Manifest Your Ex Back Free Course

Welcome to my FREE COURSE on manifesting your ex! This course is based on the principle of consciousness, the laws of the universe, and tthe power of your mind. You will learn how you can use these principles to reunite with your ex or loved one.

Unlike the other courses that focus too much on mind games, making the other person jealous, “no contact”, and other rules that give you the upper hand so you won’t look desperate, this course focuses on your REAL AND INHERENT POWERS AS A DIVINE BEING that can make manifesting your ex EFFORTLESS AND PERMANENT.

The lessons in this course, when followed religiously, will result in a REUNION WITH YOUR EX. Make sure you study and understand each lesson and PRACTICE the principles to get your desired results.

Lesson 1: You Created Your Breakup

Welcome to Lesson 1 of Manifest Your Ex Back (MYEB) free course!

I would like to start this course with the INTRODUCTION TO THE UNIVERSAL LAWS that govern the universe and our existence.

These universal laws are the truth; they exist since the beginning of time. The wise, successful, and powerful men and women knew about the existence of these laws and used them to their advantage. Only less than 1% of the world’s population knew about these laws.

The universal laws are 100% accurate, never failed, and work 24/7. These laws make the world exist in perfect harmony and they hold all the answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

As you study and apply these universal principles, you will have CLARITY about your own existence and the world around you. You will understand why you have highs and lows in your relationships with our ex, why you and your ex broke up, why you get into the same relationship patterns, and why you have a hard time manifesting your ex back.

This course contains principles that you can use in other aspects of your life. When you do, life will unfold the way you want it to unfold. Life will cease to just happen to you — you will make it happen to you.

You will also realize that “luck” and “coincidences” do not randomly happen to you — they are actually your own creations.

If you were not aware of these laws in the past, there’s no need to worry. Be grateful that you’ve come across this information right now.

There are 7 UNIVERSAL LAWS that hold the master key to unlock the secrets of life, and I will add one more universal law that can supplement your knowledge and understanding of the seven. These universal laws are either immutable or mutable.

Immutable laws are ABSOLUTE AND CAN NEVER BE CHANGED, whether you choose to believe in them or not.

They are always true from the beginning of time until eternity. They have always existed and will continue to exist — there’s really nothing that you can do to manipulate, change, or transcend them. They operate in full force all the time.

Mutable laws are TRANSITORY AND CAN BE CHANGED, MANIPULATED, AND TRANSCENDED. They will always hold true unless you rise above them and change them by using the faculties of your mind and raise your awareness.

Although you can transcend them, there’s no reason to ignore or defy these laws because they still govern your day-to-day existence. Without your WILLPOWER and CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, they will still operate in full force.

Your immediate goal right now is to master the 7 Universal Laws. In understanding these laws, you will be able to transcend the immutable laws and leverage their powers to reunite with your ex.

The Law of Mentalism

The first universal law that we will discuss is the Law of Mentalism, which states that “ALL IS MIND and the universe is mental.”

Your mind is the source of all intelligence and of all social, physical, mental, spiritual, scientific, artistic, and mechanical achievements and advancement.

This means that everything in this universe — tangible and intangible — comes from your mind, including yourself and your ex.

You create all your experiences through your mind. Whenever you think, whether consciously or unconsciously and no matter how fleeting the thoughts are, these thoughts will find their way to your Physical Reality.

Thoughts are not going anywhere else except your Physical Reality. If they are not manifesting now, they will manifest later.

All your desires and dreams come from your mind. Nothing gets created without your mind. All the developments in the world come from our minds. All dreams and goals are creations of the mind. Before you can have your dreams and goals, you have to think about them first.

One important thing that you need to understand about the Law of Mentalism is that whatever you think and believe LITERALLY translates into your Physical Reality.

So, whatever you desire, create the specifics of that desire in your mind first, because nothing gets created without the mind.

Reflect on the different aspects of your life: your physical condition, your career, your finances, your health, your relationships, etc. and ask yourself if you’ve been successful in that aspect of your life.

Do you have healthy and meaningful relationships?

Do you find it easy to make money?

Are you physically healthy?

Do you have a career that you love?

Try to identify patterns in any of these aspects of your life to discover your predominant thoughts on each aspect.

Do this for the rest of the day. Take inventory of your predominant thoughts and beliefs in each aspect. You may use a notebook or a journal to write down your thoughts and realizations.

Lesson 2: What are False and Limiting Beliefs and Why You Need to Clear Them

The reason many people manifest their exes (or a new relationship) for a temporary period only is they usually go back into their old habits of being insecure, jealous, fearful of being abandoned or cheated on, and feeling unworthy of love.

These negative thoughts and behavior patterns come from false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) stored in their subconscious mind.

These patterns are their natural defense mechanisms to deal with deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional trauma experienced in negative, dysfunctional, and destructive events, especially during their childhood.

These events may include being abandoned as a child, having an unhappy childhood, physical and psychological abuse, negative comments from parents and teachers, early relationship experiences, memories of being rejected and cheated on, and so many others.

These FLBs create emotional blockages that remain stuck for years. These “stuck emotions” manifest physically as inflammations, inability to trust their partners, and unpleasant relationship experiences.

So, even though you may find yourself in a brand new relationship with your ex (or with someone else), but if you still have the same FLBs, the same relationship issues with continue to resurface, which will again contribute to self-sabotage and other issues in your relationship.

For many people, these FLBs also tend to attract the same type of partners (example: abusive partners) and continue to expose them to the same type of dysfunctional relationships.

Some Common False and Limiting Beliefs in Relationships

Here are some FLBs in relationships that may have hindred you from being in a healthy relationship with your ex or partner:

1. Fear that your partner will eventually leave you

This FLB comes from fear of abandonment. This stems from being abandoned by one or both parents as a child, or not seeing either or both parents for long periods.

If you have this fear, you feel unsupported even thought your partner tries their best to support you. You also have thoughts that your partner will eventually leave you, just like what happened to you all your life.

When you have this FLB, you:

Consciously or unconscious start arguments to test your partners, although this usually backfires because your partner ends up leaving you.

Get involved with people who are not readily available, like these people live in other places, are committed to others, etc.

Tend to become clingy when in a relationship

Avoid relationships altogether so you won’t experience being abandoned

2. You don’t feel worthy or enough

You feel unworthy of love, a good partner, or of a good relationship. You think that if your partner really knew who you really are, what you’ve been through, and your real situation in life, they will reject you. Because of this fear, you usually invent a false version of yourself.

When you have this FLB, you:

Are critical of other people

Have a hard time accepting criticisms

End up demanding reassurance from your partner

Are drawn to people who are critical of you

Like to hide your authentic self

3. Fear of getting hurt

This false and limiting belief usually comes from an unsafe environment where the people close to you were physically, mentally, or emotionally abused or are abusive. Because of your experiences seeing these types of relationships around you, you subconscious think that it will eventually happen to you. This fear often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you have a fear of getting hurt, you tend to generalize that the people close to you will just take advantage of you if you don’t protect yourself. You also think they will abuse or hurt you.

When you have this FLB, you:

Look for signs of betrayal or abuse

Suspicious of your partner’s real motive whenever they extend a nice gesture

Think your partner will cheat or is cheating on you

Lash out at your partner to protect yourself from being abused

Avoid having close relationships with others

Avoid relationships altogether because you don’t think you can trust anyone

4. You think and feel that your partner will not be there for you when you need them

This happens when you lack emotional support, affection, understanding, and guidance growing up. This childhood experience makes you anticipate that you will be emotionally deprived in your adult life as well.

You have thoughts like you don’t get the kind of love that you need, you don’t have anyone in your life who cares about you, and you don’t feel emotionally connected to anyone.

When you have this FLB, you:

Become angry and demanding when your partner doesn’t give you what you need

Are drawn to people who are emotionally-detached as you can find yourself in them

Don’t open up to your partner because you think they will not be interested

Resent your partner when you don’t get the kind of love and understanding that you need

5. You think you are a failure

When you have this FLB, you always think that failure is inevitable. You are also insecure when around people because you are not as talented, successful, or smart as they are.

You think that your friends are more successful than you are, so you don’t feel like you measure up to them. You also think you don’t have any skills or talents. You also feel insecure when your partner is more successful and more accomplished than you are.

When you have this FLB, you:

Avoid situations where you think you will be compared to others

Allow others to look down on your accomplishments

Minimize your potentials

Hide your authentic self for fear of failure

Judge and criticize others

Take a look at these FLBs one more time. See if some of these FLBs apply to your situation. If yes, list them down.

You need to identify as many FLBs as you can so that it will be easier for you to identify the reasons why you cannot manifest your ex back. These FLBs are stored in your subconscious mind so you don’t really notice them. But know that your subconscious mind always executes these FLBs in your reality that’s why you say things and behave the way you do in relationships.

These FLBs also block your ex from coming back to you. That’s because, subconsciously, you think you don’t deserve a great relationship with the person you love. So, even though you try so hard to manifest your ex, you are not getting positive results.

Lesson 3: How to Identify Your False and Limiting Beliefs

In the previous lesson, I mentioned the most common FLBs in relationships. These FLBs hinder you from getting into the best relationship with you ex. These FLBs also have negative energies that block your ex from coming back to you.

In this lesson, we will unearth more of your FLBs about relationships, especially about your relationship with your ex. You will need to think of these FLBs yourself through a very simple technique called FILL-IN THE BLANK METHOD.

To use this method to identify your FLBs, describe a situation that you struggle with and add the word “because” at the end of it. Then, finish the sentence out loud.

What you write after “because” is your FLB about relationships in general, about your relationship with your ex, and about your ex.

Example 1:

I don’t think I can manifest my loved one back because _______. (Finish the sentence out loud.)

(Because he is in a relationship with another girl.)

In this example, “because he is in a relationship with another girl” is your FLB about manifesting your loved one. You believe the reason you cannot be together is he is with someone else.

Although this sounds like a valid reason, you need to look at this statement on a deeper level. The more you believe this statement, the more you will create this in your reality.

Example 2: 

I don’t trust my partner because ___________.

(Because he is always busy and does not reply to my messages in a timely manner.)

In this example, your limiting belief is “he is always busy and does not reply to my messages in a timely manner” that’s why you cannot trust him.

It is possible that this FLB came from your experience of being cheated on by a previous partner or past lovers. The reason “being busy” and “not answering to messages on time” triggered this FLB is your previous partners used them as excuses only for you to find out that they were actually with someone else.

Example 3:

I think I don’t deserve my ex because _____________.

(Because he comes from a wealthy family and I am from a poor background.)

This FLB is pretty common in many parts of Asia. As an Asian myself, we’ve been conditioned by our parents to look for partners who come from the same background (OR BETTER), have the same educational attainment (OR BETTER), have the same profession or its equivalent (OR BETTER), etc.

Example: If you’re a doctor, your parents expect you to look for a partner who is also a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer or a businessman. You are not supposed to be with someone who works odd jobs.

This FLB usually comes from your parents and the influence of your culture in general. This FLB block your ex from coming back to you because even though you love them, your deep-seated FLB tells you that you are not a good match and your parents will not approve of them.

Now that I’ve given you three examples, it’s time for you write negative statements about your ex or your relationship with your ex. Then write the reason behind them.

Always record the first thing that comes to your mind after “because”. Don’t overthink and don’t judge yourself so you can easily uncover your subconscious beliefs. Write as many as you can.

Lesson 4: How to Clear Your FLBs

Welcome to Lesson 4 of Manifest Your Ex Back (MYEB) free course!

In Lessons 2 and 3, you identified your FLBs about relationships, about your relationship with your ex, and about your ex.

In this lesson, you will learn to clear these FLBs so that your subconscious mind will no longer execute them in your reality and they will no longer result in negative thoughts and patterns in relationships

There are several ways to clear these FLBs. Some techniques include revisiting a specific memory from childhood that you think caused this FLB. You need to revise or replace that memory with a positive and happy version so that whenever you revisit that memory, what you will remember is the positive version of it.

Other techniques use guided meditations or guided visualizations where you crush these FLBS and dissolve the energy blocks from your body, your life, and your consciousness.

Yawning, sighing, getting the chills, feeling emotional, burping, or stomach gurgling are all good signs of clearing your subsconscious and your body of these FLBs.

For the purpose of this lesson, we will use just one clearing technique and this includes revisiting a past memory from childhood. I suggest you read everything first before you perform this technique.

Follow these steps to clear your FLBs:

First, you need to identify which FLB you want to clear. If it is your fear of being abandoned, think of a time where you FIRST felt being abandoned. W

Recall a specific memory at a specific age that you believe is the root cause of this fear / FLB. See this memory in your mind’s eye.

Notice whether you feel some pain in your body while revisiting this specific memory. Take note of that part of your body.

Forgive all the people involved in that memory, because they unconsciously imprinted this fear / FLB in your subconscious.

Extend them understanding and compassion. Make sure you forgive them without conditions.

Say this: “I release and let go all sadnesses, all fears, all emotional traumas, all anger, guilt, abandonment, betrayal, disgust, and helplessness associated with this memory. I release and let go everything.”

Once you released all these negative energy blocks, extend love to all the people involved, even though it may be difficult for you to do this at first.

Once you feel you have sent them unconditional love, replace that memory with a positive and empowering one. This positive memory could be the opposite of that memory.

Example, if you were abandoned as a child, revise it by imagining the person who abandoned you giving you the assurance that they will be there, and that they will always support, protect, and love you. Feel the love coming from them. See this positive, happy, and empowering memory in your mind’s eye.

You can also replace this negative memory by thinking of ANY happy memory from childhood

Then, let it go with love.

Do this with your other FLBs.

Lesson 5: Effortless Subconscious Programming

Now that you’ve successfully cleared your FLBs about relationships, your relationship with your ex, and your ex per se, it’s time to replace these FLBs with positive and empowering beliefs.

There are different ways to do this, such as: visualizing your desire in a completed state, positive self-talk or affirmations, journaling or writing down your affirmations, self-hypnosis, listening to subliminals, cultivating self-love and love for others including your ex, etc.

My Two Favorite Subconscious Programming and Manifesting Tools

We will only focus on the TWO techniques that I think are the most effective in replacing your FLBs. I personally and actively use these techniques to replace my FLBs and I’ve had great results.

The primary subconscious reprogramming and manifestating tool that I use is visualization or visualizing your desire in its completed state. To me, this is the fastest in terms of manifesting your desire in its physical form that’s why I use it. We will discuss about this in detail in the next lesson.

In this lesson, I will discuss my second favorite subconscious reprogramming and manifesting tool: listening to subliminal audio programs. 

The reason I like this technique/tool is it is the MOST EFFORTLESS way to replace your FLBs. The other techniques require me to block or allocate a specific time to perform.


With self-hypnosis, it requires me to sit or lie down and pay attention to the hypnotic suggestions in the audio program. I get sleepy during the process because that is the best state to absorb the new suggestions from the audio program.

With positive self-talk or affirmations, I need to also allocate a specific time of my date to recite these affirmations out loud. It is the same with journaling and writing these affirmations down. It needs my focused attention and I can’t do other things while performing these techniques.

With cultivating self-love, I need to be consciously aware of my vibrations or feelings all the time. This means I need to pay attention to what I feel at any given moment.

Why Listening to Subliminals is the Easiest and the Most Effortless Subconscious Reprogramming Tool

With subliminals, I can listen to it at any time of the day and I can also multi-task while listening. I can play it while I work, clean the house, go for a walk, work in my garden, take a nap, sleep, go shopping, workout at the gym, or while reading a book.

I like listening to subliminals because it does not affect my busy schedule. I can combine it with other tasks. I can even listen to it while I drive or when I am on a plane. I don’t have to allocate a specific time to listen to it. Basically, I can reprogram my subconscious mind and replace my FLBs while on the go.

This is the reason I highly recommend this tool as a SUPPLEMENT to visualization. What I mean by supplement is you can listen to subliminals when you are not actively visualizing your desire in your mind’s eye.

So, if you visualize every morning and at night before you go to bed at night, you can listen to subliminals during the day when you are at work or when you commute to work. Listening to subliminals can speed up the process of manifesting your desires in your reality.

What are Subliminal Messages

So, what are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are hidden positive and empowering messages that your subconscious mind needs to absorb and store so that they will manifest as positive experiences in your life.

These messages are “subliminal” in nature because they are masked with sound therapy (brainwave entrainment) that can drown out the messages and make them inaduble to the human ear, which is connected to your conscious mind.

If the messages are inaudible, your conscious mind will not be able to analyze these messages and block or filter them.

If the conscious mind will not be able to block or filter these new messages, your subconscious mind will absorb them directly. That’s because your subconscious mind accepts EVERYTHING that’s introduced to it. It is also awake and active 24/7.

The Reasons Other Subconscious Programming Techniques are Slow to Work

The reason most subconscious programming techniques and tools are slow to work is the mental suggestions they send always pass through the conscious mind. The conscious mind then filters these suggestions and blocks some of them.

Example, when you say words of affirmations such as  “I am in a happy relationship with my loved one” and “My loved one wants me and only me”, your conscious mind can decipher these messages and will then analyze these statements and compare them with your current experience.

Because your conscious mind does not see the reality of these statements in your current situation, it will dismiss these statements as “NOT TRUE”.

Listening to subliminal audio programs will address this issue. Even if you will have doubts from time to time, if you continue to listen to a subliminal that addresses your FLBs, your doubt will eventually fade away.

Listening to subliminals has so many great effects in my life. I doubled my monthly income in three months, manifested my dream relationship, started multiple business, and took me to places that I only dreamed of.

It is for this reason that I started Must Spark Joy: to help other to clear their limiting beliefs using visualization and subliminal audio programs. From this passion, my team and I endeavored to formulate our own subliminal audio programs through a series of tests. We developed ReproSync Sound Technology.

ReproSync Sound Technology combines powerful elements in producing subliminal audio programs. These elements include brainwave entrainment (sound therapy), soothing or relaxing sounds, hidden positive affirmations/suggestions to replace limiting beliefs, binaural beats (to bring your mind into alpha or sleepy state) and Solfeggio frequencies to align your vibration with the vibration of your desire.

This powerful combination of tracks helps your subconscious mind become more open to reprogramming so that your beliefs will be in alignment with what it is that you want.

Elements of a Good Subliminal Audio

I am sure you will find subliminals on other websites; but let me tell you that I dedicated years to study the subconscious mind and the different ways to reprogram it. I tested so many techniques and picked the best-performing ones in terms of speed and ease of use. We also tested so many formula and found the best one. We use this formula in all our subliminals.

Aside from a tested and proven formula, the suggestions contained in a subliminal audio program must be written in their “fulfilled state” and must be written in a positive format.

Example, instead of: “It is not impossible to manifest my loved one,” it should be, “It is possible to manifest my loved one.”

It is also important that unconditional love affirmations are incorporated in the messages because that is the level of consciousness that you should operate in to manifest your desire.

The subliminal messages (affirmations or suggestions) should be recorded at a frequencythat the human ear cannot hear, understand, or interpret. The reason for this is so that the conscious mind won’t be able to negate these suggestions and put them to waste.

A good subliminal audio CANNOT BE a silent audio contrary to what are sold on other websites. I’ve made thousands of subliminal audios and it’s not really possible to have a totally silent subliminal. You will at least hear incoherent whispers even though you record them at the lowest decibels.

The best subliminals are layered with nature sounds or sounds that are pleasant to your ears so that your mind can easily relax. When the mind is relaxed, it is more responsive to subliminal messages.

Sounds that are too loud and not pleasant to your ears have low vibrations that you don’t even want to listen to them.

You should be able to play your subliminal messages anytime you want, especially when you’re driving, commuting to and from work, or while working.

Subliminals to Get Your Ex Back

I produced subliminal audios to help you get your ex back. All these subliminals are included in the Manifest Your Ex Back Premium Course for FREE.

For this free course, you can purchase the subliminals individually. Here are the available subliminals that can help you manifest your ex. You can listen to multiple subliminals as long as you listen to ALL OF THEM everyday for AT LEAST 30 days.

Manifest Your Ex Back – 528 Hz   – This subliminal applies to all types of ex, whether they are your ex-gf, ex-lover, ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, etc.

Manifest Your Ex Boyfriend – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Girlfriend – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex Husband Back – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Wife Back – 528 Hz

Manifest Your Ex-Fiance Back – 528 Hz

Unconditional Love For Your Ex – 528 Hz – Listen to this subliminal if your want to cultivate unconditional love for your ex.

Chakra Healing and Balancing – 528 Hz – Listen to this subliminal if you feel negative due to your FLBs. This subliminal will help balance your chakras so that you can manifest your desire easily and effortlessly.

How to Use Your Subliminal Audio Programs

Here are the instructions to use MSJ subliminal audio programs:

Use headphones / earphones / earbuds when you listen to your subliminal, unless you are alone in the room.

Listen to this subliminal 2 to 3 times a day at any time. Make sure you do not listen to more than 8 hours a day as this may cause dizziness and headaches.

Listen for AT LEAST 30 days because it takes time to reprogram your subconscious mind.

For faster results, read the suggestions contained in this subliminal every day and visualize them as your truths. Imagine the suggestions as if you already achieved them.

Stay positive and happy whenever you listen to this subliminal. Do not listen when you feel down, depressed, or in a bad mood. Your negative feelings will negate the positive suggestions contained in this subliminal.

Don’t forget to hydrate or drink water everyday when you listen to this audio program.

DO NOT obsess about the results when you listen to this subliminal audio program. Treat it as an ordinary activity. DO NOT ask when these suggestions will manifest as doubt and the feeling of uncertainty negate the suggestions.

You can loop the subliminal audio through the night, while you sleep.

For faster results, use this tool alongside other tools that can effectively reprogram your subconscious such as hypnosis, guided visualization, and taking action.

Do not listen to your subliminal while driving, when at the gym, or when carrying heavy objects.

Don’t play this subliminal when there are other people around you. The suggestions in this subliminal will influence their subconscious.

Possible Side Effects of Subliminals

For first-time subliminal tuners, you may feel slight shivering, warmth, agony, freshness or wateriness (in the eyes) on the body parts the subliminal are intended for, or general tiredness.

You may also feel cerebral pains, discouragement or mental weakness, and nausea.

This is due to your negative programming being replaced by positive suggestions. This can also be due to not having the sufficient energy to listen to it or because you listen excessively with no break.

In the event that you encounter any of these, ensure you get a lot of rest, sleep, or take a 1-2 day break until the point that you can rest easy, and next time takes short breaks between sessions.

Although subliminal audio programs work very well and are highly effective to reprogram your subconscious mind, they should only serve as supplementary tools to help you manifest your desired reality.

If you are using subliminal audio programs as a form of therapy, please note that these audio programs are only meant to help improve the therapy and should not replace your therapy program altogether.

Lesson 6: Why You Need to Visualize Your Desire 

Welcome to Lesson 6 of MYEB free course! This lesson is still a subtopic of the Law of Mentalism as it deals with reality creation using the power of your mind.

As mentioned in the previous lesson, my favorite subconscious reprogramming technique is visualization or seeing your desire in your mind’s eye. This visualization must be done in a sleepy or relaxed state to be more effective.

I’ve used this technique so many times and it works every single time! Sometimes, visualization gives me INSTANT manifestations of my desires!

Based on the Law of Mentalism, since everything is created thought the mind, visualization is ACTIVELY creating your desire in your mind because you literally mold your desire through your mind’s eye using mental images and scenarios!

Everytime you focus on a mental picture in your mind and give this picture attention and awareness, it will eventually be translated in your physical reality.

The Feeling is the Secret

As I have said, whatever mental pictures you see in your mind gets created in your reality. If you only think of good things and imagine good scenarios your will naturally FEEL GOOD about these things, yourself, and your life. As a result, you will have these mental images translated into your reality as physical experiences or physical objects.

If you focus too much on negative things and negative mental pictures and scenarios, you will naturally FEEL BAD about yourself. As a result, you will also get their physical equivalent, which are the negative experiences in your life!

Your FEELINGS give power and substance to your thoughts and mental images. If you feel negative while visualizing your desire, you will get the negative version of this desire. If you feel good while visualizing your desire, you will get the positive version of your desire.

To make it simple for you to understand, check out these simple formula:

Mental image of your desire  + Negative feelings as you visualize = Negative version of your desire manifested in your reality

Mental image of your desire + Positive feelings as you visualize = Positive version of your desire manifested in your reality

As you can see, your feelings give your thoughts power and substance. Your feelings is the secret to manifesting your desire. The version of your desire that will manifest depends primarily on the type of feelings that you have during the process of manifesting.

When you visualize being with your loved one but you consistently vibrate at the frequency of fear that they might have already found someone else — and you consistently play images of them being with someone else in your mind — what happens is your fear becomes your dominant thought-feeling combination.

Fear is so far away from the vibrational frequency of your desire, which vibrates at love. With constant repetition, this thought-feeling combination gets stored in your subconscious and will manifest as the negative version of your desire, which is the absence of your ex.

If you visualize being with your ex and are happy and excited at the idea of being with them, these positive feelings become your dominant vibrations. Your desire will then manifest in its positive version, which is the reunion with your ex.

So, when you visualize a reunion with your ex, do it as if you have already reunited with your ex and celebrate your reunion with them. Write down different scenarios about being together, like living under the same roof, going places, traveling together, etc. Make sure you have positive vibrations when you visualize so that you will get the true desire of your heart.

Why You Need to Visualize in a Relaxed State

It is important to visualize in a sleepy or relaxed state. You need to make sure your body and mind are relaxed before you start with your visualization.

Remember that the reason most suggestions don’t go through the subconscious mind is the conscious mind keeps filtering or blocking these new suggestions.

When you are in a sleepy or relaxed state, your conscious mind is weak and no longer has the ability to filter or block the suggestions. The sleepy or relaxed state is the perfect state to let you imprint your new suggestions to your subconscious mind.

The more you visualize in a sleepy state, the faster your new suggestions/beliefs get accepted by the subconscious and the faster they will be executed in your reality.

Lesson 7: How to Visualize the Right Way

Welcome to Lesson 7 of MYEB free course! This lesson is still under the Law of Mentalism because it deals with creating your reality using the power of your mind.

You learned in the previous lesson that your mental images, when given substance by your feelings, manifest in your reality as physical experiences.

In this lesson, we will talk about the correct way to visualize. It is important that you know how to do this so you get the accurate and speedy results. The correct kind of visualization can also influence the thoughts and feelings of the person you want to manifest. It doesn’t matter if this person is near you or lives 8,000 miles away.

Remember that your mind doesn’t understand what’s real and what’s not real.  It doesn’t know whether you actually experience the mental images that you repeat in your head or not. It only takes into consideration what it “sees” in your “mind’s eye”.

This is why you MUST visualize as if you already have your desire in its completed statebecause when you visualize that you are YET to receive your desire, your subconscious mind will interpet it as you like to wait for your desire and therefore create a reality where you always wait for it to manifest.

You also have to visualize from the first person’s point of view so the data that will be recorded by your subconscious mind is is you being a participant in these imaginal acts and not only as a mere spectator or an onlooker.

So, if you visualize drinking tea with your ex, for example, don’t see the mental image of yourself and your ex drinking tea a few meters away from you. Think as if you’re actually in the scene as an active participant and sitting in front of your loved one, talking to them, holding hands, and drinking your tea together.

To give you an idea about first-person point of view, here are some photos that show how you should visualize:

You shouldn’t be able to see your face and your back — just your arms, legs, and your front body. This is the correct way to visualize.

Visualize Your Ultimate Goal

If you haven’t decided what your ultimate goal is, you need to think about it carefully. What is it that you want to achieve as far as manifesting your ex is concerned. If you eventually want to live together in one city, then visualize yourselves living in one house and exploring your city together.

Don’t spend all your time and energy visualizing a text or a Facebook message UNLESS these things are important to you. But I suggest that you should ALWAYS visualize your end goalbecause this will lead to social media and real-life interactions and eventually to your ultimated goal.

Neville Goddard said, “Live in the end”, therefore, you need to focus on that. When you focus on your end goal, your manifestation will come as a series of events, which involves being unblocked if you’ve been blocked on social media, receiving text messages and calls, being invited to go on dates, moving in together, etc.

The main benefit of focusing on your end goal and creating mental scenarios related to that goal is that through the principle of Divine Oneness (which states that we are all one and shares one Universal Mind) your ex will think of the same exact thing or mental image that you’re focusing on.

If you keep focusing on being married to them, they will also get mental suggestions and impressions of being married to you.

They will think that they created these mental images themselves when, in fact, your thoughts created these mental images for them! This is what you call mental influence, which you can learn more about on my other website, Mind Power Influence.

Going back to creating thought impressions in your ex’s mind, the more you visualize your end goal, the more they will think — and eventually realize — that you’re their future spouse because these mental images appear in their mind out of nowhere.

The Correct Feelings to Use When You Visualize

We talked about how feelings give substance to your mental images so they get translated into their physical manifestations. If you want to manifest your desire fast, you should always have positive feelings about your desire, especially when you imagine this desire in your mind.

What are these positive feelings? These are feelings of hope, love, joy, happiness, inspiration, trust, certainty, excitement, and everything in between.

I compiled a list of positive feelings that give positive manifestations. Here are some of them:

  • Joy – a sense of elation, happiness, and perhaps even exhilaration, often experienced as a sudden spike due to something good happening.
  • Gratitude – a feeling of thankfulness, for something specific or simply all-encompassing, often accompanied by humility and even reverence.
  • Serenity – a calm and peaceful feeling of acceptance of oneself.
  • Interest – a feeling of curiosity or fascination that demands and captures your attention.
  • Hope – a feeling of optimism and anticipation about a positive future.
  • Pride – a sense of approval of oneself and pleasure in an achievement, skill, or personal attribute.
  • Amusement – a feeling of lighthearted pleasure and enjoyment, often accompanied by smiles and easy laughter.
  • Inspiration – feeling engaged, uplifted, and motivated by something you witnessed.
  • Awe – an emotion that is evoked when you witness something grand, spectacular, or breathtaking, sparking a sense of overwhelming appreciation.
  • Elevation – the feeling you get when you see someone engaging in an act of kindness, generosity, or inner goodness, spurring you to aspire to similar action.
  • Altruism – usually referred to as an act of selflessness and generosity towards others, but can also describe the feeling you get from helping others.
  • Satisfaction – a sense of pleasure and contentment you get from accomplishing something or fulfilling a need.
  • Relief – the feeling of happiness you experience when an uncertain situation turns out for the best, or a negative outcome is avoided.
  • Affection – an emotional attachment to someone or something, accompanied by a liking for them and a sense of pleasure in their company.
  • Cheerfulness – a feeling of brightness, being upbeat and noticeably happy or chipper; feeling like everything is going your way.
  • Surprise (the good kind!) – a sense of delight when someone brings you unexpected happiness or a situation goes even better than you had hoped.
  • Confidence – emotion involving a strong sense of self-esteem and belief in yourself; can be specific to a situation or activity, or more universal.
  • Admiration – a feeling of warm approval, respect, and appreciation for someone or something.
  • Enthusiasm – a sense of excitement, accompanied by motivation and engagement.
  • Eagerness – like a less intense form of enthusiasm; a feeling of readiness and excitement for something.
  • Euphoria – intense and the all-encompassing sense of joy or happiness, often experienced when something extremely positive and exciting happens.
  • Contentment – peaceful, comforting, and low-key sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Enjoyment – a feeling of taking pleasure in what is going on around you, especially in situations like a leisure activity or social gathering.
  • Optimism – positive and hopeful emotion that encourages you to look forward to a bright future, one in which you believe that things will mostly work out.
  • Happiness – a feeling of pleasure and contentment in the way things are going; a general sense of enjoyment of and enthusiasm for life.
  • Love – perhaps the strongest of all positive emotions, love is a feeling of deep and enduring affection for someone, along with a willingness to put their needs ahead of your own; it can be directed towards an individual, a group of people, or even all humanity.

Of course, the highest and the most profound of all these emotions is LOVE. This refers to unconditional love and not romantic love. The premium version of this course discusses the Scale of Consciousness and the vibrational frequency of each emotion and what emotions can speed up your manifestations.

Speaking of unconditional love, you need to embody his emotion. It is not enough that you just send unconditional love to your ex during your visualization session but remain unhappy about any parts of your body or about the other aspects of your life.

You also cannot continue to be mad at a colleague, a relative, or a friend who offended or wronged you in the past. You should not be selective when it comes to giving unconditional love, otherwise, this love ceases to be unconditional.

What if You Cannot Visualize Clearly

I know not all people can visualize clearly. I was like this when I just started out: it took me months to of trying to control my “monkey mind” and trying my very best to visualize very clearly. I couldn’t sit still and my mind couldn’t help but wander.

I also discovered that the best way to visualize is through a guided visualization/meditation/telepathy while I’m sitting or lying down comfortably, feeling relaxed, and just focusing on the voice that guides me what to visualize. If you can’t visualize clearly or don’t know what scenes to visualize, I suggest you listen to guided visualizations/meditations/telepathy.

As I mentioned in the past lesson, it is important that you visualize your desire every day, preferrably in the morning when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Daily practice will not only create and give substance to your desire — it will also help you hone your ability to visualize clearly and vividly.

The premium version of this course has ALL the guided visualizations/meditations about manifesting your ex or special person. But you can also get access to these guided visualizations/meditatons individually. These visualizations were written and produced by us specifically for manifesting an ex or a specific person. You can use any of these visualizations everyday to help you visualize better.

Here are the available topics:

Visualization to Whisper Your Love and Affection to Your Loved One

Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One

Visualization to Revise Your Past with Your Loved One

Visualization to Create Love With Your Loved One

Visualization to Radiate Love to Your Loved One

Guided Visualization to Manifest Your Ex Back

Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One

Visualize a Romantic Stroll With Your Loved One

Lesson 8: You and Your Ex Are One 

Welcome to Lesson 8 of MYEB Free Course! This lessons is still under the Law of Mentalism as this talks about your mid and its connection to the Unieversal Mind or the mind of the universe (or God).

The Principle of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected to everything else in the world. Our individual minds are individual centers of the greater consciousness called the Universal Mind.

You can always see the principle of Divine Oneness in action in your daily life. Example, have you ever thought of a friend and that person suddenly sent you a text or even called you? Well, that’s because you and your friend share ONE MIND (Universal Mind)!

This means that whatever you think in relation to your friend, they also think of the same thing… and at the same exact time!

I apply this principle to my life all the time, especially when I want someone to contact me. I would think or imagine them contacting me, and after a few hours or minutes, I will receive an SMS or a call and it would be the person in my mind!

I also apply this in business. If I want the client to pay the invoice, I just imagine them paying the invoice, and I am always amazed at the speed of their response!

The Principle of Divine Oneness is the same principle behind visualization. We create everything through our minds which is connected to the Universal Mind, which has infinite power and potentials.

The Principle of Divine Oneness reminds all of us that we are all connected to one another and we are connected to all things around us. No exceptions.

You and I are connected. It’s not a coincidence that you found my website! Your thoughts and your search for answers to your questions led you to my website!

You are connected to the most powerful people in the world as well as to the millions who struggle to make ends meet.

You are connected to your loved ones, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, acquaintances, and even strangers.

You are connected to your pets, that’s why when you think and feel love for your pets, they also respond with the same degree of love for you.

You are one with the plants, that’s why when you take care and talk to your plants, they bloom and give you beautiful flowers. This is their way of responding to your love.

You Are One With Your Ex

Because we are all connected to one another through the Universal Mind, you should have ZERO DOUBT about your connection with your ex.

This means that you belong to each other and will never be mentally and emotionally separated. That’s because you are always connected through your minds.

It is important to understand this so that you know that you always have access to your ex. You should not feel hopeless about not being able to talk to them and tell them what you feel. You can always send them a message through your mind at any given time!

This is the sample principle behind telepathy. You can send your ex a message using visualization, and they will instantly receive your mental messages in the form of mental pictures and feelings associated with these mental pictures.

The Principle of Divine Oneness suggests that when you think about your ex, they also think about you at that precise moment.

So, if you want them to reach out to you, you can visualize them reaching out to you. They will receive thought impressions in real time that make them think about calling you. They will suddenly miss you or feel a sense of urgency to call you.

When you feel love for them right now, they will also feel that same love that you feel. If you are angry at them, they will also feel your anger. When you decide to forgive them, they will just feel and know that you have forgiven them.

If you recall and re-live the happy moments with them in your mind, they will also think of the same exact moments that you imagined.

If you visualize touching them now, they will feel the tingling sensation of your touch.

If you visualize receiving an email from them right now, they will also think about sending you an email.

If you focus on the negative parts of your relationship, they will also think of those negative moments in your relationship.

If you want your ex to continue loving you, love them unconditionally in your heart and mind.

Since both of you are connected all the time and you althoughBut how will you know who influenced whom.

So stop feeling sad and helpless about your situation. You can impress upon their subconscious mind what you want them to know through focused thinking. If you want them back, imagine them thinking about it and imagine them begging you and asking you for another chance.

Your mind creates ALL THE TIME. You influence others ALL THE TIME. You can influence your ex ALL THE TIME. And you have this power within you to control the situation ALL THE TIME.

Lesson 9: Your Thoughts Have Vibrations 

Welcome to Lesson 9 of MYEB free course! Today, the lesson is about The Law of Vibration and how you can use this law to manifest your ex!

As we discussed in the previous lessons, everything comes from your thoughts. Thoughts have energy and energy vibrates at certain frequencies.

If you have negative thoughts, these thoughts have negative energy and negative vibrational frequency. These thoughts manifest into your life as negative experiences.

If you have positive thoughts, these thoughts have positive energy and vibrational frequencies. These thoughts manifest in your life as positive experiences.

You vibrate at the frequency of love when you give unconditional love to yourself, your ex, and everything around you.  You will also attract things and experiences that vibrate love in your life, like you will have amazing opportunities to pursue your passions, achieve your greatest desires, manifest more money in your life, be gifted with good health, have great relationships, and with regard to manifesting your ex, if you use love to give substance to your mental images, you will get your desire in its highest state.

You vibrate at the frequency of fear if you are afraid that your ex has already moved on. So even though you visualize your desire of getting back with your ex, but you are still fearful that you’ll lose your ex, what you will manifest is the negative version of your desire or the absense of your ex in your life.

You vibrate at a neutral frequency if what you feel is neither positive or negative. This feeling of neutrality is so much better than any other negative feelings that you can use to give substance to your mental images. If it’s hard for you to feel positive about your desire, you can focus on feeling neutral.

The Frequency of Your Mental Images is What Manifests in Your Reality

Your subconscious mind always takes note of the vibrational frequency or your mental images or imagination. Your vibration (feelings) must always be IN ALIGNMENT with the frequency of your desire (which is the frequency of love) for your desired outcome to manifest.

But because of false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) that you have stored in your subconscious mind, no matter what you do to stay positive, your vibrational frequency will always go back to its default frequency, that is, the negative frequency of your beliefs.

To illustrate, let’s say you want your ex back. You try to visualize the two of you together and keep your vibe up for a few days; but because on a subconscious level you don’t feel worthy of a lasting relationship and you don’t really believe that you can reunite with your ex, your vibration will eventually match these false and limiting beliefs.

This is why you need to reprogram your subconscious mind and replace these FLBs with positive beliefs so that you don’t have to exert so much effort and focus to maintain your positive feelings about your ex. If you haven’t started reprogramming your subconscious mind, I recommend that you start right away. If you are busy, you can start with listening to subliminals; but if you want to get fast results, I recommend that you visualize on a daily basis.

Lesson 10: How to Raise Your Vibrations 

Welcome to Lesson 10 of MYEB free course! Today’s lesson is still under the Law of Vibration. We will talk about the different ways to raise your vibrations or create positive feelings within yourself.

It is important to preserve positive energy in your body. The more you store positive energy, the easier for you to vibrate at high frequencies. “Feeling good” will become easy and effortless.

As you become more and more positive, more and more good things will happen to you. You will finally be healed from your breakup and you will now be able to focus on manifesting what it is that you truly want to happen with you and your ex.

Not only that, you will also see a significant improvement in the way you look at things. Your positive outlook on life and your positive mindset will result in positive changes in different aspects of your life!

Preserving your life force energy is also a form of self-love.

Here are some of the things that you can do to preserve your energy and vibrate at high frequencies in addition to reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Avoid low-vibrating people

This applies both to your circle of friends and your friends on social media. Low-vibrating people can be energy vampires who can drain your own energy simply by just talking to them. These people always whine, complain, and focus on the negative. They are always citical of the people and things around them. Although they may not be talking to you directly, just their negative energy can actually drain you.

If people are not feeling responsible for the energy that they bring into your space, it’s time to limit the amount of time you spend with them.

You can also unfollow them on social media or hide their posts from showing on your timeline. This doesn’t mean you do not have to be friends with them anymore — you just need to protect your own energy, especially when you want feel good and happy in general.

Avoid coffee

This may be impossible to do for many people, but coffee only stimulates you and doesn’t give you energy. According to the measuring process outlined in David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, It vibrates at 223 out of 1,000.

Now, that’s not the worst frequency, but it’s also no the best. If our goal is 1,000, we should really avoid these lower frequency crutches.

If you just like the taste of coffee, you can have a decaf. Caffeine is good for a short time, but in the long run, it depletes your energy.

Stop noise pollution

Anything that assaults your senses will lower your vibration. Whenever I travel to different countries, I always notice the difference in the level of noise among the cities that I visit.

I notice that the level of noise in the United States and other first-world countries is significantly lower than the level of noise in 3rd-world countries.

In many parts of Southeast Asia, for example, you can hear loud music, loud neighbors, loud people, loud machines, loud radio, loud TV, loud cars, loud everything! It usually takes me one whole week to adjust to the noise level whenever I am back to the Philippines.

It is not a coincidence that countries with lower noise pollution are significantly more developed than countries with higher noise pollution. That’s because noise and the lower consciousness and vibration of people living in the 3rd-world manifest in their reality in the form of chaos, disorganized government, and high rate of poverty.

Practice celibacy / avoid orgasm

This one is very important, and a lot of people swear by it. You can actually find more information about this in the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.

But most people do not know how to use sexual energy to their advantage — they waste it by engaging in sexual contact or masturbation because they only know how to express their sexual energy in these ways.

Releasing your sex desire, especially through masturbation can be the most draining — both mentally and physically — and can result in lack of concentration and poor memory.

When you have sex with someone you don’t love, you also don’t leverage sex energy fully.

You can only leverage it fully in two ways: make love with someone you really love, so that sex energy will be combined with the energy of love, and this is a powerful combination of energies that can fuel your desire. This energy combination will also inspire you to do great things, especially if you want to be great and successful.

Another way to use sexual energy is to redirect it to your creative pursuits, like your work, a project, a hobby, or starting a business. When you do this, this force will maintain all of its attributes of keenness of imagination and courage, which can catapult you to the level of genius.

The greatest people in history practiced celibacy for longer periods. Olympians, top athletes, authors and musicians, and CEOs practice preserving their sexual energies as well. Priests, spiritual teachers, monks also practice celibacy and see sex as a serious spiritual transgression.

If you want to preserve your sexual energy, which can be the most powerful energy that you can use to manifest your desires, practice celibacy for longer periods, like at least 30 days and see the difference in your energy level. You will feel

Do not get involved or expose yourself to arguing, fighting, and negative speech

Whenever you argue and fight with someone, you do not only affect yourself in a negative way — you also affect other people.

If you are not directly involved but you watch people fight and argue, you can still be affected by their negative energies and this will definitely lower your vibe. Don’t put yourself in these situations as much as possible.

Let go of grudges and unforgiveness

If you have a grudge against someone, you send negative thoughts to that person, which can cause unnecessary tension between the two of you. You will  also affect yourself in a negative way. Grudges and unforgiveness not only affect your ability to manifest good things fast — they also affect your heart, lungs, and circulatory system and can lead to illnesses.

Stop drinking too much alcohol

Red wine and some types of beer are good for you as they have high vibrations. But too much of red wine and beer can make you sick and suck out your energy. So, you can still drink, but in moderation only.

Love and forgive every day

Give and receive love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness every single day. Love and forgive yourself for all your shortcomings, failures, and for being “not good enough”. Forgive and send love to others as well as to your ex. Practice this daily. Just by sending people love can raise your vibrations up to 500.

Eat a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet

Foods that are “alive”, such as raw foods, have the highest vibrational frequencies. These are mostly fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy grains, and vegan proteins. They can only cause you low vibe if you are allergic to them as they will call inflammation, so avoid food that you are allergic to

I personally go on a juice diet every month. I always notice a significant difference in my level of energy and vibrations: I become more positive without trying to feel positive.  I also become more alert and I also feel lighter!

Avoid processed food. Processed food had the life and energy taken out of them. They vibrate at 180 our of 1,000, which is super low vibe.

Highly-processed foods, fast foods, deep fried foods, hydrogenated fats, foods containing processed white sugars (cookies, candy, ice cream, cakes, etc) as low-vibe foods.

GMOs, eating gluten when you are gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease, soy that is GMO and has not been fermented, foods that contain chemicals and preservatives like MSG and others, are also low-vibe foods.

Practice meditation daily

Meditation or quieting my mind helps me manifest my desires very fast.

I started to practice meditation five years ago to manage my stress. The benefits that it brought into my life are amazing: I always receive the answers to my questions, I feel more relaxed and calm, and I don’t worry too much about the future.

If you want to be good at visualization, I suggest you meditate.  I attribute the success of my visualizations to my meditation practice.

Mediation helps me get into the “sleepy state” (Alpha brainwave state) almost right away. I don’t even have to perform the relaxation exercise to achieve this state. The alpha or sleepy/relaxed state is the best state to be in when visualizing your desire. In this state, you can access and communicate with your subconscious mind directly.

It’s also easier for me to visualize because I am used to focusing my attention and directing my mind. This makes my manifestations faster and more accurate.

Do some yoga, Qi-gong or tai chi

I am a huge fan of “slow-moving” exercises because they help me become more mindful and more conscious of the energy around me.

Yoga can open your blocked chakras or your individual energy fields. We use our chakras to communicate with the “Unified Energy Field”, another name for Universal Mind.

When your chakras are unblocked, it will be easier for you to manifest what you what.

When doing tai chi or Qi-gong, you will be able to easily feel the Unified Energy Field around you, and it’s amazing to think that you are one with this energy field. You can influence it by raising your vibrational frequency or by feeling happy and positive.

If there are yoga, tai-chi or Qi-gong classes near you, you may want to check them out. You can also do these exercises from home using videos from YouTube.

Spirituality and prayer

Prayer will always raise your vibration. If you’ve been praying and not getting what you prayed for, you’re probably doing it the wrong way.

When you pray, always pray as if you already have what it is that you are praying for — do not pray as if you’re waiting it to happen. Visualize and feel it as if it’s already yours. Then, give thanks.


Although I am a big fan of slow-moving exercise, I also encourage you to do whatever types of exercises that you like, as long as you don’t “over exercise”.

When you over exercise, you’ll deplete your energy and you may also injure yourself, and that defeats the whole idea of raising your vibes.

Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night

This is your battery recharger. When you are unable to sleep, consider listening to guided meditations, binaural beats, recorded hypnosis, or subliminals. These can help you fall asleep faster and better at night. Remember that lack of sleep equals lack of energy.

Avoid watching the news

Most news are negative and vibrates at 220 out of 1,000. They keep people in low vibrations of fear and worry.

I personally do not watch the news anymore, and if I really want to be updated on some issues, I just check if there are clips available on YouTube. This way, I can choose when and for how long I should watch it.

If you stumble upon TV shows that affect you in a negative way, change the channel or turn off your TV.

This also applies to online news. If you are following news accounts on Twitter and Facebook, it’s time to unfollow them. Most of them feature negativity and can cause unnecessary fear, worry, and anxiety.

Watch comedy, uplifting or educational TV shows, videos and movies

You don’t have to watch movies or shows that feature violence to be entertained. You can watch interviews of inspiring people, documentaries about light subjects, or watch funny videos. The more you are intentional with your choices, the more you become conscious of the kind of movies or TV shows that you watch.

Watch standup comedies live or on TV to raise your vibes, especially when you are with friends. When you laugh, you vibrate positivity that can also affect the people and things around you. When you laugh often, you will also meet people who are happy and love to laugh.

Don’t watch shows that have violence of any kind. Example are boxing, MMA, crime shows, horror movies, or war-related movies. You may love these shows but every time you watch, you unconsciously lower your vibration.

Avoid watching heavy drama.

Heavy drama can make you cry and can cause low vibes.

For some people, it can take days to get over from the “heaviness” of drama movies. The movie, The Bridges of Madison County has this effect on me.

If you want to save your energy and avoid lowering your vibrations, avoid these types of shows and movies.

Only hang out with positive, uplifting, supportive, and loving people

The more you are conscious of your own vibrations, the more you will be conscious of the energy that surrounds you.

Once you have worked on being more positive, you will naturally repel negative people and attract positive and uplifting people. If you have friends you really like but are negative, wish for them to be more positive. It works!

Practice earthing

Earthing is when you walk outside and stand or walk with your bare feet on the grass or sand or put your back up against a tree. You can also walk barefoot on the beach. This makes you become more “in tune” with nature. Nature itself has naturally high vibrations and can heal your body and emotions. Being ONE with nature raises your vibes.

Spend time in nature

Go hiking, camping, sailing, biking, or walking around the forest. In Japan, they practice “forest bathing” where you walk through the forest and take in all the smells, sights, and sounds.

Spend time around your pets or animals

Animals are amazing creatures because they always vibrate unconditional love. When you are kind and loving to your pet, they will return your love 100%.

Help others

Every time you help someone or serve the greater good, you are raising not just your own vibrations but their vibrations as well.

Clean your space

Organize your home, especially the rooms that you spend the most time in.

In one meditation retreats that I attended, a Thai monk shared with us that we need to pay attention to the spaces we use the most in our homes.

These spaces are the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, and office. These areas need to be impeccably clean all the time because we spend most of our time there.

Remember that areas affect the way we heal, function, and live. They also affect our vibe. The more organized you are, the better your vibe will be.

If your ex doesn’t want to see you right now, you need to check your beliefs about getting back with them and you also need to check your vibrations. Do you vibrate love and joy, or do you vibrate fear and anxiety?

Once you become used to changing your vibrational frequencies, you can intentionally shift your vibrations just by directing your thoughts. It’s all about having control of your thoughts. Once you have control of your thoughts, your emotions will follow.

Remember that emotions follow thoughts, so you can’t have negative feelings if your thoughts are positive. Always rise above your thoughts and emotions, and not the other way around.

If you want to experience a new relationship with your ex, you can now confidently create that reality using the principles that you learned in the few lessons. You don’t have to wait for all the lessons to be over before you can apply the principles. You can already practice every day!

One of the main reasons many people are not seeing results is their “unknowingness” of their true nature as a creative being. Or, they know who they really are and what they can do, but don’t do anything about it.

Daily exercise:

Continue to focus on your desire in it’s completed state. Visualize it, feel it real, and give love and positive feelings to it. When not visualizing, listen to subliminals.

When you are not doing any of these manifesting techniques, try to look at things in a positive way so that your positive feelings will follow. You may also want to apply my suggestions above to increase your vibrations.

Lesson 11: The Frequency that Can Manifest Your Ex

Welcome to Lesson 11 of MYEB free course! This lesson is still under the Law of Vibration.

Today, we will talk about the most powerful frequency in the universe and the cause of all ideas to manifest physically: LOVE.
I’ve manifested so many things that I desired through the years but didn’t exactly know HOW I manifested them.

I wanted to know how manifestation works, how our desires happen, and whether there is a secret ingredient to make it happen fast.

I did a ton of research, read close to 100 books, applied so many principles from these books, picked what worked, and discarded what didn’t.

One day, I found the answer — the one missing KEY ingredient to manifestation. The answer is unexpectedly simple, yet makes so much sense: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Unconditional love is the strongest, highest, and the most powerful vibration and energy in the universe. Without the power of unconditional love, you and I wouldn’t even be here. Without unconditional love, the universe will cease to be in harmony.

Unconditional love is not the same as sentimental or romantic love, the attraction between two people, sexual desire, or love for friends and family. It should not be mistaken for the “I love you” that you say to your best friend, your boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that you need to possess and send to ALL so you can fully manifest the best version of your desire. This love comes from the highest, purest, most perfect, most powerful, and most divine source.

This kind of love can sustain all creations in the universe. Without it, there is nothing.

To be in complete harmony with the universe and reach your highest level of consciousness, you need be ONE with unconditional love. This way, your entire being can resonate with your Divine Nature.

Unconditional love is not something that you do or practice when you are not busy. It is not an item in your to-do list that you need to tick off at the end of the day. It is not something that you say you do but actually don’t do.

Unconditional love is a state of being: instead of doing unconditional love, you have to BE unconditional love by loving yourself and everyone around you without any conditions, limitations, and expectations.

When someone says, “I love him so much” but insists on getting back together, that person doesn’t give unconditional love.

Some think giving gifts, flowers, and affection equates to love, but unconditional love is beyond giving affection or feeling good about yourself and others. It is beyond romantic love because romantic love stops as soon as you break up.

Unconditional love is also beyond the sweet words that you say to your loved one. Unconditional love is an ongoing vibrational frequency rather than a temporary display of emotion or affection.

Those who wish to become a magnificent creator (and I really mean MAGNIFICENT) should spend time understanding the definition of unconditional love.

In every possible sense, it really is “unconditional”, which means it doesn’t come with any expectations or conditions.

So, whenever you put conditions to what you give, you are not giving unconditional love.

You cannot achieve unconditional love overnight. You need to practice being and giving love with genuine dedication. When you do this, it will become your state of being.

To practice unconditional love is to see and love the Divine essence of everyone and everything without exceptions. You cannot choose to send unconditional love to your ex only and be unkind to your parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or boss.

You cannot be selective about unconditional love because when you are, you will only radiate it temporarily. You must radiate at your highest vibrational frequency all the time, and the only way to do it is to NOT to be selective of what or when to radiate and give it.

Start to practice unconditional love by giving it to everything and everyone without any conditions. Give it with all your heart.

When you do this, you will feel that you are one with all creations.

Soon, the people will begin to improve their vibrational frequencies and return to you the same love you gave them. They will be happier, more positive, and more peaceful around you. Love is indeed contagious.

As the people around you, including your ex, respond in this way, they will radiate peaceful and harmonious feelings. They will also start to vibrate love and affect the people around them in a positive way.

What to do today:

  1. Reflect on the definition of unconditional love. Recall what you’ve done so far to try to manifest your ex and ask yourself if these words and actions represent love that is unconditional.
  2. How can you love your ex unconditionally?
  3. Continue to focus on your desire in it’s completed state. Visualize it, feel it real, and give love and positive feelings to it. When not visualizing, listen to subliminals.
  4. When you are not doing any of these manifesting techniques, make sure your are conscious and aware of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t complain and don’t be critical of yourself and others. Just be happy.
  5. Continue to make lifestyle changes that I suggested to increase your vibrations.

Lesson 13: Your Breakup is the Projection of Your Thoughts

The next universal law that we will discuss is the Law of Correspondence. This law states that what is outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you.

It is very easy to understand what is going on in your mind: just look at everything around you. What you see around you is the result of your own consciousness.

To know what your real thoughts are about money and wealth, look at how much money and savings you have right now.

If you want to know your thoughts about health, look at the overall state of your health and well-being.

To know your beliefs about relationships and love, look at the quality of your relationships.

The fact that you and your ex have broken up says a lot about the quality of your thoughts while you were still together. It also says a lot about the quality of your thoughts about them right now. If you notice, this law supports the Law of Mentalism.

Your Experiences Are a Reflection of Your Beliefs

Perhaps you were not aware of the poor quality of your thoughts because, as mentioned previously, these thoughts have been stored in your subconscious mind for many years. These thoughts became your false and limiting beliefs or FLBs.
The break-up and separation from your ex reflect your beliefs. Again, perhaps you believed that you are unworthy of true and lasting love. You need to examine where these FLBs are from.
As mentioned earlier, these beliefs may come from your experience of not receiving love from your parents when you were a child. Perhaps this belief came from your experience of having failed relationships in the past and you thought you were the reason your partners left you.
Your feeling of unworthiness keeps manifesting in your reality in the form of failed relationships.
And every time you affirm that your relationships failed because you are unworthy of love, it becomes a never-ending cycle on your part to get into relationships that don’t last.
The only way that you can break this never-ending cycle of failed relationships caused by the same destructive thought patterns is to consciously change the way you think and feel about love, relationships, and your desire to be back with your ex.
There is absolutely nothing to do outside of you because what you see outside of you are the reflections of your beliefs.
So, to change what you see around you, change your beliefs about your ex and your desire to be with your ex again. Your outside will not change unless you change your inside.
This is why early in this free course, I asked you to use two subconscious reprogramming techniques to clear and replace your FLBs. These techniques are listening to subliminal audio programs and visualization.
This universal law is just to remind you what your physical reality is a direct reflection of your beliefs and your predominant thoughts. Subliminals and visualizations will address this issue. In addition, you need to be conscious of your self-talk and the quality of your thoughts and words.
Make a conscious decision to cancel out unwanted thoughts and feelings. Say, “Cancel, cancel, cancel!” so you can easily redirect your mind.
I also recommend that you should be mindful of the things around you. Don’t be a walking zombie and walk mindlessly when you commute to work or go about your daily life. Be present at any given moment. Being mindful of your surroundings and being present will help you avoid negative thoughts.

Lesson 14: Love is the Same Nature as Hate

Welcome to Lesson 14 of MYEB free course. Today, we will talk about the fourth universal law: the Law of Polarity. This law states that everything is dual and everything has poles. What seems to be the opposite of your desire is actually the same nature of your desire but varies only in degree.

This simply means that there are no complete opposites but only two extremes of the same thing.

Example, loving your ex is not the opposite of hating your ex.

At first glance, it looks like they are opposites of each other, but they are of the same nature, just different in degree. The degree of your feelings all depends on the kind of thoughts that you focus on at any given time.

This means that, at any given time, you can either feel hate, love, or anything in-between for your ex. This means things can easily change. It also follows that if you are not with your ex right now, you can be with them tomorrow or next week.

In other words, no situation is permanent, especially when you focus on the pole that has what you want. It’s all about choosing the right thoughts to focus on!

Focus on the Opposite of the Pole that You Don’t Want

If you are feeling negative about not being with your ex right now, that means you are focusing on “the absence of your ex” or on the pole that you don’t want.

To feel better, focus on the OPPOSITE pole of what you don’t want; that is, “the presence of your ex”. This pole is what you want because it makes you feel positive and happy.

The more you focus on the pole that makes you feel positive and happy, the faster you can turn things around and manifest your ex back.

How to Transcend the Law of Polarity

You can use the Law of Mentalism and the Law of Vibration to transcend the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Mentalism states that what you think manifest in your reality. So, if you focus on negative thoughts such as your ex moving on with someone else, you can also focus on the opposite pole of that by thinking about your ex in a positive way. You can imagine them wanting to be with you and you only!

If are feeling negative, you can focus on the opposite pole by feeling positive. This is basically applying the Law of Vibration.

Whether you are in the extreme negative, extreme positive, or anywhere in-between the pole with regard to your desire, remember that you have the POWER to change the situation by focusing on the polar opposite of what you don’t want.

At any given time, if you feel bad about something, identify what you feel bad about and then train your mind to focus on the polar opposite of what makes you feel bad.

This technique takes practice, and as you keep practicing, you will cultivate enormous willpower to direct your thoughts very easily.

Lesson 15: Your Breakup is Not Permanent

Welcome to Lesson 5 of MYEB Free Course!

We will now talk about the fifth universal law: the Law of Rhythm. This law states that everything that has been manifested has a measured motion, a flow and inflow, a swing forward and backward, a pendulum-like movement, a high tide, and a low tide. This law is closely related to the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Rhythm can swing to the negative pole or to the positive pole, or can swing towards either pole.
As with babies who were born, they eventual grow, live, and then pass, only for their consciousness to be reborn again and take another shape and form.

Everything swings from birth to death, activity to inactivity, being rich and being poor, weight gain and weight loss, clear skin and bad skin, getting the best job and losing that job, winning the lottery and bankruptcy, the rise and fall of a great leader, the swing from summer to winter, and so on.

There is no such thing as absolute rest — everything is always in motion, always moving, always changing.

As with relationships, there is being together in a happy and blissful relationship, and then there’s the breakup or separation.

The Law of Rhythm can also be seen in your journey in getting back with your ex: some days you feel like giving up on your ex and just curl up in bed, and other times you feel motivated to be the best version of yourself so that you can finally manifest them back into your life.

These are perplexing changes that you notice in ourselves and around you that you can’t seem to understand. That’s the Law of Rhythm in action!

The Law of Rhythm states that there is no such thing as a permanent mood. You can’t expect yourself to be positive and happy all the time. You will always have changes in your mood, and you will always have the “rise and fall” of feelings.

How to Transcend the Law of Rhythm

The good news is the Law of Rhythm is a mutable law, which means that you can transcend and rise above it.

Like always, you can only transcend something if you FOCUS your mind on the creation of your desire. Which means that you need to have the mental and thr emotional discipline to direct your mind to focus only on what you want.

When a negative situation comes up and you let it affect you, it can affect the rhythm of your creation.

If your creation has been swinging to the right or forward all this time because of your high vibrations, by letting a negative situation affect you, your creation will swing to the left or backward.

It’s like taking two steps forward when you’re thinking positive, and one step backward for thinking negative. The swing in your moods can derail the manifestation of your desire.
The correct way of dealing with negative thoughts is to rise above them and let them pass.

So, if you found a photo of your ex with another woman on Facebook, or you heard that they are with someone new, just ignore and let it go.
If your ex didn’t reply to your text or didn’t return your call, just shrug it off and continue to enjoy your day!

Do not investigate and do not ask. Pretend that the things you don’t like don’t exist. You should already know by now that what you focus on grows, and what you ignore disappears!

If you deal with negative thoughts in this way, your creation will not be affected, will not take a swing backward and will continue to swing forward.

Always refuse to participate in the backward swing of your emotional pendulum. Always focus your eyes on your end goal of reuniting with your ex.
If you keep having mood swings, it only means one thing: you haven’t made the decision consciously or willfully direct your thoughts.

It is important to commit to be the master of your thoughts. Otherwise, you will be like the majority of those who want to reconcile with their exes but do not possess the will to do so. Without the will to direct your thoughts will result in erratic feelings.

The Law of Rhythm will always take effect, but since it is a mutable law, YOU HAVE A CHOICE whether to get carried away by that rhythm or not.

So, be aware of the rise and fall of your feelings, as this is a reflection of your absence of will and your lack of directive power over your thoughts. Once you have mastered your thoughts, your feelings will follow.

Lesson 16: The Cause of Your Breakup

Welcome to Lesson 16 of MYEB free course!

Now we will talk about the sixth universal law: the Law of Cause and Effect. This law is immutable so you cannot transcend or change it. It will always take effect in full force 24/7.

Every Effect Has a Cause

According to this law, nothing happens by chance. This law states that “chance” is a term that indicates an effect of a cause that the creator hasn’t recognized or hasn’t perceived yet.

You think something happens to you by chance when, in reality, you created that chance yourself through your thoughts — you just didn’t know or didn’t realize that you created it.

Nothing happens by itself without any causes. Everything that manifests in your physical reality, you created in your mind first. This is consistent with the Law of Mentalism.

Everything that happens to you, including your breakup, is your own doing. You don’t always recognize that you created it, but you are the cause of ALL things that happen to you.

If You Don’t Like the Effect, Change Your Cause

If you don’t like the effect or the results, do not change the results because what you will get are more of the same results. Instead, change your cause.

Since your thoughts and beliefs are the causes of all your physical experiences, whenever you see something that you don’t like in your physical reality, instead of changing the physical reality, change your cause — meaning change your thoughts and beliefs about that specific subject.

This takes a conscious direction of your mind to focus only on thoughts that produce your desired effects. The more focused you are on positive and productive thoughts that advance the creation of your desire, the faster they turn into your permanent beliefs, and the faster they will manifest in your reality.

Just think about this: as far as your desire is concerned, there are only two types of causes: thoughts and beliefs that give you your desired effects (manifested desire), and thoughts and beliefs that don’t give you your desired effects (un-manifested desire, or the opposite of your desire).

If you don’t like the way your ex treats you now, you already know that there’s something wrong with your cause. Instead of wondering what you did wrong, examine your thoughts and beliefs about your ex, then improve your thoughts or change your beliefs so that they become in alignment with your desire of reuniting with your ex.

Today, be mindful of the causes of your effects. Examine why you are having the kind of effects that you have now and identify what caused them. Then, consciously CHOOSE to change your causes to improve these effects.

Lesson 17: The Divine Timing

We now come to the Law of Gender, the seventh universal law. This law is also known as the Law of Gestation.

This law explains the time it takes for your desire to manifest from thoughts to physical reality.

We See the Law of Gender in Action Around Us

  • A woman is normally pregnant for 9 months.
  • The Earth orbits the sun every 365 days.
  • It takes 15 hours to travel directly from Manila to San Francisco
  • It takes approximately 90-100 days to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest
  • In each of these examples, there is a specific time period that passes before you can see the results.

Example, when someone is pregnant, you don’t expect them to give birth on the 3rd month because you know that the baby isn’t ready to be born yet. The “expectancy date” is usually nine months from the conception. Everyone in that woman’s family expects the child to be born nine months later.

But, for some reasons, many people don’t think this way about their desires. They want it now, and they panic if it doesn’t happen now. They obsessively check and analyze the reactions of their ex, they endlessly complain to their friends and on forums and they always ask, “But where is it?”.

They get so impatient and forget that every desire has a gestation period, and that desire MUST COMPLETE the gestation period before it can manifest as a physical experience.

What Affects the Gestation Period

I cannot give you the exact gestation period of your desire, but what I know is that there are things that you can do to speed up the process.

There are so many factors in play in the creation process. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. The nature of your desire

Desires are either simple or complex. Example, manifesting an SMS from your ex is simpler than getting married to them. An SMS only takes less than one minute to send, but getting married takes several steps and more time to manifest it.

2. The quality of your beliefs

The manifestation of your desire also depends on the kind of beliefs stored in your subconscious. If you have so many limiting beliefs about your ex and the idea of you being together again, and you don’t do anything to replace these beliefs, then it will take a long time before you can manifest your ex.

3. Your feelings or vibrations

Your vibrations throughout this journey play a HUGE part. Negative vibrations (feelings) can derail your manifestation, while positive feelings and the feeling of love will speed up the manifestation.

4. Your ability to direct your mind

If you easily get affected by negative news and scenarios, this only means one thing: you have no or have very little control of your mind.
The most successful creators are those who can easily direct their minds to focus on the things that they want only. You must always control your mind, not the other way around.

5. Whether or not your desire requires action

Some desires require you to take action. For example, if you want to be a YouTube star, you will never be one just by wishful thinking. The first step is for you to film, record, and upload your YouTube videos. If you want to travel the world, you won’t be able to do it unless you actually book your tickets.

When to Connect With Your Ex

For manifesting your ex back, I recommend that you let them come to you; but once you already have mastery of your thoughts and emotions and can genuinely send them unconditional love, it’s okay to contact them first.

The only reason you should allow them to contact you first is most people get hurt when they contact their ex first and don’t get the kind of reply or reaction that they expected. They get hurt if their ex doesn’t respond or return their call, refuses to see them, or doesn’t reciprocate their feelings

If you are like this, your ego can easily bring you down to the low levels of consciousness (low vibes), and you don’t want to be there.

So, reach out to your ex only if you are sure that you can shrug things off if they don’t respond or don’t give you the kind of reaction that you want.

Reach out only if you can totally move past the potential rejection and say, “Next!” and continue to feel happy on your own.

Lesson 17: Apply What You Learned

Now, for the last and bonus part of the course: the eight universal law!

The Law of Use is not included in the seven universal laws that we discussed already, but I would like to include this law because this is essential to make the other laws work.

The seven universal laws that we discussed have been securely locked up in the minds of the fortunate and powerful possessors for many years. Unless you are proactively seeking for enlightenment, you will probably not even discover that these laws exist.

These laws need to be enforced and put to use before they can take effect. If you keep reading and acquiring new knowledge about conscious creation but don’t do anything about that knowledge, you get nothing.

Even though you are taking this challenge but simply devour the information without practice, you will not get the manifestation of your desire.

Knowledge, without use and expression, is a vain thing that brings nothing to its possessor. Don’t be like those who simply know the concepts without expressing these concepts into action.

If you just study the principles without applying them, your desire will die. If you don’t take care of and nourish your desire by visualizing it daily, it dies.

You must know that your ex is coming back to you. You must maintain your faith and expectation throughout the process, and the place to start is by giving yourself and by giving them unconditional love.

Also, be grateful as if you already have your desire manifested in your reality. Gratitude and love are energies that can facilitate the creation of your desire. They can help cultivate your faith and fuel your expectation.

You are part of this process, whether you believe it or not. You can’t get to where you want to go until you know where you currently are. Once you create what you want in your mind, will be “incubated” for a period of time before you can see its physical manifestation.

Where are you now in this journey?

Why is your manifestation taking longer than expected?

Are you giving it love?

Do you just know, without any doubt, that is on its way?

If expectations are the farthest thing from your mind, cultivate your faith through gratitude and love. Believe your desire is here by receiving it. Be grateful as if you have it already.