Solfeggio Frequencies

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Solfeggio healing tones are specific sets of frequencies with amazing and beneficial effects on your mind, body, and your environment.

These frequencies date back to ancient history and said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions, chanted by the Gregorian Monks, and in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered Solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s and brought their benefits back into public awareness. Since then, these frequencies brought the body back into balance and healing.

Solfeggio frequencies have a profound effect on the conscious and subconscious mind. It helps you deal with past traumas and negative experiences while literally help cure your body on a DNA level.

The Solfeggio Frequency Scale

174 Hz  – This is the lowest tone in the Solfeggio scale and considered to be a natural anaesthetic. You can listen to this music to remove physical pains and help cure your “sick” aura.

285 Hz  – Treast wounds, cuts, burns or any other form sof damaged tissue. Directly connected to our body’s, mind’s and soul’s blueprint and has the ability to help cells return to its original form.

396 Hz  – Used in sound healing; cleanses the feelings of guilt and fear and helps you turn these negative feelings into positive ones.

417 Hz – Wipes out all the negative energy inside us; can reverse and undo negative experiences and feelings.

528 Hz  – The miracle and love frequency that can repair your DNA and attune your vibrations to the vibration of the universe and nature, which is love.

639 Hz – Creates harmony within your relationships; heals broken relationships with family, loved ones, friends, business associates, and anyone close to you.

741 Hz – Protects against toxins, negativity, anger, jealousy, lies, and everything that brings negativity in our lives. This is also the frequency of throat chakra, the chakra of truth, which is often blocked by lies that we tell ourselves and others.

852 Hz – Directly connected to the third eye chakra and used to awaken inner strength and self realization. It is good for dissolving stagnate mental energy from to over-thinking. Clears up energy blocks that hindered clear and strong communication with your higher self, spirit guides, and spirit helpers.

963 Hz – The “pure miracle tone”, it activates the pineal glad and the crown chakra. It also raises the positive energy and vibrations that help us connect and experience “oneness” with the source.


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