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Day 5

The Superconscious Mind

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The third aspect of your mind is the Superconscious Mind or The Higher Mind. Your Superconscious Mind is more positive, aware, intelligent, and powerful than the two other aspects of your mind. It can direct and reprogram the two aspects discussed earlier to help you create and manifest everything that you desire.

Although The Superconscious is the most powerful aspect of your mind, it is the LEAST accessible, and only a very few people know how to tap into its powers. In fact, very few people know how to access it that’s why the majority of the people in the world are struggling in their lives.

The Seat of Your Real Self

The Superconscious Mind is the seat of your Real Self. It refers to yourself as “I” instead of “me.” The part of you that likes to use the term “me” is your Ego because it wants to be pleased right away. While the “I” operates from within, the “me” operates from the surface.

When your loved doesn’t reply to your messages right away or doesn’t tell you words that you want to hear, your Ego would say, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Talk to me!”, “Do you love me?”, “Do you want to be with me?”, “Get back to me!” or “Don’t you understand me?”

Your Real Self, on the other hand, has more control over these situations. It also has complete control over your feelings. In situations like these, your Real Self would say something like, “I understand you,” “I am here for you,” “I know you are busy,” “I know you love me,” “I care for you.” or “I love you.”

The Superconscious understands that the “I” within is whole, sufficient on its own, complete, and fully aware of its consciousness that’s why it remains calm and unperturbed by what the Ego wants, perceives, and expects.

While the Ego is selfish, the Real Self is selfless. While the Ego likes to take, take, and take, the Real Self likes to give, give, and give.

The Seat of Your Willpower

The Superconscious Mind is also the seat of your will. Your superconscious is responsible for all the good things that happened to you up to this date. It is responsible for your financial success, your dream car, your dream house, your supportive family, your topnotch education, and all your travels.

Personally, I have used my own willpower to achieve so many things in life, from growing up in small town in the Philippines, attending the best universities in Manila, migrating to the United States, becoming a U.S. citizen, starting multiple successful businesses, traveling to a new country every other month, and living a life that I envisioned for myself many years ago.

In many of the emails that I received since I published my free course on manifesting your loved one, I saw a pattern: those who have successfully reunited with their significant others are those who expressed their intention to manifest their loved one back as if there were no other options available.

They also made a decision to apply the principles that they learned every single day. They lived from the Real Self within, which resulted in having total control of their thoughts and emotions.

Your will is your personal power that you can use at any time to direct your mind so that you can let yourself experience the kind of life that you want. Those who think life happens to them randomly do not utilize the power of their will; they just let life happen to them unconsciously.

In the same way, you can use the power of your will to create a situation where you are finally reunited with your loved one and not endlessly wonder whether they will come back or not.

You can also use the power of your will when you’re conflicted to contact your loved one or not. You can tell yourself “NO” firmly instead of giving in to the temptation. You can also use your will NOT to check your loved one’s social media accounts, or try to seek updates about them. More importantly, you can also use your will to redirect your thoughts to focus only on your preferred mental images about your love instead of focusing on images that you do not want to happen.

Your Real Self understands that everything that happens right now is either temporary or unreal and can be changed very easily AT WILL. Instead of being a hopeless participant in your imaginal drama, the Real Self can quickly detach from the mental images and become the observer of your thoughts. Your Real Self also understands that your reality is the manifestation of the contents of your mind and that you can easily change your reality when you change your mind.

Your Superconscious is Completely Objective

The Superconscious Mind is the most objective aspect of the mind. It has the highest level of awareness to observe that things happen as they are and that these things are free from labels, judgments, opinions, perceptions, and expectations.

When your loved one does anything that generally makes you feel anxious, your Superconscious Mind can bring you to the “observer mode” so you can just observe the events that happen to you. You will quickly realize that most of what hurt you are mainly suggestions that come from your mind. Your Superconscious Mind, like the Observer, is unaffected by what it observes. What happens instead is the event or the mental image that is being observed is affected by the Observer.

Visualization to Access the Superconscious Mind

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Find a private and comfortable place where you can relax.

Take on a comfortable upright sitting position.

Close your eyes as you start to gently pace your breaths.

Feel a tide of calm and peace take over you.

I would like you to be aware of your presence wherever you are right now.

Slowly, pay attention to your thoughts.

Observe the images that you see in your mind.

Observe where these thoughts take you.

Observe what these thoughts make you feel.

Just observe, do not judge or react to your thoughts.

Notice how these thoughts appear out of nowhere, and notice how they simply disappear

Then, let them go without judgment.

Realize how you remain undisturbed despite how your thoughts appear and disappear from your mind.

Realize that your thoughts don’t mean anything, until you give them meaning.
Now it’s time to go back to consciousness.

Slowly count from five to one as you take deep breaths.

Now, open your eyes.

Be fully aware of what’s around you, notice your immediate surroundings.

What do you see? What do you hear? What can you touch?

Just observe everything around you.

Focus your awareness around you.

Don’t add meanings to anything that you see, hear, or feel.

If you are going outside, observe the trees and the skies.

Observe without judging and without giving them meaning.

Become the observer of anything that you see and experience today.

This exercise will make you realize that most of the time, you are not really totally aware of where you are. This will also make you realize that most people are not really totally present where they are. We are mostly preoccupied with our thoughts for no reason. Things just neutrally happen around us and we’re the only ones giving it any meaning. And adding meaning becomes the source of suffering.

Suggested Activity for Day 5

For Day 5, perform this visualization to radiate love to your loved one. You can use this visualization for today’s lesson or in your daily conscious creation practice. Meditate every morning, right after you wake up and before you go to bed at night. You can also visualize at any time of the day. Remember to “act and feel as if” the scenarios are happening right now.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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