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Lesson 1: You Created Your Breakup
Lesson 2: What are False and Limiting Beliefs About Relationships
Lesson 3: How to Identify Your FLBs
Lesson 4: How to Clear Your FLBs
Lesson 5: Effortless Subconscious Programming
Lesson 6: Why You Need to Visualize Your Desire
Lesson 7: How to Visualize the Right Way
Lesson 8: You and Your Ex Are One
Lesson 9: Your Thoughts Have Vibrations
Lesson 10: How to Raise Your Vibrations
Lesson 11: The Frequency that Can Manifest Your Ex
Lesson 12: Forgive Your Ex Unconditionally
Lesson 13: Your Break-up is the Projection of Your Thoughts
Lesson 14: Love is the Same Nature as Hate
Lesson 15: Your Breakup is Not Permanent
Lesson 16: The Cause of Your Breakup
Lesson 17: The Divine Timing
Lesson 18: Apply What You Learned
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Lesson 5: Effortless Subconscious Programming

Welcome to Lesson 5 of MYEB free course!

Now that you’ve successfully cleared your FLBs about relationships, your relationship with your ex, and your ex per se, it’s time to replace these FLBs with positive and empowering beliefs.

There are different ways to do this, such as: visualizing your desire in a completed state, positive self-talk or affirmations, journaling or writing down your affirmations, self-hypnosis, listening to subliminals, cultivating self-love and love for others including your ex, etc.

My Two Favorite Subconscious Programming and Manifesting Tools

We will only focus on the TWO techniques that I think are the most effective in replacing your FLBs. I personally and actively use these techniques to replace my FLBs and I’ve had great results.

The primary subconscious reprogramming and manifestating tool that I use is visualization or visualizing your desire in its completed state. To me, this is the fastest in terms of manifesting your desire in its physical form that’s why I use it. We will discuss about this in detail in the next lesson.

In this lesson, I will discuss my second favorite subconscious reprogramming and manifesting tool: listening to subliminal audio programs. 

The reason I like this technique/tool is it is the MOST EFFORTLESS way to replace your FLBs. The other techniques require me to block or allocate a specific time to perform.


With self-hypnosis, it requires me to sit or lie down and pay attention to the hypnotic suggestions in the audio program. I get sleepy during the process because that is the best state to absorb the new suggestions from the audio program.

With positive self-talk or affirmations, I need to also allocate a specific time of my date to recite these affirmations out loud. It is the same with journaling and writing these affirmations down. It needs my focused attention and I can’t do other things while performing these techniques.

With cultivating self-love, I need to be consciously aware of my vibrations or feelings all the time. This means I need to pay attention to what I feel at any given moment.

Why Listening to Subliminals is the Easiest and the Most Effortless Subconscious Reprogramming Tool

With subliminals, I can listen to it at any time of the day and I can also multi-task while listening. I can play it while I work, clean the house, go for a walk, work in my garden, take a nap, sleep, go shopping, workout at the gym, or while reading a book.

I like listening to subliminals because it does not affect my busy schedule. I can combine it with other tasks. I can even listen to it while I drive or when I am on a plane. I don’t have to allocate a specific time to listen to it. Basically, I can reprogram my subconscious mind and replace my FLBs while on the go.

This is the reason I highly recommend this tool as a SUPPLEMENT to visualization. What I mean by supplement is you can listen to subliminals when you are not actively visualizing your desire in your mind’s eye.

So, if you visualize every morning and at night before you go to bed at night, you can listen to subliminals during the day when you are at work or when you commute to work. Listening to subliminals can speed up the process of manifesting your desires in your reality.

What are Subliminal Messages

So, what are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are hidden positive and empowering messages that your subconscious mind needs to absorb and store so that they will manifest as positive experiences in your life.

These messages are “subliminal” in nature because they are masked with sound therapy (brainwave entrainment) that can drown out the messages and make them inaduble to the human ear, which is connected to your conscious mind.

If the messages are inaudible, your conscious mind will not be able to analyze these messages and block or filter them.

If the conscious mind will not be able to block or filter these new messages, your subconscious mind will absorb them directly. That’s because your subconscious mind accepts EVERYTHING that’s introduced to it. It is also awake and active 24/7.

The Reasons Other Subconscious Programming Techniques are Slow to Work

The reason most subconscious programming techniques and tools are slow to work is the mental suggestions they send always pass through the conscious mind. The conscious mind then filters these suggestions and blocks some of them.

Example, when you say words of affirmations such as  “I am in a happy relationship with my loved one” and “My loved one wants me and only me”, your conscious mind can decipher these messages and will then analyze these statements and compare them with your current experience.

Because your conscious mind does not see the reality of these statements in your current situation, it will dismiss these statements as “NOT TRUE”.

Listening to subliminal audio programs will address this issue. Even if you will have doubts from time to time, if you continue to listen to a subliminal that addresses your FLBs, your doubt will eventually fade away.

Listening to subliminals has so many great effects in my life. I doubled my monthly income in three months, manifested my dream relationship, started multiple business, and took me to places that I only dreamed of.

It is for this reason that I started Must Spark Joy: to help other to clear their limiting beliefs using visualization and subliminal audio programs. From this passion, my team and I endeavored to formulate our own subliminal audio programs through a series of tests. We developed ReproSync Sound Technology.

ReproSync Sound Technology combines powerful elements in producing subliminal audio programs. These elements include brainwave entrainment (sound therapy), soothing or relaxing sounds, hidden positive affirmations/suggestions to replace limiting beliefs, binaural beats (to bring your mind into alpha or sleepy state) and Solfeggio frequencies to align your vibration with the vibration of your desire.

This powerful combination of tracks helps your subconscious mind become more open to reprogramming so that your beliefs will be in alignment with what it is that you want.

Elements of a Good Subliminal Audio

I am sure you will find subliminals on other websites; but let me tell you that I dedicated years to study the subconscious mind and the different ways to reprogram it. I tested so many techniques and picked the best-performing ones in terms of speed and ease of use. We also tested so many formula and found the best one. We use this formula in all our subliminals.

Aside from a tested and proven formula, the suggestions contained in a subliminal audio program must be written in their “fulfilled state” and must be written in a positive format.

Example, instead of: “It is not impossible to manifest my loved one,” it should be, “It is possible to manifest my loved one.”

It is also important that unconditional love affirmations are incorporated in the messages because that is the level of consciousness that you should operate in to manifest your desire.

The subliminal messages (affirmations or suggestions) should be recorded at a frequency that the human ear cannot hear, understand, or interpret. The reason for this is so that the conscious mind won’t be able to negate these suggestions and put them to waste.

A good subliminal audio CANNOT BE a silent audio contrary to what are sold on other websites. I’ve made thousands of subliminal audios and it’s not really possible to have a totally silent subliminal. You will at least hear incoherent whispers even though you record them at the lowest decibels.

The best subliminals are layered with nature sounds or sounds that are pleasant to your ears so that your mind can easily relax. When the mind is relaxed, it is more responsive to subliminal messages.

Sounds that are too loud and not pleasant to your ears have low vibrations that you don’t even want to listen to them.

You should be able to play your subliminal messages anytime you want, especially when you’re driving, commuting to and from work, or while working.

Subliminals to Get Your Ex Back

I produced subliminal audios to help you get your ex back. All these subliminals are included in the Manifest Your Ex Back Premium Course for FREE.

For this free course, you can purchase the subliminals individually. Here are the available subliminals that can help you manifest your ex. You can listen to multiple subliminals as long as you listen to ALL OF THEM everyday for AT LEAST 30 days.

Manifest Your Ex Back – 528 Hz   – This subliminal applies to all types of ex, whether they are your ex-gf, ex-lover, ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, etc.

Manifest Your Ex Boyfriend – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Girlfriend – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex Husband Back – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Wife Back – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Fiance Back – 528 Hz

Unconditional Love For Your Ex – 528 Hz – Listen to this subliminal if your want to cultivate unconditional love for your ex.

Chakra Healing and Balancing – 528 Hz – Listen to this subliminal if you feel negative due to your FLBs. This subliminal will help balance your chakras so that you can manifest your desire easily and effortlessly.

How to Use Your Subliminal Audio Programs

Here are the instructions to use MSJ subliminal audio programs:

Use headphones / earphones / earbuds when you listen to your subliminal, unless you are alone in the room.

Listen to this subliminal 2 to 3 times a day at any time. Make sure you do not listen to more than 8 hours a day as this may cause dizziness and headaches.

Listen for AT LEAST 30 days because it takes time to reprogram your subconscious mind.

For faster results, read the suggestions contained in this subliminal every day and visualize them as your truths. Imagine the suggestions as if you already achieved them.

Stay positive and happy whenever you listen to this subliminal. Do not listen when you feel down, depressed, or in a bad mood. Your negative feelings will negate the positive suggestions contained in this subliminal.

Don’t forget to hydrate or drink water everyday when you listen to this audio program.

DO NOT obsess about the results when you listen to this subliminal audio program. Treat it as an ordinary activity. DO NOT ask when these suggestions will manifest as doubt and the feeling of uncertainty negate the suggestions.

You can loop the subliminal audio through the night, while you sleep.

For faster results, use this tool alongside other tools that can effectively reprogram your subconscious such as hypnosis, guided visualization, and taking action.

Do not listen to your subliminal while driving, when at the gym, or when carrying heavy objects.

Don’t play this subliminal when there are other people around you. The suggestions in this subliminal will influence their subconscious.

Possible Side Effects of Subliminals

For first-time subliminal tuners, you may feel slight shivering, warmth, agony, freshness or wateriness (in the eyes) on the body parts the subliminal are intended for, or general tiredness.

You may also feel cerebral pains, discouragement or mental weakness, and nausea.

This is due to your negative programming being replaced by positive suggestions. This can also be due to not having the sufficient energy to listen to it or because you listen excessively with no break.

In the event that you encounter any of these, ensure you get a lot of rest, sleep, or take a 1-2 day break until the point that you can rest easy, and next time takes short breaks between sessions.

Although subliminal audio programs work very well and are highly effective to reprogram your subconscious mind, they should only serve as supplementary tools to help you manifest your desired reality.

If you are using subliminal audio programs as a form of therapy, please note that these audio programs are only meant to help improve the therapy and should not replace your therapy program altogether.