Digital Products You Can Resell

Royalty Free with Resell Rights

I hope you’re going great!

I’d like to give you an update on what I’ve been up to in the last few months.

Since the world went on lockdown earlier this year, I’ve seen friends and relatives lose their jobs or sources of income.

Many are unable to pay rent or mortgage, while some struggle to make ends meet.

I suggested to some friends that they should sell digital products since they mainly stay at home and often spend their time on social media.

I shared the main benefits of doing so:

  • Digital products are extremely scalable
  • No need to ship anything to the customers
  • No need to keep inventory
  • The process can be automated
  • Can be done anywhere, you just need Internet access
  • You can sell to anyone in the world
  • Can be done at any time

Of course, I speak from experience: since I created my first digital product in 2017, it now became a collection for more than 500 products.

What was just a hobby became a business.

The best part is I don’t work on it everyday.

In fact, I rarely market my website. People just find me on Google search.

My friends and relatives can see the benefits and expressed their intention to create their digital products.

But months passed and they haven’t launched anything.

It turns out that product creation is what’s taking them so long. This seems to be their bottleneck.

This gave me the idea to develop a range of digital products with resell rights.

It would be great to help those who are looking to create additional streams of income from their laptops.

If you are in the niche of or are interested in law of attraction, manifesting, conscious creation, and subconscious programming, my products are a perfect fit.

Right now, I have 300+ digital products that you can resell right away through e-commerce platforms like Gumroad, Sellfy, SendOwl, Shopify, etc.

Browse through my digital products collections below. Bundles will give you big discounts.


  • Resell tracks for your customers’ personal use only
  • Personal and commercial projects for your clients.
  • Music for your YouTube videos
  • Music for your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., videos
  • Create voice-overs with music for your clients.
  • Music for your podcasts
  • Free, freemium, and paid app / games
  • Online & offline presentations, trade shows & showroom displays.
  • Music for guided meditations
  • Music for hypnosis recordings
  • Music at your yoga studio, spas, shops, clinic, cafes, & B&B
  • Music for audiobooks


  • Sub-licensing music
  • Give away music / use them as freebies
  • Use in multiple businesses
  • Use in more than one website
  • Use in a franchise
  • Claim that you are the original creator
  • TV and radio ads