down overall because you will turn the positive energy of your food into negative. As a result, instead of ingesting high-vibe food, you ingest low-vibe food.

If you prepare your food with positivity in your heart, this becomes apparent in your meal not only in the way it tastes but especially in how it “feels.” There’s some truth to what people say about “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” because a meal prepared with love will always vibrate at a high frequency and make anyone feel happy and good.

In the same way, you can’t enjoy the positive energy of your food if you’re in a low-frequency state when you consume it. No matter how healthy or well-prepared your food might be, it will taste like the shame, guilt, sadness, hurt, and other negative emotions that you feel.

Make sure to focus on gratitude and love when you eat. If it’s hard to find inspiration from what you currently go through, focus on the food, on the fact that you have it, on how good it smells and looks, and be thankful that you get to eat it.

Connect with Life Force Energy

Since we established in the previous lessons that everything is energy and that thoughts and feelings create your physical experiences, it is important to explore how you can generate the necessary feelings needed to give life to your thoughts.

In this lesson, we will explore the concept of Force Energy or Universal Life Energy or human energy field or aura. It also comes in names such as Chi, Prana, and Qi.

Although Life Force Energy is invisible to the physical sight, those who have developed high levels of consciousness and awareness such as those who meditate for long periods can perceive them in a number of ways: some can see its color, hear it subtly, sense it, smell it, or taste it.

Not everyone perceives Life Force Energy in the same way, so you will hear different descriptions of it from different people. It is your life force that connects you with everyone and everything else that exists inside and outside of you, and in all universe.

Your aura contains all the energetic aspects of you based on what you experience in and outside of your body. These experiences include physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc. Your Life Force Energy is responsible for your physical and spiritual health. It affects your bodily functions, mood, and overall quality as a Divine Being.

Much like blood, it flows within our body through energy channels, and the ease of its flow indicates its quality. If it flows throughout your system smoothly, you will feel physical and mental ease. If its flow is disrupted, you become sickly and feel a kind of blockage or heaviness in some parts of your body.

Tune in To Your Life Force Energy

Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, you’ve been navigating through life using your energy. Think of someone you really like. It may be your parents or teacher or friend. How does the thought of them make you feel? Now, think of someone whom you always see angry or sad. How does the thought of them make you feel? The fact is that you use your own energy to sense the energy of other people around you.

You can also try rubbing your palms together to generate heat. Afterwards, bring your palm to the back of your other hand. Do you feel a slight resistance? That’s your energy field. These are examples and subtle ways to feel your Life Force, but repairing and using your life force takes more than just rubbing palms.

Since Conscious Creation is mainly the proper use of energy to manifest your desires, you need to develop healthy habits that keep your energy in the best condition to consciously create.

Common ways to keep your life force in good shape is by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and doing regular exercise. These habits are already familiar to you as they are replete in your basic health lessons, from parents to doctors.

What is less known are the spiritual ways to keep your life force energy flowing smoothly.

Breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation are ways to focus on your inner healing. Doing affirmations and visualization help remove energy blocks.

These activities keep you attuned to your energy and help uplift your spiritual state by bringing a sense of calm and oneness with the Universe.

How to Use Your Life Force Energy to Manifest Your Loved One Back

In manifesting your loved one back, you should have a healthy life force to use for Conscious Creation. Simply put, an unhealthy energy cannot create your desired reality. If a bad cold can keep you in bed the whole day, a weak life force can keep your desires tucked away into dreamland also.

Your life force is the very tool you use to translate your thoughts into your reality. If there was a rocket that could transport your reality from Planet Thoughts to Planet Physical Reality, it would be fueled by your Life Force Energy.

Keeping your life force in good shape is certainly equated to taking good care of yourself. This also brings you out of your post-breakup despair. When you put effort in getting out of bed, grooming yourself, eating healthy, exercising often, doing meditations, and sending love to yourself, you are increasing your life force and making yourself feel better.

There’s no better way to do self-love than by minding your Life Force Energy. When you have a healthy life force, you deeply and positively connect to the Unified Field of Energy and you can easily vibrate with Unconditional Love. When you feel good and vibrate at a high frequency, you become more effective at manifesting your desired reality.

Before doing meditation or other spiritual practices, try eating healthy and getting enough sleep first. Drink lemon-infused water as the citric acid helps maintain your body’s pH within the ideal range, which is beneficial in preventing cancer, heart disease, fatigue, weight gain and a variety of other health issues.

Practice sending love to everyone and everything everyday. Have a positive mindset no matter the circumstance and simply live within the moment instead of constantly worrying about the future. The more your nourish your Life Force, the stronger its ability to bring your loved one back.

The Power of Sex Energy

This is one of the least-known but one of the most important techniques to increase your universal Life Force Energy (or LFE). Life Force Energy is also called Chi or Qi or Prana.

Unknown to you, orgasm is one of the most disastrous things that you can do to your body because it causes great loss of energy and deterioration of the brain. Orgasm literally wears out the mind and life of every person and can leave you extremely exhausted and empty after only seconds of pleasure.

You need energy for Conscious Creation. When you don’t have enough energy, you become mentally and physically exhausted, will find it hard to visualize, and become prone to mental tantrums. Orgasm through masturbation, sexual intercourse, or during sleep are equally destructive. The worst orgasm, though, is through masturbation as you can lose more mental energy in the process. It can also cause the most damage to the brain.

Sex energy can propel you to great heights, and very few know about this. This energy is so powerful force that it has the capacity to create another human being. In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he mentioned that most men of great achievements, vast fortunes, and outstanding recognitions were motivated and influenced by women and sex. They “transmuted” sex energy by re-channeling it into their business, passions, and sport that they emerged victorious and ahead of their competitors.

But most people do not know how to use sexual energy to their advantage — they waste it by engaging in sexual contact or masturbation, because they only know how to express their sexual energy in these ways. Releasing your sex desire, especially through masturbation can be the most draining — both mentally and physically — and can result to lack of concentration and poor memory.

Napoleon Hill further suggests that when you give your sexual energy creative expression and outlet through your work, passions, profession, and business, it can enrich your body, mind, and spirit. You will also develop keenness of imagination, courage, will power, persistence, and creative ability that’s you didn’t know exist.

Napoleon Hill also talked about the Ten Mind Stimuli that can “key-up” the rates of vibration of the mind. The first in the list is “the desire for sex expression” and the second is “love”. The fact that sex energy is the greatest stimuli of the human mind means that it is an irresistible force and can lift you to your greatest state.

It is not enough, however, that you possess sexual energy and a high sex drive. You must transmute the energy from your desire to have sex into some other form of desires and actions. Spiritually, sexual abstinence can make you more conscious of yourself and your environment. It also heightens your intuition so that you can easily discern what is good and what is not good for you. When you have stronger intuition, you can make sound decisions. You also become sensitive to the energy of others when in the same room with them.

The greatest people in history practiced celibacy for longer periods. Olympians, top athletes, authors and musicians, and CEOs practice preserving their sexual energies as well. Priests, spiritual teachers, monks also practice celibacy and see sex as a serious spiritual transgression.

I have a friend who decided to abstain for almost 100 days. During the process, he found a great job that pays his desired salary. He also started to get praises and compliments from colleagues as well as his bosses. The bosses even sometimes go out of their way to tell him that they appreciate his work. He is also happier and more confident about himself. He gets invites to go out on dates from women and most of his ex-girlfriends even reached out to him out of the blue! That’s how powerful sex energy is!

Those who preserve their sex energy are not prone to loneliness and depression. You can also easily resist cold, hunger, heat, and other physical pains. Psychologically, your indecisiveness disappears as well as your fears and phobias. Your memory and intelligence also improves. Your accumulated sexual energy will give you that incredible ability to create and manipulate your thoughts. If you had a hard time with visualization, now it becomes easy and effortless to concentrate on a thought and use your will to direct your own thoughts.

How to Use Sex Energy to Manifest Your Loved One Back

Sex energy is very powerful, so don’t waste it on vengeful or negative acts, whether real or imaginal.

You can only leverage it fully in two ways: First is when you have sex with someone you really love, so that sex energy will be combined with the energy of love. This combination of sex and love energy will inspire you to do great things. This energy combination is the source of inspiration of many successful and wealthy people.

The other way to use sexual energy is to transmute it by directing it to your creative pursuits, like your work, project, hobby, business, unfinished novel, exercise, visualization, and other things you love.

When you use your sex energy to manifest your loved one back, it will ingrain strong willpower that can repel negative emotions and thoughts while you accept positive beliefs and actions. These positive beliefs and actions will enhance the vibrations you send out to the Universal Mind.

You will increase your mental powers and be able to visualize, meditate, and manifest better. It will also be easier for you to cancel damaging thoughts and feelings.

When you can successfully control your sexual urges and the impulses of your body, you gain mastery of yourself. When you have mastery over yourself, you can control your thoughts and everything that happens to you. True mastery of self will make mastery of the world truly possible, and in turn, the mastery of creating the perfect relationship with your loved one a reality.

Activity for Day 26

This is a powerful guided visualization to remember a time when you were not in your loved one. This guided visualization is from a time when you are already reunited with your loved one.

Listen in the morning after you wake up or before you sleep. You may also listen to this at any time of the day. Make sure you are in a relaxed state when you visualize.

This visualization is only available in the premium version of this course.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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