It’s common for most of us to share the same experience when it comes to relationships. Once or twice, we’ve all had our fair share of bad breakups. It’s either the memory of it so deeply embedded in our minds, or it’s too soon to even try to forget it.

But one thing you can do is change the way it happened. You can try to completely erase the memories of your breakup and numb yourself from all the pain and heartache, but why not change the way it ended? Why don’t you reverse your bad breakup? Yes, it can be done, and yes you can start right away.

The Power of Your Thoughts

Before you can reverse your breakup, you must understand the immense power of your thoughts. It may seem impossible to change the actual events that already happened and are already part of the past; but time is not made of the past, present, and the future. Time is made up of only the present moment. So wherever you are and whatever you do now, all you have is the present moment — the now. “Now” is your point of power, and your point of power never ends.

Revising a bad breakup is possible because of our connection to one another. We are interconnected through the concept of Universal Mind.

When you know that your thoughts can manifest into your reality, you can basically think about whatever you desire and create it in the physical world. You just need to remember that thoughts plus your feelings is the basic formula for you to achieve the reality that you want.

Reversing a Bad Breakup

To reverse your bad breakup, you must first position yourself in a comfortable spot, and feel your entire body totally relax.

Next, empty your mind of any clutter by not thinking about anything else but pure peace. It would be best if you do this in a quiet afternoon, during an afternoon nap, or before you go to bed at night, or when you wake up in the morning.

Then start to focus on the break up that had transpired. Remember everything about it, from where you were at the time, to the arguments that you had with your partner. When you visualize, it must be in a detailed manner as if it were happening right now, at this very moment.

When you get to the negative part, don’t dwell on it. Make the changes you want and think how you want things to have ended between you. Forget about the nasty parts and focus on what you want to achieve because what matters now is what you create in your mind.

If it all began because of a misunderstanding, visualize both of you staying calm and keeping an open mind. Ignore the part where one or both of you were enraged or jealous. Visualize a scenario where you keep feeling only positive emotions for each other.

If the break up was fueled by a mistake or fault, see yourself forgiving your partner for that fault and understanding why the mistake happened in the first place.

As you reach the end part of revising your breakup, send thoughts of love and gratitude to your partner. Give them a big, warm hug in your mind, and imagine them happy to be with you again. Feel this happening right now. See yourself happy and in-love again.

Remember that we create our reality based on what we think. The power of your thoughts is what allows you to feel and make the reality that you want for yourself. Just believe and completely trust in your mental revisions and it will definitely work. Never doubt it because doubt is what hinders the full manifestation of what you want.