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Lesson 1: You Created Your Breakup
Lesson 2: What are False and Limiting Beliefs About Relationships
Lesson 3: How to Identify Your FLBs
Lesson 4: How to Clear Your FLBs
Lesson 5: Effortless Subconscious Programming
Lesson 6: Why You Need to Visualize Your Desire
Lesson 7: How to Visualize the Right Way
Lesson 8: You and Your Ex Are One
Lesson 9: Your Thoughts Have Vibrations
Lesson 10: How to Raise Your Vibrations
Lesson 11: The Frequency that Can Manifest Your Ex
Lesson 12: Forgive Your Ex Unconditionally
Lesson 13: Your Break-up is the Projection of Your Thoughts
Lesson 14: Love is the Same Nature as Hate
Lesson 15: Your Breakup is Not Permanent
Lesson 16: The Cause of Your Breakup
Lesson 17: The Divine Timing
Lesson 18: Apply What You Learned
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Lesson 12: Forgive Your Ex Unconditionally 

Welcome to Lesson 12 of MYEB free course. Today’s lesson is still under the Law of Vibration.

We will talk about one of the most important things that you can do love yourself and others: forgiveness.

If you have a hard time giving and vibrating unconditional love, that means there’s something in you that blocks it.

Your false and limiting beliefs (FLBs), being negative thoughts, have negative vibrations. These negative vibrations produce negative energy, and negative energy naturally blocks anything that’s positive, unless you consciously train your mind to focus on the positive.

Some of these stored negative emotions come from problems in your relationships. Perhaps there’s someone in your life that you need to forgive, such as your family member or a friend.

Perhaps you had a ex partner who hurt you so much that you’re still angry at them after so many years.

Perhaps you need to forgive your ex for the break-up. Remember, it’s not possible to love your ex unconditionally if you still keep feelings of resentment towards them.

Perhaps you also need to forgive yourself for not being good enough in your eyes.

Today, take some time to forgive yourself. Focus on what you don’t like, what upsets you, and what you blame yourself for. Then forgive yourself unconditionally.

You also need to forgive ALL THOSE who wronged you, hurt you, and upset you. You don’t need anger, hate, and blame in your heart — they just prevent you from receiving your manifestations.

Forgive your ex once and for all. If you still blame your ex for causing you unnecessary pain and hurt, forgive them unconditionally. Your inner narrative that says your ex caused you pain is not true. It’s your conscious mind that attaches labels to your ex.

Do you want a love that lasts? Forgiveness can provide that.

Do you want happiness, a sense of purpose, a quiet mind, and beauty that transcends the world?

Do you want quietness that cannot be disturbed?

Do you want not to be upset and hurt again?

Do you want a real brand-new relationship?

Unconditional forgiveness offers you all these and more.

Why would you seek answers from your ex and from other people, when all you need is one answer that answers all?

You need unconditional forgiveness so that love can flourish in your heart.

Forgive so others will forgive you.  You don’t even have to call or text that person to say sorry — just decide to forgive from the deepest part of your heart right now to clear whatever blockages and barriers you have left within you.

Imagine telling them to forgive you. Imagine them accepting your sorry. Imagine them asking you for forgiveness as well. Imagine accepting their sorry.

To practice giving unconditional love, you must learn to forgive unconditionally… every single time.

Make it a habit to forgive again and again, without conditions. Do not ask for other people to acknowledge their faults; do not wait for them to say sorry. Only your ego cares for them to say sorry.

I hope your heart will be filled with deep tranquility and truth at the end of the day. Sink into happiness whenever you forgive.

Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Love cannot come to you if you have built barriers against it. Forgiveness removes all those barriers from your heart so that love can dwell in it.

What to do today:

1. Forgive yourself, your ex, and those people who have wronged you in the past. Forgive them unconditionally and send them love.

2. Continue to focus on your desire in it’s completed state. Visualize it, feel it real, and give love and positive feelings to it. When not visualizing, listen to subliminals while doing other things.

3. When you are not doing any of the techniques mentioned in #2, make sure your are conscious and aware of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t complain and don’t be critical of yourself and others. Just be happy.

4. Continue to apply the lifestyle changes that I suggested to increase your vibrations.