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Day 8

The Real Self and the Ego

I liken the Ego to the role that the Real Self plays in a movie. While the Real Self doesn’t change, the Ego changes depending on its opinion, biases, mood swings, likes and dislikes, and expectations.

In other words, the Real Self is the actual person, and the Ego is the character that the person plays. The Ego follows a script, acts according to the scenario, and is controlled by the director who calls the shots over what happens in the film.

Your Real Self is actually unaffected by the break-up, but your Ego is directed to be hurt and desperate about it.

So, although the Real Self is undisturbed by your temporary physical separation from your loved one, your Ego panics and feeds false inner narratives to your mind because it cannot get what it wants right away.

The Ego expects the moon and the stars and wants them RIGHT NOW, and when the Ego does not get what it wants, it starts to have a toddler’s temper tantrum.

The reason the Ego acts this way is the stored false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) in the Subconscious Mind.

In fact, these stored beliefs are the script that the Ego uses to play its role in the movie of life. If you have so many FLBs stored in your Subconscious Mind, the Ego will play them out one by one depending on the situation.

This only shows that the role (or Ego) and the script (or stored FLBs in the subconscious) are not part of your Real Self although you always identify these as parts of your Real Self, and navigate through life as if the Ego and the Real Self are one and the same.

The role and the script can change at the will of the Real Self through the Superconscious Mind so that when the role and the script change, the movie (Physical Reality) also changes.

In your physical separation from your loved one right now, your Ego plays out a role based on the following scripts (FLBs): fear of abandonment, fear of being left alone, fear that your loved one might find someone else, lack of self-love, and jealousy.

As a result, your Ego has the tendency to text your loved one, insist on them to give you answers to your neverending questions, ask them to see you, insist on getting back, ask your loved one if they are seeing someone else, check all their activities on social media, ask your loved one’s friends about them, etc.

Some people have extreme FLBs that they go to the extent of physically hurting their loved one just because their Ego is extremely hurt, offended, and trampled upon. This is how dangerous the Ego can get in the absence of the directive power of the Real Self.

The reason you easily identify your Ego as your Real Self is the Ego is what directly interacts with your Physical Reality. It is the Ego that reacts to what you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear. It is the Ego that turns these sensory data into perceptions and opinions of your Physical Reality.

When you believe that you are the Ego, it is as if you believe in the Fake Self. It also means that you believe in all the lies that the Ego feeds you.

How to Change Your Role

The good news is you can change your role if you want to, especially when you acknowledge the fact that your role (or Ego) is not really you (or Real Self), but just a mask that you wear to navigate through life the way you know how.

With this realization, you can go back to being the Observer of your role by looking at how you play it, by analyzing the script that you use, by examining how you deal with your co-stars, and by observing how the scenes affect your acting. In this way, you can change your role, your traits, your reactions, and your expectations based on the quality and attributes of your Real Self.

When you observe how the Ego plays your role in manifesting your loved one, you will easily spot what’s wrong with the acting, the script that you use, and even the dynamics between you and your co-actor (your loved one.) This way, you can easily make changes in the way you act, the way you react to your loved one’s acting, and the way you treat your loved one in general.

Of course, this won’t be possible without changing the scripts (FLBs) that are stored in your Subconscious Mind. After all, it is the script that dictates how you act the scenes out. You will learn more about this in the following lessons under Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind.

The Observer of the Role

The Observer of the role that the Ego plays is your Real Self. Most people are too focused on what happens to them or what others do to them. They also try so hard to long for love outside of them and to anchor their validation on their loved one.

They want their loved one to love them back so badly; when the truth is, what they are looking for cannot be found outside of themselves. What they’re looking for is actually their Real Self.

Your Real Self has a character that represents a strong will to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. You can use this character to influence your Ego. The character of the Real Self can be used to help the Ego respond to different situations intelligently and positively.

If you have the strength of your Real Self, you will also have a strong will and ability to influence other creations around you. Sometimes, even your mere presence can affect others around you without you trying to influence them.

This is the reason strong characters can walk into a room and get the attention of everyone without even saying a word. Some people call this charisma.

On the other hand, those who have strong Ego always have the need to get other people’s attention — they do everything in their power to get what they want right away. Unlike the mesmerizing quality of a strong character, a strong Ego doesn’t usually succeed in getting what it wants.

Your Body That Interacts With Your Loved One

Let’s talk about your body, which consists of Physical and Non-Physical parts.

The Physical part is what you and others are familiar with. It is what you see, hear, and touch on a daily basis, while the Non-Physical part is something you’re not really familiar with, and it consists mainly of thoughts and feelings.

We mainly identify with our Physical Body and believe that we are our Physical Body and nothing more. Our society focuses too much on our Physical Body that’s why we end up spending so much money to make it look good and physically appealing. It’s not surprising that the self-confidence and self-worth of many people primarily depend on their physical appearance.

You need to understand, however, that you are not just your Physical Body. Your body is a medium for you to express the “I” within or your Real Self. To acknowledge that you only have a Physical Body is like telling yourself that you do not have unlimited powers to change and influence your environment.

The more important part of your body is the Non-Physical body, which consists of energies, like thoughts and feelings. Without your Non-Physical Body, you will not have a Physical Body and therefore not have physical experiences.

So instead of anchoring your self worth on your Physical Body, give thanks to it for being the house of your Real Self and for giving you the opportunity to experience its physical manifestations.

Mind-Body Connection

Your Non-Physical Body is more important and more powerful than your Physical Body. Without your Non-Physical Body, you won’t be physically alive in this physical world.

To prove that your mind can change anything around you, notice how your body responds to your thoughts and mental suggestions. If you think it’s hard to lose weight, then you will find it hard to lose weight. If you focus on your toothache, the more unbearable it gets. If you focus on joint pains, the more they persist.

Your body changes based on the directions that it receives from your Subconscious Mind. The billions of cells that comprise your body can hear the words that you say and understand your thoughts.

The Placebo Effect is widely recognized as an example of mind-body connection. When you believe that a pill will cure your headache, even though it’s just a regular pill, you will feel so much better after you take it.

Relying On Your Physical Senses

Since your body does not only consist of your Physical Body, it is therefore unreasonable to mainly rely on your five senses to perceive your reality. After all, this is just one aspect of your whole body.

As you observe yourself reading this course while sitting on your chair, the truth is that you are also traveling anywhere — from one country to another if you want, and communicate with whomever you want to communicate in the world.

That means that the separation between you and your loved one is only a physical separation. If you really want to, you can be with your loved one right now. You can even sit beside them, sleep beside them, enjoy a cup of coffee with them, dine with them, etc. Your Non-Physical Body can easily communicate with their Non-Physical Body through the energies of your thoughts and feelings.

So, if you want to send your loved one a message, think about that message and imagine whispering that message to their ears. They will receive that message in the form of thoughts, feelings, synchronicities like words that they will randomly see while they are out and about.

Whenever you imagine yourself with your loved one, that scenario happens with both your non-physical bodies present in that specific scenario. These experiences are as real as your physical experiences. In fact, without these non-physical experiences, you will not have something to manifest in the physical world.

As you keep imagining positive scenarios with your loved one, you will eventually experience these scenarios in real life, through your Physical Body.

The Problem of Separation

You cannot solve a problem when you don’t know what it is. Even if you solved the problem already, you would still have it because you can’t recognize that it has already been solved.

Every one of you seems to have your own problems, but you don’t really recognize what the real problem is; so, a new problem arises every time, and before you know it, a barrage of difficulties confronts your life.

And because you don’t solve your problem at its very root, it persists, and you think that the world is unkind, that it has given you all sort of problems that require different answers; and no one seems able to solve everything because they appear to be in various forms and content — it’s almost an impossible situation. This sounds overwhelming, of course, and makes you feel inadequate to solve.

There is only one problem though, the problem of all problems, the one root for all the branches, and it is a pervading one: the problem of separation.

A problem becomes overwhelming when you see yourself apart from it, apart from the person, event, place, or object you have a “problem” with, apart from everything around you, apart from the Universal Mind, outside the concept of Divine Oneness, and separate from the Source, The ALL, The Supreme Creator, The Absolute, and whatever other names you call the Divine Creator or God.

Once you see yourself as separate from THE ALL, that’s when you become limited, inadequate, incapable, and unable to solve what you perceive as problems, especially when most of these problems are actually just meanings and stories that you add to your neutral experiences.

Not seeing yourself as past of the Universe makes you perceive life as filled with random things, random people, and random events that you have no control over. This is when you cease to have control of everything. This is when life becomes unfair.

You are the Center

You learned that you are a center of the Universal Mind and that there are in fact many centers with different degrees of consciousness, awareness, vibrations, and frequencies.

If you see the world as it is, as you being a part of it, you will actually “see” what I mean. When I go out and about, and around people, I recognize that they are all centers of the Universal Mind. Some of them are not aware of their consciousness, some are more aware, some have high degrees of positivity, and there are those who vibrate at the lower levels.

However, if they realized that, as individual centers of the Universal Mind, they are empowered with limitless potential to change reality, then they will know that all problems are part of them, just as all solutions are part of them also. You are part of the Universe, which means you HAVE CONTROL over what happens to you.

The only way to exercise this control and power over your reality is by becoming more aware of your consciousness. We learned early on that some people have more significant influence over others because of the higher degree of consciousness, and this is what you need to take control of your life.

Love is the Answer

To climb up the Scale of Consciousness, you have to love yourself, give love to others, and give love to those whom you think are difficult to love. You become your highest consciousness when you vibrate in love.

LOVE is the language of The Source. Love is the cause of every creation. You and I come from love. If we all come from love, love must be in all of us.

Your true, Divine nature is Love. That is a complete and accurate statement of who you are. This is why things move so fast when you give Unconditional Love because that’s when you become “one with everything.”

Your “problem” about your loved one stems from the lack of love for yourself, for your loved one, and for everyone else; and your perceived separation from the Infinite, the Limitless, and The ALL; when, in fact, you are infinite, limitless, and belong to The ALL.

The answer to all this is really only one: LOVE. Love resides IN YOU, not outside of you. Search for it from within the deepest parts of you if you haven’t recognized it in a long time.

Always return to love. When you return to love, you return to your true, Divine nature; your highest consciousness, your concept of the Supreme Creator that resides in you in its entirety.

Love is the only vibration you need to give substance to your mental image to translate it into your physical reality. I’m not referring to the “feeling” of love or romantic love but to pure, unconditional, all-accepting, and infinite love.

Today, take a moment to return to love and experience who you really are. You may find it necessary to remind yourself multiple times a day, especially when you have distracting thoughts and find yourself adding meaning to your experiences again.

You may find that the concept of love may not be sufficient to define you, that you’ll find it necessary to add other thoughts related to yourself; but in between your thoughtlessness and awareness, I hope that you will see the light and recognize yourself in love.

Always remind yourself of your true nature, and replace all that the Ego tells you about yourself. You are Love, you are infinite and limitless, the Universal Mind resides in you in its entirety, you are your Highest Consciousness, you are one with everything including your loved one.

Activity for Day 8

Visualization to Interact With Your Loved One

For Day 8, use this visualization to interact with your loved one. This will train you to use your Non-Physical Body to interact with your loved one. This guided visualization is available only in the premium course.

Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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