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The Power to Create Your Reality is Within You

The purpose of Must Spark Joy is to share with you the secrets of the universe and how you can use them to create your reality. It all starts with your mind: the seat of consciousness and the source of all things. What you see in your mind is your only reality. Your reality now is the result of what you have mentally focused on in the past.  When you tap into the infinite power of your mind’s eye, you will become the master of your reality. You have ALL IT TAKES to live your life happily and abundantly. The secrets of the universe are in you.

Conscious Creation Concepts

The Foundations of Conscious Creation
The Seven Universal Laws
How to Create Your Reality
How to Impress Your Subconscious Mind

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Manifest Your Ex or SP: The Ultimate Conscious Create Course (Audio and Text Course)
30 Days to Manifest a Specific Person Using Neville Goddard’s Manifesting Techniques (TEXT BASED)

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My Courses

Manifest Your Ex or Specific Person

You will learn how to MANIFEST YOUR EX OR SPECIFIC PERSON using HERMETIC PRINCIPLES, Mental Alchemy, Universal Laws, Mind Power, Impressing the Subconscious Mind, Operating from your Real Self, and navigating through the Mental Universe to create the reality you want.

In this course, you will understand that you have 100% CONTROL of everything that happens to you and you can WILL for your desired circumstances to happen to you. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you apply what you will learn from this course.

This course contains: 

  • 33 Days worth of audio lessons in Mp4 format
  • 70 text and audio lessons in MP4 format
  • Daily exercises and applications for 33 days
  • 10 visualization exercises in Mp4 format
  • 10 mental concentration exercises in Mp4 format
  • 8 subliminals in MP4 format (and counting)
  • 22 guided visualizations, meditations, and hypnosis in MP4 format (and counting)
  • Frequently-asked questions (FAQ) (and counting)
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Conscious Reality Creation Master Class (Coming Soon)

Reality Creation Master Class is about the deliberate creation of your dreams, goals, and your dream life.  It is creating your desired reality ON PURPOSE.

The course is based on the premise that ALL IS MIND and the UNIVERSE IS MENTAL, which means everything that we see around us has been created by our minds AND the collective consciousness of everyone around us.

This master class will help you create the life you want through MASTERY OF SELF and MASTERY OF YOUR REALITY.

The main goal of these lessons is ASCENSION to higher scales of consciousness and become the TRUE CREATOR of your reality.

Coming Soon

How to Manifest Your Specific Person Using the Law of Correspondence

Have you ever wondered how to manifest your specific person into your life? The Law of Correspondence, a fundamental principle of the Hermetic philosophy, provides the key to making it happen. This principle states that everything in the external world is a reflection of our inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. When we align our internal world with the external world we want to create, we can use the Law of Correspondence to manifest our desires, including manifesting a specific person into our lives. In this article, we will explore how to manifest your specific person through the Law of Correspondence.

Get Read more…

How to Manifest Your Ex Back Through Creative Visualization

Going through a breakup can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. You may feel lost, hurt, and uncertain about the future.

However, just because a relationship has ended doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you and your ex. In fact, with the power of creative visualization, it’s possible to manifest your ex back into your life and rebuild a strong, healthy relationship with them.

This article will guide you through the steps of using creative visualization to attract the love and connection you desire, and give you hope that there is still a chance for you Read more…

How to Attract Your Specific Person Using the Power of Autosuggestions

Autosuggestion is a powerful tool that can help you attract your specific person. It involves using positive affirmations and visualization techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind, allowing you to manifest your desires. In this article, we will discuss how to use autosuggestion to attract your specific person.

The first step in attracting your specific person is to define who they are. You must have a clear idea of their qualities, characteristics, and traits that you find attractive. Take some time to write down these qualities, as they will form the basis of your affirmations and visualizations.

Once you have a clear picture Read more…

How to Attract Your Specific Person Through Guided Visualization

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a specific person, wondering if they could be the one for you? Perhaps you’ve tried everything to get their attention, but nothing seems to work. Well, the good news is that you can use guided visualizations to attract your specific person into your life.

Visualizations are powerful tools that can help you manifest your deepest desires. When you focus your mind on a specific outcome, you send out vibrations to the universe that attract similar energies. By using guided visualizations, you can program your subconscious mind to align with your intentions and draw in the Read more…

How Self-Hypnosis Audio Programs Can Help Your Deal with Cancer

Cancer treatment can be a difficult and challenging process, both physically and mentally. In addition to the physical symptoms, cancer patients often experience emotional and mental stress, anxiety, depression, and fear. Self-hypnosis audio programs can be a powerful tool to help cancer patients cope with these difficult emotions and manage the side effects of treatment.

Self-hypnosis is a form of Read more…

How to Meet Your Spirit Guide Through Astral Projection

Astral projection is a technique that allows one to detach their consciousness from the physical body and travel in the astral plane. In this state, it is possible to meet and communicate with spirit guides, who are believed to be non-physical entities that can provide guidance, wisdom, and support on one’s spiritual journey. Meeting your spirit guide through astral projection can be a powerful and transformative experience, and with the right preparation and mindset, anyone can do it.

  1. The first step in preparing for astral projection is to clear your mind of distractions and create a peaceful and comfortable environment. Read more…

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