Sleep Relaxation Music

Royalty Free with Resell Rights

Our Sleep Relaxation Music Collection is great for those who are looking for tracks that they can use in their personal and commercial projects. This package also includes rights to resell each track to their audience for personal use only.


  • Resell music for your customers’ personal use only
  • Personal and commercial projects for your clients.
  • Music for your YouTube videos
  • Music for your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., videos
  • Create voice-overs with music for your clients.
  • Music for your podcasts
  • Free, freemium, and paid app / games
  • Online & offline presentations, trade shows & showroom displays.
  • Music for guided meditations
  • Music for hypnosis recordings
  • Music at your yoga studio, spas, shops, clinic, cafes, & B&B
  • Music for audiobooks


  • Sub-licensing music
  • Give away music / use them as freebies
  • Use in multiple businesses
  • Use in more than one website
  • Use in a franchise
  • Claim music as your own
  • TV and radio ads

Bundle Deals

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