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Day 7

Nothing Rests, Everything Vibrates, Everything Moves

After Mentalism and Divine Oneness, we delve into the inherent energies the whole Universe vibrates with.

Have you ever wondered why when you’re at your happiest, you meet the most amazing people and come across amazing opportunities? Today’s lesson will give you more insights into the way the universe works.

The 2nd universal law of manifesting your loved one is the Law of Vibration. This law states that “Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates, and that the whole universe is vibration.”

This law is immutable, which means that it is absolute, always true, always in effect, and always in full force. There’s nothing that you can do to change or transcend it, but I will show you how to use it better to your advantage, and in manifesting your loved one.

We discussed in the previous lessons that everything in the universe is mind so that whenever you create something in your reality, you use your mind first using the process of thinking.

Thoughts Have Energy

The main premise of the Law of Vibration is that thoughts have energy. If you have negative thoughts, these thoughts have negative energy and eventually manifest into negative experiences and attract people with negative vibes and intentions. If you have positive thoughts, these thoughts naturally have positive energy and manifest as positive experiences in your life. These thoughts also attract people with positive vibes.

This explains why when you’re at your happiest, you tend to meet or attract happy people. And even those who have lower vibrations become attracted to your positive energy. And this is explained by the principle that higher vibrational frequencies have direct influence over lower vibrational frequencies.

You already know that everything that you see around you is energy. You have energy, and energy vibrates at certain frequencies (or vibrational frequencies). In other words, ALL are energy with particular rates of vibration.

Everything around you vibrates at certain frequencies. My website has a vibrational frequency, for example. These lessons have vibrational frequencies. Raw foods have significantly higher vibrational frequencies than processed or junk food. The United States, as a country, vibrates higher than developing countries. Famous people and world leaders vibrate at higher frequencies than regular people. Even the chair that you’re sitting on now has its own vibrational frequency!

How to Use the Law of Vibration to Manifest Your Loved One Back

Of course, your thoughts about your loved one have specific vibrational frequencies. If you focus on the negative memories or on the negative qualities of your loved one, you will not be able to create new and positive experiences with them. You will also continue to experience these negative qualities when you’re around or communicating with them.

To change this whole situation, always be more consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings at any given point in time. Use your thoughts and feelings as your internal guide to put yourself in the best position to manifest the best relationship and the best version of your loved one.

The Law of Vibration also states that vibrations attract anything that possesses identical frequencies. This means that your thoughts have the power to attract anything that has identical frequencies to it, as what I explained above. This is the reason behind the “think positive” advice that you hear from friends or read in different books.

The conscious use of your thoughts and your ability to direct your mind to think only of positive things will automatically raise your own level of consciousness at any given time. When your level of consciousness gets elevated, the rates of your vibration — or vibrational frequency or what we call feelings — also gets elevated. What happens is you will have better experiences and opportunities in life. You will also manifest your desires faster and easier.

I will discuss the Law of Vibration more extensively through The Scale of Consciousness.

The Scale of Consciousness

Now, let’s talk about something that I am very excited to share: Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. This scale is from his book, Power vs. Force.

This scale will be one of the most powerful tools that you can use to create, or manifest anything that you want, which includes the most wonderful relationship with your loved one!

This map will empower you to know where you are vibrationally in your journey to manifest your partner back. Perhaps many of you wonder why it takes so long for the manifestation to happen. Well, that’s because you’ve probably been vibrating on the lower scale of consciousness without your knowledge.

For those of you who already know that you HAVE to “raise your vibe,” you probably don’t know how or where to start. You also probably wonder if your vibration is high enough and whether it is the highest vibration that’s available for you to achieve.

This scale will give you the idea where you are at currently so you can raise your level from there. It will provide you with so much clarity about your current situation so you can understand how your current level limits your ability to manifest your partner back into your life.

You can think of the levels of consciousness as a roadmap for your life. It is a measure of your “vertical” development. To understand what vertical development is, let’s first define horizontal development.

Horizontal development includes anything you actually do, like getting a house, finding someone you love, landing a great job – all these are horizontal development. If you watched a video that contains every moment of your life, you would see your horizontal achievements.

On the other hand, vertical development is all the inner work you’ve done. It’s your spiritual development, as well as your sense of inner peace. Unlike horizontal development, which is about what you do, vertical development is about what you are. Your thoughts, beliefs, motives, and emotions go into this category. At the highest levels of vertical development, the horizontal plane matters very little.

In my case, the Scale of Consciousness has helped me identify my vibrational frequency at any given moment. This tremendously helps in my pursuit to live a more conscious and meaningful life.

Levels of Conciousness

Here are the different levels of consciousness. Each level has a corresponding rate of vibration. As you read through each level, try to identify which resonates with you the most. That level is your current level, and the scale you currently vibrate.

1. SHAME (which vibrates at 1-20 hz)

Shame is just a step above death. You are at this level if you have low self-esteem and are always paranoid about things.

At this level, you feel worthless and wish that you are invisible because you don’t want to be near anyone. Some people who belong in this lowest level have thoughts of suicide or about physically hurting their loved one for leaving them. Think of this as self-directed hatred. This level is the most destructive and the farthest vibration from your desire.

If you are at this level, I suggest that you seek professional help right away.

2. GUILT (which vibrates at 30 hz)

Guilt is a step above Shame, but you may still have thoughts of suicide. You continuously blame yourself for the breakup and are unable to forgive yourself for all you did during your relationship. You tell to yourself that if you could only bring back everything, you would have been a better partner.

So, if you blame yourself for the failure of your relationship, you vibrate on this scale. The predominant feelings here are blame and remorse. If you also tend to finger point and blame your partner for your misery, you also belong in this level.

Some people use blame to manipulate their loved one. They blame their partner for their misery. When you use Guilt to get your loved one back, you employ a manipulation tactic that doesn’t work. If it does work, the results will be temporary.

The life view of this person at this level is condemnation.

3. APATHY (which vibrates at 50 hz)

The person on this scale feels hopeless or victimized. This is the common consciousness of homeless people or those who live in poverty. They just feel numb to the life around them and don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning or get out of their current situation.

You would be in this level if your breakup affected you so much that you feel like you want to sleep all day or curl up in one corner of your room or eat junk food. You also lack the motivation to work on yourself and improve your life. Your work and health are also profoundly affected.

4. GRIEF (which vibrates at 75 hz)

We all have experienced this level of consciousness at one point in our lives. A loss of a loved one or a pet can immediately bring you to this level.

Those who just broke up with their loved one and those who can’t seem to get over the pain of a breakup also belong here. It’s okay to be in this level temporarily, but it becomes destructive if this is your permanent state.

A person who is at this level sees sadness everywhere and are preoccupied with thoughts of their own death or the death of anyone close to them. Life is a constant tragedy or near-tragedy, and the world is terrible and cruel.

This level is higher than apathy since you begin to escape the numbness you force yourself to feel.

5. FEAR (which vibrates at 100 hz)

You are at this level if you are always anxious about your partner and fear the lack of signs that they want to get back with you. You fear uncertainty, rejection, failure, and also worry that they might find someone else or have chosen to move on.

The fear of losing your partner for good leads to insecurity or jealousy and eventually result in destructive behaviors like stalking them on social media to see if they are dating anyone and obsessing over the new person in their life, or contacting them all the time.

Fear leads to paranoia and can turn into an obsession. The people in this level see the world as frightening.

Even so, fear is dramatically stronger than the previous levels of consciousness. At least, by this point, you interact with the world.

6. DESIRE (which vibrates at 125 Hz)

This type of desire should not be confused with setting and achieving goals.

Desire represents a considerable step up from grief. That persistent heavy feeling is gone, and in its wake is left a sense of want.

At this level, craving is the dominant emotion. This refers to the level of addiction and lust for your partner, getting their approval, getting them back, wanting them to love your back, wanting them to text or call you back, wanting them to reciprocate your affection, etc.

This is also your level if you’re obsessed with your loved one that you keep thinking and talking about them 24/7 that you neglect other aspects of your life. You crave to be with your loved one so much because you don’t want to be on your own. You do everything to get their attention and want to be with them so badly that your world revolves around the idea of getting them back only.

For you, it doesn’t matter if the other aspects of your life are a mess as long as you can have them back.

7. ANGER (which vibrates at 150 hz)

Anger is of a much higher caliber than the previous energy levels because it can lead to real action. A person who ascends to Anger from the lower levels can find a renewed sense of decisiveness and control.

However, Anger also has a dark side: road rage, homicide, domestic abuse, and a host of other unmentionable brutalities characterize this level. People who live at this level rather than passing through it lead perilous lives. They are easily identified by their stiff, aggressive body language. Fighting and yelling can erupt from these people with minimal provocation.

In regards to a relationship, you may hate or are angry at your loved one for breaking up with you or for making you feel miserable. It is normal to have angry feelings toward your partner during a breakup, but it’s important to be conscious of your emotions and let go of the anger.

8. PRIDE (which vibrates at 175 hz)

The level of Pride is something that most people aspire to be in. It is socially encouraged. We’re told to take pride in our work, accomplishments, and material objects. Compared to the lower levels, pride feels great. It certainly beats the depression and hopelessness found in Shame and Apathy. However, Pride is still below the crucial level of 200 hz. It is still weak and thus is related to force rather than true power.

Yes, Pride feels good, but it is a false feeling. Most of the time, “feeling good” depends on external circumstances, like money or prestige or achieving their desires, so it’s vulnerable.

Some people are too focused on getting their loved one back that their “good feelings” depend on getting their partner back.

9. COURAGE (which vibrates at 200 hz)

If you’re reading this lesson, you’ve reached this level. Almost 85% of people never reach this critical threshold. This is the level where your motives and actions begin to align with the attractor fields associated with power.

When you reach Courage, you begin to see life as an exciting challenge. The hostility, sadness, and negativity that plague the lower levels disappear. Life is a fantastic journey to enjoy, and at this level, you finally realize that.

At Courage you realize that you are the only one in control of your life. This happens when people seek out personal development and other avenues of growth.

This is when you start to look at the breakup as a learning experience. Being alone becomes an opportunity to improve your life and yourself first, but you haven’t taken actions just yet.

10. NEUTRALITY (which vibrates at 250 Hz)

The phrase, “live and let live,” epitomizes this level. It’s flexible, relaxed, and unattached. In this level, you are okay if you’re not with your loved one and you are also okay if you are. You’re don’t really try to exert so much effort to make the two of you work.

Neutrality is a step higher from Courage because it involves a detachment from desire which, as you will learn later on, is essential to achieve Conscious Creation because it allows you to focus on yourself more.

However, this isn’t the best level to operate on as it lacks the directive force that allows you to manifest your desired reality.

11. WILLINGNESS (which vibrates at 310 hz)

Now that you’re basically safe and comfortable, you start to use your energy more effectively. In this level, you are willing to do something to improve yourself and also apply what you learned to get your partner back.

This is your level when you develop willpower and self-discipline. This is the point where your consciousness on what to do to get your loved one back becomes more organized and disciplined.

12. ACCEPTANCE (which vibrates at 350 hz)

This is where you actually recognize and accept the fact that your breakup is your own doing, but you don’t wallow in self-pity or blame yourself. Instead, you are proactive about changing yourself, how you view and treat your partner, and how you look at the whole experience in general.

Now that you know what went wrong in your relationship (or with yourself while in that relationship), you define what you want to change and take action to change it.

You start to see the big picture in your relationship more clearly, and you now have a path to manifest your partner back — and it all starts with you.

13. REASON (which vibrates at 400 hz)

This is the emotion of understanding and rationality. At this level, you transcend the emotional aspects of your breakup, and you think rationally. You become capable of using your reasoning abilities. For example, if you want your loved one back but you know that you’re not ready to be in a relationship and need to work on yourself, instead of forcing things to work, you wait until you are ready.

This is where the Nobel Prize winners, leaders of science and medicine, and great thinkers of history calibrate. However, Reason falls into the trap of over-intellectualization in concepts and theories.

While Reason can give way for incredible insights and immense power, it is also limited because you are not meant to think only. You are not a computer. You are meant to think AND feel.

People at this level often have a “paralysis through analysis” problem.

Nevertheless, Reason is an important gateway to pass through on the way to spiritual enlightenment.

14. LOVE (which vibrates at 500 Hz)

This is the level that I wish for you to be in, and we can talk more about this in the succeeding lessons.

This is not what most people call love. This refers to Unconditional Love, which is a permanent understanding of your connectedness with The Source and the ALL THAT EXISTS.

At this level, you understand and believe that you are a part of the ALL IN ALL, of the Universal Mind, and that everything and everyone is a part of you through the Principle of Divine Oneness.

When you truly understand this concept, you only think and feel compassion, understanding, acceptance, and service to others. You love others as you would love yourself.

You only have PURE love for your loved one, which means that you love them even though they’re not with you right now. It also doesn’t matter where they are right now, who they’re with, what they do, and whether they think of you or not.

You cannot be at this level if you do not love yourself unconditionally, for how can you give love if you don’t vibrate love within you in the first place?

You’re starting to have a sense of awakening at this level, and your motives are pure and uncorrupted by your Ego. You don’t have any expectations from your loved one, and it’s okay if they do not respond to your text or if they do not return your call. You’re also okay if they don’t want to be with you right now, or just want the two of you to be friends.

You stop asking WHY. You understand your loved one completely. You understand your situation completely. There are no mind games or Ego games. In fact, at this level, your Ego starts to disappear. You don’t rationalize, you just accept and love your partner and everyone around you.

At this level, there is a sense of letting go, and you are unattached to the outcome. Dr. Hawkins claims that this level is reached only by 1 in 250 people during their entire lifetimes.

15. JOY (which vibrates at 540 Hz)

As you continue to be in the scale of Unconditional Love more and more, ascension to Joy is common. It is a feeling of profound happiness that accompanies the person wherever they go. Eckhart Tolle describes this as The Power of Now, where you always reach for that feeling of happiness and contentment at any given moment in all aspects of your life.

This level is characterized by enormous patience and an unwavering positive attitude in the face of harsh adversities. You practice mindfulness and focus on being grateful for everything that you have right now, at this very moment.

You don’t concern yourself with the past or the future. You don’t rewind everything that had transpired in your relationship. You also don’t worry about the future because you are confident about creating it RIGHT NOW.

This is the level where saints, advanced spiritual students, and healers dwell. The world is seen as one of perfection and beauty.

When you are at this level and feel Unconditional Love for your loved one, synchronicities (or meaningful coincidences) happen very frequently. Your intuition becomes heightened because you operate at a much higher level of consciousness.

16. PEACE (which vibrates at 600 hz)

This level is total transcendence. The more you give Unconditional Love and experience Joy, the faster you will be at Peace.

This is where you surrender everything to The Divine Creator, The Absolute, The All, God, or the Universal Mind. There is a state of complete letting go and “allowing” for your partner to come back to you on their own. When you are at this level, manifestation happens very fast!

If you’ve felt utter, complete bliss from deep meditation then you know what Peace feels like. People at this level feel that sensation constantly.

In this state, your mind stops to blabber all the time, concepts become meaningless, everyone around you is as is — they are neutral. Life appears to occur in slow motion. Perception is drastically different. The seemingly separate and disjointed reality of the earlier levels give way to a sense of wholeness and oneness.

At this level, the phrase “God” applies as much to yourself as to anything in the universe. Another way to put this might be “Pure Consciousness.” Organized religion often disappears here, which gives way to spirituality instead.

Peace gives you more revelation of the nature of your Real Self and what you can create. You have 100% confidence in your ability to create the reality that you want with your partner, that’s why you don’t even worry at all.

Dr. Hawkins claims that only one person in 10 million reaches this level.

17. ENLIGHTENMENT (which vibrates at 700-1,000 hz)

This is the highest level of human consciousness, where humanity blends with Divinity. It is where one has become like The Supreme Creator or The All.

This is the level of avatars such as Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha. This level is characterized by the complete transcendence of the Ego. One cares very little about their own body and mind at this point.

The few that reach this level are so powerful that they influence all of mankind. One enlightened person can counteract the negative energy of entire populations of people. Even just thinking about this level can raise your consciousness.

What Level Are You?

Where do you think you rank at in the Scale of Consciousness? Usually, you’ll behave at different levels in different places.

If you are at the lower states of consciousness, figure out how you can reach Courage and then climb up to Unconditional Love.

If you’re at an overall level of Pride, then you know you need to work on not basing your self worth on getting your love back, possessions, and achievements. After that, you can graduate to Courage and begin to work on more important things.

Review this scale throughout this journey to determine where you are. You will learn so much about yourself by manifesting your loved one.

The Rules in Consciousness

In this lesson, we will talk about the ground rules in the study of consciousness. These “rules” will answer MANY of your questions about creating your reality, general manifestations, and especially manifesting your loved one.

Whenever you have questions about your own reality and why you experience what you experience right now, go back to this lesson. If you have questions about the ability to change your surroundings and influencing people, this lesson will provide most of your answers as well.

Everything that you see around you is energy that vibrates at different rates. To distinguish one thing from the other, we look at their degrees of consciousness.

Whether you are looking at a glass of water, your puppy, your loved one, the flowers in your garden, your job, a slice of pizza, each vibrates at a certain frequency.

As a rule, those that belong to the lower scales of consciousness have lower rates of vibration, and those that belong to the higher scales of consciousness have higher rates of vibration.

The way consciousness manifests is based on their rates of vibration. In the Scale of Consciousness, vibrations are arranged as follows:

Degree of Positivity

The higher the scale is, the higher the degree of positivity. The lower the scale is, the lower the degree of positivity.

In other words, the more you go up the Scale of Consciousness, the higher your degree of positivity. The more you go down the scale, the lower your degree of positivity.


The higher the consciousness is, the less dense the energy in it. The lower the consciousness, the denser or more physically solid the energy is.

This means that the things that you see around you — your perfume, that bottle of wine, your lamp, your computer, your lipstick, that airplane, etc. — all come from consciousness with lower rates of vibration.

On the other hand, a thought has less density that’s why you cannot hold it.

Degree of Self-Awareness

While all things have consciousness, not all are aware of their own consciousness. Example, a rock is less aware than a plant. A plant is less aware than a dog. A dog is less aware than a human being.

Higher rates of vibrations equate to higher levels of self-awareness, while lower rates of vibrations equate to lower levels of self-awareness.

The more unaware someone is, the less conscious they are, the more aware someone is, the more conscious they are.

Degree of Intelligence

Another thing that differentiates one consciousness from another is degree of intelligence. In this context, we define intelligence as the ability to pay attention to a specific subject.

The higher the degree of consciousness, the higher its degree of intelligence. The lower the degree of consciousness, the lower its degree of intelligence.

The greater the ability of a person to have focused attention (through mental concentration), the more intelligent they are and therefore also more conscious. The lesser the ability of a person to have focused attention, the less intelligent they are and therefore also less conscious.

Ability to Direct Itself

The most important quality that differentiates the levels of consciousness is the ability to use its will to direct itself. This is its capacity to use its willpower to direct its thoughts. Without the will, each action will be done unconsciously.

The more willpower a person has over their thoughts, the higher their level of consciousness. The less willpower a person has over their thoughts, the lower their level of consciousness.

How to Exert Power and Influence Over Other Creations

As consciousness, YOU can easily exert power and influence over other consciousness or creations by using the qualities mentioned above to your advantage.

When you can manage to climb up the Scale of Consciousness, you will have influence over everything around you. You can even influence events and arrange these events to your advantage.

I would like to make it clear that when I say exert power or influence, it doesn’t mean that you need to exert physical strength or use powerful words over those who have lower degrees of positivity, lower degrees of awareness, lower degrees of intelligence, and lower degrees of directive power over their thoughts. It simply means that your thoughts will prevail over those that belong to lower degrees.

To combine the highest qualities of consciousness means you need to vibrate positively by being more aware of your thoughts and using your will intelligently to direct change in your surroundings.

Activity for Day 7

Use this visualization if you want to receive a text message from your special person. Listen in the morning after you wake up or before you sleep. You may also listen to this at any time of the day. Make sure you are in a relaxed state when you visualize.

You may also use this visualization at any time, outside of Day 7. Remember to “act and feel as if” the scenarios are happening right now.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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