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Day 27

True Detachment from Your Desire

Going back to our discussion of the Real Self, the true nature of the Real Self is that it is already complete, whole, and content on its own.

Everyday, ask yourself if you are operating from your Real Self, not just in the context of manifesting your loved one, but also in other areas of your life.

If you are not there yet, you have some work to do, and that is to always return to what the Real Self is all about: one that is divine, all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful, and is capable of Unconditional Love for all.

When you realize that you are already complete and whole, there’s nothing to desire outside of you. This means that no desire can make you feel complete and whole whatsoever. This means that you also don’t need your loved one to be whole or complete.

Whether you are with your loved one or not, your Real Self should remain undisturbed. With your Real Self, nothing is ever missing.

Besides, everything that you want to experience already exists in the Mental Plane, through the Infinite Field of Possibilities.

So, whenever you desire or want something that you think doesn’t exist yet, consciously PICK or CHOOSE your experience from the Infinite Field of Possibilities.

Know the difference between WANTING and CHOOSING. When you desire something, you focus on the fact that you do not have your desire with you. In choosing your desire, however, you focus on the fact that you know that your desire is readily available for you to experience. When you have something ready for you to experience, you feel confident and certain that you can actually experience it if you want to.

Detachment From Your Desire

Everything that you want already exists in the Mental Plane as a possibility, specifically in the vast and Infinite Field of Possibilities. It’s merely a matter of choosing this specific desire to experience it in the Physical Plane.

Instead of focusing on the lack of your partner, change your state of “wanting your desire” into “experiencing your desire”. Instead of saying, “I WANT to be with my partner,” you can say something like, “I CHOOSE to be with my partner.”

Someone Better than Your Loved One

If you want to practice TRUE DETACHMENT from your desire (in this case, your loved one), try to open your mind and heart to meeting “someone better than your partner” for you. This means you must be totally okay and happy if you meet someone better.

This sounds counter productive and may send you into panic mode, but this will actually bring your desire faster to you. That’s because the feeling of being open to any outcome removes that obsessive feeling that most people have in regards to their desire.

When you keep obsessing about being with your special person, you create the consciousness of desire (the feeling of lack), which is miles away from the consciousness of Unconditional Love.

The real test of detachment, therefore, is when you can confidently say that you want your partner back “or someone better”. Your openness and willingness to have someone better means you are detached from your desire of reuniting with your loved one.

True detachment is when you are not defined by the idea of reuniting with your loved one. Don’t let the idea of reuniting with them overpower you at any point because once it does overpower you, you will have zero to limited control of the situation.

Always rise above your desire. You are the Creator of your desire, after all. You have the unlimited power to create and design it to your liking.

So, CHOOSE to be reunited with your loved one and do all the necessary Conscious Creation techniques to manifest them; however, let go of the obsession and the attachment to being with them so you can gain unlimited power and total control to manifest your desire in the Physical Reality.

I know, It might still sound confusing at this point. You might wonder: “how can I desire my loved one back for the right reasons, but not feel so passionately about wanting them back?”

Conscious Creation is about discipline and control. More importantly, it is about Unconditional Love. There may be many things you want in life, but they should not be the ingredients to make you feel complete, whole, content, and loved. When you learn to embrace Unconditional Love, you recognize that YOU ARE ALREADY COMPLETE, WHOLE, AND LOVED even without your desires.

As we continue our lessons on manifesting your partner back, know in your heart that this is what you choose and that you choose it for the RIGHT REASONS, but do not let it define your happiness. Let it be an “icing on the cake” or something that makes you happier and your life even better.

Loving yourself and spreading Unconditional Love throughout the Universe (by operating from the Real Self within you) is what will give you real peace and joy.

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is the conscious use of your mind to focus on a single intention or purpose. It heals the mind and the body because it blocks all the noise from outside of you and you focus on that calm feeling within.

Meditation is a practice that you can trace back to 1500 BCE as found in the Vedas teachings in India, and it’s still a very relevant practice up until today because it cuts across cultures, races, and religions. Anyone who seeks to improve their spiritual life can freely choose to use meditation as a way to add more love, joy, and peace in their lives.

More than just to uplift your spirit, meditation also improves your mood and relaxes your mind and body. It decreases your stress levels, improves the quality of your sleep, and improves your overall mental disposition.

It can also improve your youthful appearance and increase your physical and mental life force. But the most important use of meditation is that it can literally heal yourself of any pain and can generally help you become better at Conscious Creation.

For beginners or those who merely want a guide to help them meditate, you can download meditation apps such as Insight Timer or Headspace. I personally use Insight Timer for more than four years now, and it’s been a tremendous help in my meditation practice.

How to Meditate

To start meditation, find a quiet place to relax. Take on a comfortable upright sitting position. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a chair, a mat, a bed or the floor. Make yourself comfortable and make sure the area is free from noise or any distractions.

Bring yourself to a relaxed state by focusing on your breathing.

Continue to focus on your breath until your body relaxes and you reach that meditative state.

Then breathe into your head by mentally thinking of your head as you inhale and exhale.

Then start going down your entire body.

Breathe into your forehead by thinking of your forehead as if it can breathe.

Breathe into your eyes by thinking of your eyes as though it breathes on its own.

Then your ears, your cheeks, your nose, your mouth, your neck, and so on.

Continue until you breathe into your toes. When you reach breathing into your toes, let your breathing flow from the head down to your toes.

Breathe into your entire body. Then sit in stillness and nothingness for a couple minutes. Just stay still.

When you find that your mind wanders aimlessly, refocus your attention and think of nothing. In this particular part of meditation, you will realize that your mind has a life of its own because it thinks of random things out of nowhere and that almost always you are not even the one that’s thinking for it.

The primary objective of meditation is to train yourself to become the observer of your thoughts instead of being a slave. The true nature of the Divine Creator, of YOU, is that you’re the one who observes everything that’s going on within you and outside of you.

Your goal is to become the observer of all the thoughts that pass through your mind. By becoming the Creator, you filter the thoughts that you want to send to the Subconscious Mind and turn into your truth.

You choose what thoughts to discard, so they don’t become part of your beliefs. Being the observer of your thoughts will also train you to master your emotions.

As you scan through the random thoughts and mental images that come into your mind, you don’t have to label them as either positive or negative. You just let them be; let them flow.

True mastery of emotions is when you can objectively look at every situation without being emotional. This can only be done when you cease to label your thoughts, experiences, what others do to you as positive or negative.

The No Contact Rule

I’ve been asked a thousand times by my readers about the “no contact” rule as a technique to get their loved one back.

If you just broke up with your partner, you tend to be clingy, hurt, and desperate. There are times when you want to text your loved one all the time or call them for clarity or ask for another chance. Because the vibrational frequencies of desperation and pain are very low, your loved one will naturally repel you and push you farther away.

It is impossible to manifest your loved one back if you have low vibrations. Remember the Scale of Consciousness? You need to be at the neutral scale AT LEAST to affect or influence your loved one. So, your primary goal is to neutralize your vibration or feelings towards them and focus on giving love.

To achieve this, I recommend that you take a step back and shift your focus from your loved one to yourself. I also suggest that you look at the situation from a third-person’s perspective (or become the observer of the situation) so you can be objective about this process. When you do this, you become detached from the situation. This is the fastest way to neutralize your vibrations or feelings towards your loved one.

To keep being detached from the situation, I suggest that you don’t exert any physical energy to interact with your loved one in Physical Reality.

Instead, focus on yourself and learn how the universe works so that you can better understand your TRUE powers and innate Conscious Creation abilities. Use the “no contact” period to fully equip yourself with the knowledge of Conscious Creation techniques and how you can confidently design your life with your loved one and improve the other parts of your life.

Others use the “no contact” period as a mind game to let their partner miss them. Yes, they get this desired result because their partner ends up missing them; but because desire is at a low vibration, it doesn’t align with their ultimate goal of reuniting with their partner in a loving relationship.

Use the “no contact” period to improve your vibrations. Make sure to have the right reasons to get your loved one back. It may be difficult at first, but it gets better and better every day.

Communicate Through the Mental Plane

If you miss your loved one, communicate with them through mental forms and vibrations. See them in your mind’s eye. Talk to them as if they were in front of you. Imagine as though you live together. Imagine their reactions. Imagine their response. Your thought forms about them can reach them in real time.

Train yourself to manipulate the energy in the Mental Plane. Communicating through the Mental and Spiritual Planes are way more effective and more potent than any texts, words, and actions in the Physical Plane. You have total control over these two planes than when you ask to see you. In the non-physical planes, you can impose your thoughts on your loved one’s subconscious and also protect your vibrations in the process.

Also, use the “no contact” period to reset everything in your relationship. Time heals everything. The healing may not be immediate, but you can use this period to send your partner heart energy and the vibration of healing to relieve them of any negative feelings toward you.

Use this time also to master sending heart energy not just to your loved one but to yourself as well as to everyone. The more frequently you send love, the better you can manifest your desired reality.

The “no contact” period should last for 40 days or longer. In the past, I did “no contact” for 6 months until I became an entirely new person with high vibrational frequencies and with a better outlook on life. You need to be a brand new person — someone who is happier, more content, more complete, and more vibrant. You need to be in a higher frequency than your loved one so that they become attracted to your vibe. You can only do this if you focus on loving yourself during the “no contact” period.

If you ask me if I am strict about the “no contact” rule, the answer is NO. The main purpose of “no contact” is to focus on you, in improving your vibrational frequency, and in honing your Conscious Creation ability.

Although I suggest that you do not reach out to your loved one at this time, you can do so, if reaching out to them makes you happy and if you can manage your emotions.

If you DO want to reach out to them, make sure that the one reaching out is your Real Self and not your Ego. You may want to go back to our discussion of the Real Self and the Ego earlier in this course.

Remember that whenever you do something in the Physical Plane, your loved one will have the tendency to resist or push you away. They may outright reject you as well. This is expected in the Physical Plane, especially when your vibe is not in alignment with your desire. When this happens, just ignore whatever you don’t like to experience and focus on events that you prefer.

Activity for Day 27

Visualize Meeting Your Loved One After a Long Time

This is a guided meditation focused on meeting your loved on after a long time. What will be your reaction, and what would you say to your loved one?

You can choose this visualization for your daily practice. Listen in the morning after you wake up or before you sleep. You may also listen to this at any time of the day. Make sure you are in a relaxed state when you visualize.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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