Manifest Your Ex Back Free Course

Lesson 1: You Created Your Breakup
Lesson 2: What are False and Limiting Beliefs About Relationships
Lesson 3: How to Identify Your FLBs
Lesson 4: How to Clear Your FLBs
Lesson 5: Effortless Subconscious Programming
Lesson 6: Why You Need to Visualize Your Desire
Lesson 7: How to Visualize the Right Way
Lesson 8: You and Your Ex Are One
Lesson 9: Your Thoughts Have Vibrations
Lesson 10: How to Raise Your Vibrations
Lesson 11: The Frequency that Can Manifest Your Ex
Lesson 12: Forgive Your Ex Unconditionally
Lesson 13: Your Break-up is the Projection of Your Thoughts
Lesson 14: Love is the Same Nature as Hate
Lesson 15: Your Breakup is Not Permanent
Lesson 16: The Cause of Your Breakup
Lesson 17: The Divine Timing
Lesson 18: Apply What You Learned
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Lesson 3: How to Identify Your False and Limiting Beliefs

Welcome to Lesson 3 of Manifest Your Ex Back (MYEB) free course.

In the previous lesson, I mentioned the most common FLBs in relationships. These FLBs hinder you from getting into the best relationship with you ex. These FLBs also have negative energies that block your ex from coming back to you.

In this lesson, we will unearth more of your FLBs about relationships, especially about your relationship with your ex. You will need to think of these FLBs yourself through a very simple technique called FILL-IN THE BLANK METHOD.

To use this method to identify your FLBs, describe a situation that you struggle with and add the word “because” at the end of it. Then, finish the sentence out loud.

What you write after “because” is your FLB about relationships in general, about your relationship with your ex, and about your ex.

Example 1:

I don’t think I can manifest my loved one back because _______. (Finish the sentence out loud.)

(Because he is in a relationship with another girl.)

In this example, “because he is in a relationship with another girl” is your FLB about manifesting your loved one. You believe the reason you cannot be together is he is with someone else.

Although this sounds like a valid reason, you need to look at this statement on a deeper level. The more you believe this statement, the more you will create this in your reality.

Example 2: 

I don’t trust my partner because ___________.

(Because he is always busy and does not reply to my messages in a timely manner.)

In this example, your limiting belief is “he is always busy and does not reply to my messages in a timely manner” that’s why you cannot trust him.

It is possible that this FLB came from your experience of being cheated on by a previous partner or past lovers. The reason “being busy” and “not answering to messages on time” triggered this FLB is your previous partners used them as excuses only for you to find out that they were actually with someone else.

Example 3:

I think I don’t deserve my ex because _____________.

(Because he comes from a wealthy family and I am from a poor background.)

This FLB is pretty common in many parts of Asia. As an Asian myself, we’ve been conditioned by our parents to look for partners who come from the same background (OR BETTER), have the same educational attainment (OR BETTER), have the same profession or its equivalent (OR BETTER), etc.

Example: If you’re a doctor, your parents expect you to look for a partner who is also a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer or a businessman. You are not supposed to be with someone who works odd jobs.

This FLB usually comes from your parents and the influence of your culture in general. This FLB block your ex from coming back to you because even though you love them, your deep-seated FLB tells you that you are not a good match and your parents will not approve of them.

Now that I’ve given you three examples, it’s time for you write negative statements about your ex or your relationship with your ex. Then write the reason behind them.

Always record the first thing that comes to your mind after “because”. Don’t overthink and don’t judge yourself so you can easily uncover your subconscious beliefs. Write as many as you can.