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Day 6

The Unified Field

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The Universal Mind is also known as the Unified Field. It does not look like what you see and experience around you where you see people, things, buildings, animals, plants, etc. The Unified Field contains all these, including you; but, actually, it’s more than that. In fact, it is made up of billions of vibrating and pulsating energies that contain ALL the possibilities that your mind can think of and believe.

Whatever the Universal Mind center can perceive or imagine, the Unified Field can create this mental image from billions of energies scattered all over it.

For example, as a Universal Mind center, you imagine being reunited with your loved one. What happens is that you transmit this mental image to the Universal Mind (or the Unified Field), and it picks the energy packets that resonate with that mental image and the vibrations (or feelings) that come with it.

In other words, the Unified Field selects the energy packets that resonate with that thought-feeling combination that you (or any Universal Mind center) produce.

So, if the vibrational frequency that comes with the mental image is positive, The Unified Field will actualize it into the positive version of your mental image; but, if the vibrational frequency that comes with the mental image is negative, The Unified Field will actualize the negative version of your mental image.

As a Universal Mind center, the moment you create an image in your head and “feel as if” you and your loved one have already reunited, The Unified Field will respond to this mental image by putting together a group of energy packets with data that resonate with the idea of you reuniting with your loved one.

These group of pulsating energies will become a thought form, that when given substance with the positive vibrational frequencies (or feelings), like love, joy, and peace, will be actualized as the highest version of your desire.

However, if you imagine a reunion with your loved one but you have a fear that it may not happen, the vibration of fear, which gives substance to your mental image, will turn that image into a negative manifestation or the opposite of what you want, which is the absence of your loved one.

Take note that you are communicating with The Unified Field all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. This is what I mean by “you create all the time” through your thoughts, along with the Universal Mind, whether you are conscious about it or not.

Your unconscious thoughts get communicated to the Universal Mind, and it responds to these unconscious thoughts by creating random and disorganized manifestations.

To communicate what you really want to The Unified Field, you need to be your Real Self and endeavor to increase the degrees of your positivity, awareness, intelligence, and the directive power of your thoughts or by becoming conscious of your consciousness.

You also need to acknowledge the fact that the Law of Mentalism is in effect all the time and can never be transcended or changed, so you need to adjust to it.

It is only then — when you won’t have to second-guess the outcome — you will have your desire exactly as you wanted it.

Your Connection to the Source

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The Universal Mind is omnipresent which means it is all-present in anything and everything whether inside or outside of you, and whether you see it or not.

Everything is a center of the Universal Mind including your mind. The Law of Mentalism states that “All is Mind” and that everything that you see comes from the Universal Mind, and this same Universal Mind is your own mind.

Since the mode of creation of the mind are thoughts, whatever thoughts you have in your mind are created through the Universal Mind.

So, every time you think, the Universal Mind thinks and creates. How things are created and manifested in your reality depend on the consciousness level of the Universal Mind center.

As mentioned earlier, among all centers of the Universal Mind, human beings have the highest degree of consciousness because of our self-awareness, intelligence, and our ability to direct our own thoughts. What you see in your reality highly depends on your ability to direct your awareness. Whatever you focus on, intentionally or unintentionally, you project in your reality.

Thinking of Your Loved One Through the Universal Mind

When you think of thoughts related to your loved one, you create these mental images together with the Universal Mind. It is the Universal Mind that creates thought forms that manifest as events and situations in your Physical Reality that will bring you and your partner back together.

As you consistently focus on the kind of relationship that you want with your partner, you will eventually manifest that life with them. The formula is always the same: what you think and feel will be molded into thought forms and finally manifested into your reality.

Many people who are on the journey of manifesting their loved one are not even aware of the infinite and creative power of their minds and their “oneness” with the Universal Mind. Because of this, most people do not have the certainty and the confidence that they will be reunited with their loved one eventually. They seek for answers outside of them, when the answers are WITHIN THEM all the time.

You may be unsure, confused, doubtful, and fearful that you might not achieve your desire. Perhaps your thoughts wander aimlessly at times or you entertain whatever your monkey mind suggests.

When you are aware of your mind’s creative power and its Oneness with the Universal Mind, you will have the tendency to consciously direct your mind to focus on things that you only want to see in your Physical Reality, like your desires.

Your ability to manifest your partner, therefore, depends on your level of understanding and belief that your mind and the Universal Mind are one and the same.

The more you understand and believe that you possess the entirety of the Universal Mind in you, the more powerful you feel and the more confident you will be in manifesting the relationship of your dreams. Doubt, fear, worry, and confusion will cease to exist and will only be replaced with trust, love for all, Unconditional Love for yourself and your partner, and absolute certainty.

Your Mind is the Universal Mind

Since your mind is the Universal Mind, your mind is also omnipotent and omniscient. This means that your mind is all-knowing, all-powerful, and limitless. It has the ability to put together the biggest, grandest, the most complex, and the most magnificent desires that you can imagine and then create it in your reality. Even when your situation with your loved one seems hopeless, your mind can fix that situation and make it even better.

Since your mind is also all-powerful, there is no such thing as too difficult or too complicated for it to create. It doesn’t matter if your loved one lives in another continent or they are with someone else now. So what? You can change that by creating your desired situation in your mind!

As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” and that is to be taken literally.

If you did not realize before that you are all-knowing and all-powerful, chances are you were only limited by your thoughts and dreams that are “more realistic” to achieve. Anything “out of this world” or anything grand felt uncomfortable and is out of your comfort zone, and something that you dismiss as impossible to achieve. That’s because you were not aware in the first place that anything that your mind can conceive is one piece of possibility.

Perhaps you also believed that someone or something else is in charge of your destiny that is separate from yourself. Or that you have to submit to something higher and more powerful than you. When you see yourself as separate from The Creator and The Source of all things, you are limited by your belief that you have no control over your situation.

You were always at the mercy of THAT Creator that is separate from you. As you already know by now, the Universal Mind already lives in you— you didn’t even have to create it yourself. It is there with you all along and goes with you wherever your feet take you.

You merely need to acknowledge it, understand its powers, and use it in your daily life because the Universal Mind and your mind are one and the same. The Creator or The Source is not separate from you— you are The Creator and The Source.

The Power of Your Will

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If you do not have the willpower to direct your mind, something or someone else will direct it. One of these things is the false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) stored in the Subconscious Mind, the opinion of other people, the media, and the Universal Laws. These will influence your mind if you do not have the will to control it.

In other words, if you are not conscious of your thoughts, your thoughts will be unconsciously directed by other forces for you. These will manifest as random things and events without any significant meanings. It will be a combination of happy and sad moments, successes and failures, and good and bad things, and you would not know how these things come and go.

Once you exert your will to direct your mind, you can consciously create your life the way you want it. You can choose only to experience the happy, successful, and good things. Without your will, you live unconsciously.

To make it easier for you to exert your will, you need to go back to the definition of your Real Self, and that is by having a higher degree of consciousness, self-awareness, positivity, and the power to direct your thoughts.

Whenever you exert your willpower to imagine what you want to create, the probability of its creation is almost inevitable. What you think with so much focus gets created in the Physical World faster than unfocused thoughts.

You can also exert your willpower to believe something that you wouldn’t otherwise believe. For example, if you find it hard to believe that you will be reunited with your loved one, use your willpower to direct your thoughts to focus only on being reunited with your partner. The constant focus will eventually make you believe that you’re 100% certain to be reunited with your loved one. Once you truly believe in something that you want to create, this manifests in your reality.

This won’t just apply to your ideal reunion scenario. Let your imagination run free with how great your rekindled relationship will be, all the happy (and even cheesy!) moments you two will have, the great places and conversations, and all other imaginal acts you want to see come true.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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