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Day 3

The Nature of the Universe

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To have a successful manifestation process, we need to go over the basics of how the universe is set up, how it operates, and how we perceive it. By knowing the basics, it will be easier for you to understand your experiences and whatever is happening in your reality right now.

We live in a physical world. We think of ourselves as having physical bodies (and we DO have physical bodies), living in physical houses, owning things, interacting with other physical bodies, and living in a physical universe. All of these are true; however, what’s more important to understand is all these things that you see are based on energy, specifically different patterns, formations, or habits of energy that merged together to form physical manifestations.

When you have energy that’s moving in a formation altogether, you will eventually see something physical, like how people move around to organize a party or when tectonic plates under the Earth move to create a mountain.

But while those are already physical things moving other physical things, this is basically the same idea with how energy turns into physical form.

We are all energetic creatures that were created because of energy that got manifested in the physical world; but we don’t just act physically, we also act energetically through our thoughts and feelings.

Our Perception of Reality

You and I know that it’s common for us to interact with our surroundings using our five senses. Whatever our five senses can experience is what we think as real. If any of our five senses can’t perceive something, we think of it as unreal or non-existent or a “figment of the imagination.”

The exception is the concept of God or the Divine Creator or the Higher Being. We don’t need proof to believe in its existence. We believe in it solely by “act of faith.”

Because we tend to see our reality based on the what our senses can perceive, we feel as if we are separate from everything else around us. We have to buy our favorite shirt so that we can wear it. We have to ride an airplane, so we get to our dream country. We need to travel 40 kilometers just to see our loved one again.

Based on our immediate reality, everything is bound by time, distance, and even money. Based on our immediate reality, we are not one with the universe because everything just takes up too many of our resources before we can have it!

We think as if everything around us can disappear in a flick of a finger, that’s why most people are consumed by accumulating material things or are in a panic mode to get what they want (including manifesting a loved one) as if these things, people, and opportunities will be gone the next day.

There is a different side to the story, however. The nature of the universe has been established by religions as well as quantum physicists since the time of Isaac Newton. Based on religions and quantum physics, the universe exists beyond the perceptions of the five physical senses.

Quantum physicists have proven time and time again that the Universe is made up of vibrations, energy, and consciousness where everything and everyone is part of in equal measure.

Going back to our earlier discussion about energy and physical reality, this means that there is also a reality that we cannot perceive using our five senses. And this reality isn’t just a “figment of the imagination.” Our thoughts and feelings have energy that translates into reality.

In our thoughts and feelings, we are not bound by time, distance, and money. The moment we imagine ourselves to be with our loved one, we are! If you think of yourself as someone rich and living a luxurious life, you are! In the next lessons, you will gradually learn how to use your energy to create the reality you want.

You and Your Ex Are One

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Your loved one is part of you. In fact, you and your partner are one. This reality is governed by the Law of Divine Oneness, which states that everything is connected to everything else through the Universal Mind.

Everything else shares One Mind: Universal Mind or the mind of God. Although we have individual consciousness and each of us is a center of the Universal Mind, we are all part of the “bigger” consciousness.

You can always see the Law of Divine Oneness in action in your daily life.

For example, have you ever thought of a friend and that person suddenly sent you a text or even called you? That’s because you and your friend share ONE MIND! This means that whatever you think about your friend, they also think of the same thing… and at the exact same time!

I apply this principle to my life all the time, especially when I want someone to contact me. I would think about them contacting me and they will, either through text, phone, or social media!

I also apply this to business. If I want the client to pay the invoice, I just imagine their invoice already paid, and they always contact us to settle their payments!

The principle of Divine Oneness reminds us that we are all connected to one another, that we are part of the greater whole, that we just operate under ONE MIND.

You and I are connected. You create me, and I create you. We manifested one another through our minds. However, one of us may have more significant influence over the other depending on our degree of consciousness.

You are connected to the most powerful people in the world, as well as to the millions who struggle to make ends meet.

You are connected to your loved ones, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, acquaintances, and even strangers.

You are connected to your pets and other animals that’s why when you think and feel love for your pet, they also respond with the same love and care for you.

You are one with the plants, that’s why when you take care and talk to your plants they bloom and give you beautiful flowers. This is their way of responding to your love.

You Are One With Your Loved One

Because we are all connected to one another through the Universal Mind, you should have zero doubt about your connection to your loved one.

This means that you belong to each other all the time. You are with each other all along. You are never separated. You are always connected through your minds.

Even Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet, knew this all along. In one of his poems, he wrote: “If you find me not within you, you will never find me. For I have been with you, from the beginning of me.”

And this is true. You can only find your loved one within you and not outside of you.

It is important to understand this so that you know that you always have access to the person you love.

The principle of Divine Oneness suggests that when you think about your loved one, they also think about you at that precise moment.

When you feel love for them right now, they will also feel what you feel. If you are missing them so much, they will know that you miss them. If you are upset with them, they will also feel that negative energy from you. When you decide to forgive them right at this moment, they will feel your forgiveness, and they will be emotionally healed and relieved of negative energy and emotional baggage.

If you recall and relive the happy moments with them in your mind, they will also think of the exact same moments that you think of.

If you visualize touching them now, they will feel the tingling sensation of your touch.

If you visualize them texting you right now, they will actually think of texting you right now! If you visualize receiving an email from them right now, they will also think about sending you an email. Whether they will actually physically text or email you depends on their level of resistance.

If you focus on the negative parts of your relationship, they will also think of those negative moments in your relationship.

If you want your loved one to continue loving you, love them unconditionally in your heart and mind.

The more you can control and direct your thoughts and emotions, the more you can connect and even influence your loved one, and everyone and everything around you.

So stop asking why your loved one left you. Stop looking for reasons because it doesn’t matter anymore. You will not find your answers in them, but in you — in your mind and in your heart.

Activity for Day 3

How You Created Your Reality

This is a journal exercise. You will need a pen and a notebook to perform this exercise.

Every day, the Law of Mentalism takes effect in your life whether you are aware of it or not.

Wherever you are and whatever you’ve achieved (or lost) in life up to this point had all been your creation. The person you are and all the things that you have RIGHT NOW were once merely just thoughts and beliefs, and now have become your reality.

Now that you are more aware of the power of your mind and the universal Law of Mentalism, it’s time to see how you’ve been using it all these past years.

This journal exercise will show you how you created your reality so you will better understand how you can change your life and your current situation in the direction that you want.

Let’s start with being in a private place, free of distractions and noise. Have your pen and journal (or notebook) ready. Take on a comfortable position and free your mind of tomorrow’s worries.

As you go through this exercise, be 100% honest with yourself and with what you will write down. The truer your revelations, the better you can correct your past mistakes and move forward to manifesting your desires.

There are three things that we will look into today: Your relationship with your loved one, your loved one, and your view on relationships in general. You can separate them by columns or use headers.

1. Your relationship with your loved one

Recall your past relationship with your loved one. What were your predominant thoughts when you two were still together? Focus on your relationship with them.

Did you feel as though you two understood each other on a deep level?

Were your goals together aligned with personal ones?

Was it the kind of relationship that you could flaunt to the world or keep as discreet as possible?

Did you love and accept each other unconditionally?

Contemplating on your thoughts about your relationship includes pondering on the quality of your life together, the feedback of your close circles about your relationship, and how you feel about the relationship when you’re out in public vs. when it’s just the two of you.

Did you have the support of friends and family? Or do they tell you your relationship is toxic?

Were you and your partner always enjoying your time together or did you argue most of the time?

Write down both positive and negative thoughts about your relationship. Write down what you like and what you don’t like about your relationship.

Write down your fears, your insecurities, your reservations, etc., about your relationship.

Be honest with yourself.

Reflect on these thoughts and try to find your predominant thought patterns about your relationship with your loved one.

2. Your loved one / special person

Now, it’s time to focus on your loved one rather than the dynamics of your relationship.

Think of your special person and recall what thoughts or feelings you had of them.

Did you find them respectful and polite towards you and others?

Or did it seem like they were a bomb ready to explode any minute?

Were they often happy about things or did they always find a reason to be sad?

Did you talk positive about your loved one to others, or did you have some negative things to say about them?

Even if your loved one was another person, you had thoughts and feelings that affected who they are and how they act towards you. Recall and reflect on the kind of person your loved one was.

What made you fall in love with them?

What was it about them that caused the break up?

Were they possessive? Understanding? Competitive? Patient?

Did you have doubts about them?

Did you trust them fully?

Think of their qualities that struck you the most.

Write both positive and negative thoughts about your loved one.

Reflect on these thoughts and try to find your predominant thought patterns about your loved one.

3. Relationships in general

For this part, list down all your thoughts about relationships per se (or being in a relationship or marriage). What were your beliefs about them?

Did you have a criteria or standard as to the kind of relationship you want to have? Should partners be jealous always? Or should they always give 100% trust?

Investigate your own opinions about relationships, especially about long-term relationships or marriage.

Do you believe that marriages can be happy all throughout? Or do you think they all reach a point where it’s all commitment no love? Do you believe partners can be faithful? Or will one of them always cheat?

Write down as many of your relationship beliefs, even how you feel about it, as this information will be used to examine how it affected your current reality.

Reflect on these thoughts and try to find your predominant thought patterns about long-term relationships or marriage in general.

4. Reflection

Now, review all the things you listed down for every topic (your relationship with your loved one, your loved one, and relationships in general) and compare them to the reality you have now.

How did your view of relationships in general affect your relationship with your loved one?

How did your thoughts about your loved one affect your expectations of and actions toward them?

How did your relationship with your loved one change or affirm your views about relationships in general?

This exercise is directed at revealing how you have been creating your current situation. Those beliefs that you had about relationships and partners manifested into where you are now; so if you’re unhappy then, it’s time to be happy NOW.

By changing how and what you think about things and people, this will change your reality.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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