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What To Do During Contact

What To Do When Your Loved One Contacts You

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, to hear from your loved one finally, to read their message, to know that they’ve thought of you enough to make them contact you. Whether it’s through your mobile or social media, no matter the message, feel GRATITUDE the moment your loved one contacts you.

You made this moment happen through Conscious Creation. Remember that everything is neutral and only you give meaning to it, thus, whether it’s a good or bad message just feel grateful that they contacted you.

Receiving a message is a sure sign that your Conscious Creation techniques have been working. Through constant non-physical communication with your loved one and by mastering the highest level of frequency possible, this moment finally manifested. Before replying, here are a few things to remember.


We don’t mean that you literally send them the word “love,” but instead send the love energy to your loved one. Take time to have deep, relaxing breaths as you meditate on the gratefulness and love you feel before even typing anything down.

The critical step is to vibrate with Unconditional Love constantly. You might feel excited or anxious the moment you see their name, but regard the entire incident as a neutral event and just vibrate with love.

If the message is an invitation to meet or a friendly “hi,” send love to the message and send love to your loved one. If the message is a request to stop contacting them or the news of them leaving for some other part of the world away from you, send love to the message and send love to your loved one still.

You’ve learned throughout the course that Conscious Creation works no matter the time, distance, and negative responses in the Physical World. What’s important is that in your mind you recognize the communication as YOUR REALITY manifesting.

You can even choose to change the negative message in your mind. If your loved one requested you to stop contacting them, vibrate with love and imagine them telling you that they want to see you again. If your loved one said that they are off to a different country, vibrate with love and imagine them telling you that they want to move in with you soon.

Whatever response or reaction you created in your Mental Plane is HAPPENING IN REAL TIME. Your loved one is receiving your energy and message in the Mental Plane, thus, if you vibrate with Unconditional Love as you reimagine the scenario, your loved one would feel confused about the message they sent or desire to contact you more. As long as everything you do is IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR DESIRE, your reality will manifest in the soonest time possible.


Now, the nerve-wracking part: How to reply to your loved one’s message? You might feel a flood of emotions the moment you see their name or number pop up, but don’t rush the reply. As a matter of fact, take a whole day or a couple days before replying if you want.

Your focus should first be on vibrating with Unconditional Love, so meditate and take breathing exercises for as long as you need. Next, compose your reply in your mind. Visualize yourself typing it down. You can even imagine how your loved one’s reaction or response would be after you hit “send.” Seek guidance from the Universal Mind if you feel the need.

The important thing about making the reply is that you know what to say, are ready for any response (even no response), and IN TOTAL ALIGNMENT with your desire when you send it.

Once you feel you’re vibrating with positive energy and feel ready, that’s when you reply. Know without any doubt in your mind that the message you send to your loved one will fulfill your desired reality.


Once you finally send it, know that it is done and final. As long as you sent your message in goodwill, then it has gone off to make your desired reality manifest in the Physical World. Don’t overthink about the message or try to reconstruct it in ways you think it could’ve been better because anything you do in unconditional love and in alignment with your desire will come out exactly as you see it.

Don’t get attached to having a response or no response. Spend the rest of the time after you hit reply to focus on creating your desired reality. Be confident in what your mind can create because you have wished for so long to have them contact you and now they did! Doesn’t matter whether it was a friendly or hostile message because these are all neutral events which YOU DECIDE what they mean.

Continue your powerful meditation and visualization techniques to keep getting closer to your happy ever after with your loved one. Imagine the kind of conversation you two will have the next time they contact you or how your future meet up will go.


Usually, the first instance of communication is through text or chat. This gives you the advantage of taking your time and composing your message. But when it’s a call, this can catch you off-guard; but if you’ve been consistent with your Conscious Creation techniques, it’s hard to consider anything as a surprise when you know it has already happened in the Mental Plane. Everything in the Physical World is just a translation of your thoughts, feelings, and energy!

The moment you hear their voice, just feel gratitude and love in your heart. Wear a smile on your face and be confident knowing that anything you tell them back, AS LONG YOU DO IT WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEART, are the right things to say. You can never go wrong in your reality (unless you imagine yourself so).

No matter their tone or what they say, know that everything is happening according to your desired reality. Do not be intimidated or afraid of whatever they will say because, just as if it’s a text or chat, everything is neutral, and you have the power to choose what it means.

If it’s an invitation for dinner, accept it gladly if this is what you desire. If it’s merely to tell you they’ll be moving somewhere else, wish them good luck and be thankful for them telling you. If it’s to ask you for a second chance, tell them you’re happy to hear that and maybe even set up an occasion where you two can talk. If it’s a request never to contact them again, put a smile in your face as you tell them that you respect their wishes and thank them for their time.

In any of these instances, just fill yourself with positivity and send that energy to your words. Them contacting you, after all, is not the end goal (unless you desired it to be so). It is only proof of your ability to create reality, so, no matter the circumstance under which the message came, know that it is in line with what you desire to experience.

Do’s and Don’t When You Reunite With Your Loved One

Swoon just like you swooned the first time you and your loved one dated. Dress to the nines, enjoy a sumptuous meal and have lively conversations. Relive everything like it was your first date (or whichever preferred date you two had before). The beginning of your series of dates is a cause for celebration in your heart, so fill yourself with love and joy because all those times you spent on manifesting these moments is finally happening in the Physical Plane.

However, this is not purely about reliving your precious dates before. Now, you are a better, stronger, and a more loving individual who has a better understanding of the Universe, the Universal Mind, and the power of Unconditional Love. Make the happy moments as is (or even better) and leave behind the mistakes of your past. As you begin this new journey with your loved one, remember these do’s and don’ts when dating again.

DON’T be desperate. It is counterproductive to act possessive, jealous, or clingy as this will only pressure your loved one into rushing something they might not be ready yet and end up walking away. It also gives them the idea that they have control over you and can just come back or leave as they wish. Remember that “desperation” belongs to one of the lower scales of consciousness and will not allow you to manifest your desired reality.

DO feel happy for these dates again. You have desired for these instances to happen, and now that they are manifesting in the “real” world, send all your love and gratitude from the moment you get ready for the date down to when it’s time for you two to go home. There’s no need to get attached to the situation because nothing and no one else completes you except you, so, instead of hungrily seeking for your loved one’s texts or next date, meditate on love and spread positive energy.

DON’T bring up past mistakes to blame each other. Introducing any kind of negativity into your dates will affect both your vibes and could throw all your Conscious Creation efforts into waste. Remembering old faults so you can throw it at each other is bound for disaster. You started with positivity to make a date happen, so continue to vibrate with positivity during your dating phase.

DO talk about how to have a better relationship. Make your conversations about moving forward, forgiving each other, and committing to a beautiful new start. Open up a talk where you two can focus on being better for each other. Get to know each other again and have a mutual understanding as to how you want your new journey to sail.

DON’T talk about how you were trying to manifest them back. Part of the creation process is allowing it to run its due course. Putting them out into words, much more when you tell it to the subject of your Conscious Creation, will hamper the process. It might even scare your loved one off. So, steer clear of discussing anything about trying to manifest them back. It has already manifested, and you don’t need to affirm it with anyone.

DO send them love and gratitude wherever they are. Just because you have finally manifested them back doesn’t mean you can let go of everything you’ve learned. Now that you’re off to a fresh start, it’s time to put your new learnings into developing a wonderful new relationship with your loved one. While you don’t need to tell them you’ve been applying Conscious Creation on them, you can keep on doing this as you two date again. This is the best time to send them love and gratitude as they are now more open to your energy and presence.

DON’T preempt future plans. Don’t rush them into marriage, kids, or even the idea of living together. Again, this can signal desperation. If you desire these things, apply what you learned from this course. Apply Conscious Creation. Know in your heart that these things will happen and, eventually, these ideas will come from your loved one. Keep communicating your future plans through thoughts and feelings, not through words.

DO show interest in making things work. When discussing old problems, focus on the solution. Listen to your partner and know that they listen to you, too. The point of having these dates again is to rekindle your relationship and make it better. Let these moments be about enjoying the start of something wonderful and committing to creating a happier life together.

Eventually, as you keep doing your visualizations and meditations. All the apologies, plans, and words you seek from your loved one will naturally come from them. Let go of having to force your loved one to say anything that you desire them to say because your thoughts and feelings will communicate with them and make them say what you’ve been needing to hear.

Enjoy the gradual development of your new relationship and let time run its course. Keep having and sharing the love, and you will see its results.

How to Make Your Relationship Last

There’s a reason literature, music, art, homes, communities, the world, and the universe fixates itself in love: it surpasses color, country, and time. It is the highest vibration in the world.

With love, nothing can go wrong, and this certainly applies to your relationship. As long as you impart Unconditional Love to yourself, your loved one, and your relationship, your desired reality will achieve its highest version.

We’ve established in this course that everything vibrates at certain frequencies. When you and your loved one create a wonderful new relationship, this relationship will also have its own unique vibration.

It is important that when you give your relationship its own “vibrational identity” you are giving it Unconditional Love. You can only realize your ideal relationship when you and your relationship are in alignment with your desires for it.

From the qualities of your lover up to the kind of relationship you will have, these are all possible through the power of Love. The key to a lasting relationship is to nurture it with Unconditional Love.

The fastest steps to Unconditional Love are unconditional forgiveness for your loved one and for what happened in the past, and complete understanding of your loved one.

Understand them if they are busy, if they are stressed, if they want to be left alone, if they take time to reply, and they don’t always say what you want to hear from them. Love should be bigger than these things.


As mentioned, Unconditional Love means unconditional forgiveness. There can be no room for love where hate, despair, grudge, and regret linger.

You can eliminate these negative emotions when you forgive yourself, your lover, and past mistakes. No one is perfect, but forgiveness does not require perfection; it only seeks your heartfelt decision to let go of all the negativity in your life and welcome all that is love, joy, and peace.

When you release yourself from hate and all its entrapments, that is when you allow your Physical Plane to manifest only the good things.

Your good thoughts and feelings linger in your Subconscious Mind, which can influence your Conscious Mind and, in turn, translate into the reality you experience.

When you fill your Subconscious Mind with love, sincerity, and confident belief in your relationship, these will all become your physical experiences.

A relationship that lasts is one that knows how to vibrate with Unconditional Forgiveness. Free your new relationship of any negativity that might break it. Instead, fortify it with a positive resolution to give it love and forgiveness.


Love and forgiveness fuels understanding for one another. If you feel like it was so difficult to communicate with your loved one before without getting into an argument, love and forgiveness will allow you both to understand each other not merely though words and actions, but most importantly, through thoughts and feelings.

The power of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness transcend the limits of the Physical Plane and changes things on a spiritual level which makes understanding each other come naturally.

If you have already achieved a fruitful and positive conversation or activity with your loved one in your mind, then know that this will translate into a fruitful and positive reality.

Going back to the idea that all is energy, communicate with your partner through energy. Send Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to them through the Non-Physical Plane.

Your new relationship makes you both more open to each other, so it is easier to communicate through thoughts. Once you communicate love, joy, and peace in the Non-Physical Plane, understanding becomes better in the Physical Plane.


Conscious Creation does not stop at manifesting your special person back. It applies even after you’ve achieved that reality.

Your use of manifesting tools, meditations, subliminals, hypnosis, visualizations, and journaling are all essential habits you can keep long after you and your loved one are together again.

These practices will only prove to strengthen your bond as your partner becomes more receptive to your positivity and presence.

A lasting relationship incorporates strong positive habits, and this includes Conscious Creation techniques. What made your special person come back will be the same ingredient to make them stay.

Make your wedding day happen, your dream house built, your perfect children born, and your relationship last through Conscious Creation.


The only thing better than doing meditative, healthy, and positive habits is doing it with the one you love. You don’t have to convince them to embark on a Conscious Creation journey with you, but you can impart the important things you learn by sharing these practices with them.

Live a fit lifestyle, eat healthy high-vibrational food, meditate or do yoga together, enjoy the outdoors, and plan things out.

Share the positivity you have by doing positive activities together. These will allow your loved one to vibrate at a higher frequency and become a partner in seeing the relationship blossom to its fullest and best state.

When both of you are happy and content, these same emotions manifest in your relationship. Even other people will start to notice the strong positive energy that surrounds both of you.

Remember the Law of Correspondence that states “As Within, So Without”. If the relationship is created by two loving beings, then it will become itself a powerful and loving bond. What you and your partner exude into your relationship, it will become.

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