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Day 30

What You See In Your Mind Gets Created

The most important process in manifesting your reality is the use of visualization techniques.

You already know that the way we create things and experiences is through the mind using the process of thinking. Whether you think consciously or unconsciously, you still create. Visualization is thinking in a conscious and focused way. It is choosing to see, feel, and experience a particular scenario in your mind first. With focused attention, the scenario gets created in your Physical Reality that your Physical Body can experience.

What’s even more important is when the thoughts in your mind translate into images and given substance with positive feelings, they become more powerful. That’s because your belief in those visual images becomes stronger. The better and clearer you see your desire in your mind’s eye, the more credible it becomes. As a result, it gets easily stored in your Subconscious Mind as the truth.

Your Imagination is Limitless

You are naturally gifted with limitless imagination; but perhaps, through the years, you’ve been conditioned to think otherwise. The truth is, you have this gift of limitless imagination since you were young. As kids, we were wizards, queens, warriors, astronauts, etc., but most of us lost this imaginative quality as we grew up because of mind conditioning from different people and experiences. We then started to use our creative mind in limited ways only, like to make decisions, count money and numbers, and stress over tomorrow’s worries.

In Conscious Creation, we tap into this wonderful limitless quality of our creative mind. The power to create our reality starts in how we CHOOSE to see our desire in our mind’s eye. I keep repeating throughout the course that for as long as you can imagine or visualize yourself with your loved one right now, no matter what you see in your Physical Reality, you create an experience where you are actually with them. In fact, you are instantly with them in the Mental Plane; but giving more substance to your thought forms so that they manifest into your Physical Reality takes practice.

Mental Concentration is What Strengthens the Creation

Mental concentration is what forms and strengthens your desire. The practices of meditation and visualization need mental concentration and positive energy to complete the process of creation. The more you focus on your desired outcome and visualize from the point of view of your Real Self, the faster the manifestation process will be.

In other words, the more trained your mind is to focus on one thing only at any given time, the more attuned you are with your Divine Nature. Whenever you visualize and “feel as if” your desire is yours now, the better and faster you can manifest the best version of your desire.

Naysayers often point out that if visualization is indeed so powerful, how come those who practice it can’t easily win the lottery or turn all the traffic lights green when driving. That’s because visualization requires constant deep focus and high vibrations to turn thoughts into their desired reality.

Put it this way: as an intelligent being, you can certainly do several things at once. If you had it your way, you can sit through a business meeting while you check your social media and tick of items in your to-do list. But there’s no focus! You can’t manifest your love back if there are three other things in your mind!

When you have to finish multiple projects within a week, you know that to do all at same time would result in poor-quality outputs. You may have finished all of the projects within the week, but each one might not be as good as it would have been if you had dedicated time and effort to finish one before moving on to the next.

The same applies to the creation of your desired reality. When you create it in your mind’s eye through the process of visualization, you can’t simply jump from one scene to another in a single moment as this practice disperses your focus and energy. It is essential to concentrate on one scene for a couple of minutes before you move on to the next scene. Mental concentration will make the power stronger, and your thought forms more concentrated.

Feelings Are As Important as Mental Concentration

On top of all the focus you’ll need, you must also check your feelings (or your vibrational frequency) every now and then. Use your feelings as your internal GPS to guide you to the right path of manifesting your love back. Go back to the Scale of Consciousness so you can see where you currently vibrate at and how far or close you are from the vibration of Unconditional Love — which is the scale where you need to be.

Your feelings are what give substance to your mental images. They dictate whether your mental images will manifest into its positive version or negative version. Your feelings throughout this journey will draw you closer to your loved one or keep you away from them.

Take note that positive feelings will always show you the right path. If you have negative feelings or when things “don’t feel right,” you need to pause and find your center. Go back to feeling neutral by not adding meaning to things and events around you. Then, start from there by adding positive meanings again.

The vibration of Unconditional Love or above in the Scale of Consciousness are what will help mold your mental images into positive manifestation in your Physical Reality. Unconditional Love or above will manifest the best version of your loved one and the best version of your relationship with them.

Act an Feel as If

You should be able to create your desired reality as realistically as possible. See them in your mind as if you can reach out and touch them.

Remember, do not imagine the situation as if you are an observer. Take the first person point of view always. If you visualize yourself walking down the street, you won’t be able to see your face, top of your head, and back. You’ll be able to look down and see your legs, arms, chest just like you would in your Physical Reality. You are the main protagonist of your mind’s movie. You are the leading actor, not a mere spectator. Your loved one is your co-star in the movie, not someone you see on TV.

Once you master being able to visualize you desire realistically and clearly, with focused attention and positive feelings, it will begin to materialize into your Physical Reality. Always remember, in every visualization you do, always pour Unconditional Love into your creation and toward your loved one. This allows the highest version of your desire to happen faster.

Recall a Specific Event

Visualization helps get ­you down to specifics. If you want to be as realistic as possible, details are the key. As some of you try to build in your mind the ideal relationship with your loved one, it helps to start with some basic visualization practices first.

The easiest to do is to recall a specific event. It’s simpler to recall than it is to create an entirely new scenario when you’re new to visualization.

Before doing any visualization, remember to transition yourself into a meditative mood using these two steps:


Find a private and calming place where you can freely start your visualization. Take on a comfortable position by sitting on a comfortable chair. I suggest that you take an upright sitting position to keep yourself from falling asleep. Close your eyes slowly as you start to gently pace your breaths. Feel a tide of calm and peace take over you.


Slowly count from five to one as you take deep breaths.

Five…you release all tension from your body.

Four…you feel your head down to your toes becoming light.

Three…go deeper into your mind.

Two…your mind is peaceful.

One…a calming light of energy surrounds you.

Recall a Specific Event

You can easily pick one event from the past from your memory so the details, people, place, and even the weather are not too complicated to imagine because you only need to transport yourself back to that specific moment.

Remember a past event in your mind with your loved one. Recreate the entire scenario.

Who was there in that occasion? Was the event on a beach or at a fancy ball? Put in all the visual details.

Did you eat specific dishes? Recall and taste them again.

Was there music or ambient noise in the background? Was it a song? Or white noise from people chatting with one another? Hear the music again.

Do you remember the scents during that event? Was it your loved one’s perfume? Was it the steak being grilled outside?

Now, think of your loved one. What did they do during that event? What did they wear? Did they look handsome or beautiful?

Put in all the details, from their facial expressions, to the sound of their laughter, to their outfit. Recall what the two of you did during that occasion.

The goal is to see things clearly in your mind’s eye and experience the event as if it is happening right now.

Memorize an Object

If recalling an event is a challenge, start with something as simple as picking up an object.

Now find a specific object that is easy to hold. That object can be an apple or any fruit, a shirt, or your favorite mug. Make sure the object is simple.

Memorize the physical appearance of the object. Notice the color, the surface, the design. Examine it from every side. Turn it around and commit to memory the color and the visual details.

Hold the object. Notice how it feels against your skin. Notice the softness or the roughness of the object. Is it hard? Is it smooth? Commit how it feels to your memory.

Once you’re confident you’ve stored the object’s details in your memory, close your eyes and recreate the object in your mind.

Visualize it as realistically as possible, from the texture to the details to the color. See it as if you can reach for it and hold it in your hands.

You can use this exercise also on your pet or on someone you know. It might just be more challenging to put in all the details, but feel free to venture into these subjects. If you’re confident you can realistically recreate them in your mind.

Activity for Day 30

Guided Visualization: Meditation to Send Love and Be Love

Here is another meditation that you can use to send love and be love.

There is no specific time to listen to this. You can listen for as often as you want — there is no rule.

You can also use this visualization as your main guided visualization for the day.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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