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The Power to Create Your Reality is Within You

The purpose of Must Spark Joy is to share with you the secrets of the universe and how you can use them to create your reality. It all starts with your mind: the seat of consciousness and the source of all things. What you see in your mind is your only reality. Your reality now is the result of what you have mentally focused on in the past.  When you tap into the infinite power of your mind’s eye, you will become the master of your reality. You have ALL IT TAKES to live your life happily and abundantly. The secrets of the universe are in you.

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Manifest Your Ex or Specific Person

You will learn how to MANIFEST YOUR EX OR SPECIFIC PERSON using HERMETIC PRINCIPLES, Mental Alchemy, Universal Laws, Mind Power, Impressing the Subconscious Mind, Operating from your Real Self, and navigating through the Mental Universe to create the reality you want.

In this course, you will understand that you have 100% CONTROL of everything that happens to you and you can WILL for your desired circumstances to happen to you. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you apply what you will learn from this course.

This course contains: 

  • 33 Days worth of audio lessons in Mp4 format
  • 70 text and audio lessons in MP4 format
  • Daily exercises and applications for 33 days
  • 10 visualization exercises in Mp4 format
  • 10 mental concentration exercises in Mp4 format
  • 8 subliminals in MP4 format (and counting)
  • 22 guided visualizations, meditations, and hypnosis in MP4 format (and counting)
  • Frequently-asked questions (FAQ) (and counting)
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Conscious Reality Creation Master Class (Coming Soon)

Reality Creation Master Class is about the deliberate creation of your dreams, goals, and your dream life.  It is creating your desired reality ON PURPOSE.

The course is based on the premise that ALL IS MIND and the UNIVERSE IS MENTAL, which means everything that we see around us has been created by our minds AND the collective consciousness of everyone around us.

This master class will help you create the life you want through MASTERY OF SELF and MASTERY OF YOUR REALITY.

The main goal of these lessons is ASCENSION to higher scales of consciousness and become the TRUE CREATOR of your reality.

Coming Soon

The Law of Cause an Effect and How You Can Use it to Manifest Your Desires

The Law of Cause and Effect is so powerful that it is referred as the “Iron Law of Human Destiny” or the “law of laws.”

This law states that absolutely every effect has a definite cause, and for absolutely every cause there is a definite effect.

This means that nothing just happens. There’s no such thing as, “It just happens.” Nothing is also a coincidence. Synchronicities don’t just happen. Nothing happens by chance. All these things have causes. Every action has a reaction or consequence. Every inaction also has a reaction or consequence.

The Law of Cause and Effect works the same for Read more…

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and How to Use it to Manifest Your Desires

All persons have the innate ability and power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

In his book, “The Science Of Getting Rich”, author Wallace D. Wattles talks about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Simply put, the energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form.

This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way Read more…

The Law of Relativity and How to Use it to Manifest Your Desires

Each person will receive a several challenges in their lives to strengthen themselves and find solutions to their problems. The Law of Relativity teaches us to compare what happens to us with what happens to others to gain better perspective on life.

This means that when we think we are in a challenging situation, someone somewhere is in a worse situation than us. Everything is relative.

Everything is mutual until we relate it to something else

The spiritual and metaphysical aspects of Law of Relativity tells us that everything in our physical world is only made real by its relationship or comparison to Read more…

The Law of Polarity and How to Use it to Manifest Your Desires

Everything has an opposite. We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole. It is the law of mental vibrations.

There is no left without right, no up without down, no failure without success, no good without bad, and so on. Our world is a world of duality.

There are two poles or opposites, the difference between the two extremes of one thing is called polarity.

The Law Of Polarity has a full spectrum of possibilities ranging from extremely light to the extremely dark. Understanding this law and learning to accept and surrender to whatever happens to Read more…

The Law of Rhythm and How to Use it to Manifest Your Desires

Everything vibrates and moves in certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God’s Universe.

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates. — The Kybalion.

The Law of Rhythm states that the energy in the universe is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must then swing to the left. Everything in existence is involved in a dance… Read more…

The Law of Gestation and How to Use it To Manifest Your Desires

The law of gender manifests in all things as masculine and feminine. It is this law that governs what we know as creation.

This universal law has two parts: the first is that there are both male and female components to all things in nature. The second is that all things, including thoughts, need a gestational period.

The Masculine and Feminine Part of this Law

Even though we are either male or female, there are also both female and male aspects to ourselves and some aspects are dominant than others but they both exist together.

The soft sensibility of ourselves is Read more…

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