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How to Use Your Subconscious Mind Power to Manifest ALL that You Want

How this Guide Helped Me Manifest My Desires
Step 1: Understand Your Mind
Step 2: What Are False and Limiting Beliefs
Step 3: Identify Your False and Limiting Beliefs (FLBs)
Step 4: Clear Your False and Limiting Beliefs and Energy Blocks
Step 5: Introduce Positive and Empowering Beliefs to Your Subconscious Mind
STEP 6. Make The Effects of Your New Beliefs Last

How This Guide Helped Me Achieve My Desires

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, in a bad shape, unable to let go of the past, or feel like life is a constant struggle while you see others live meaningful and happy lives, have successful careers and businesses, and in amazing health, this in-depth article will make you understand that everything lies in the infinite power of your subconscious mind. 

This FREE GUIDE will help you through changing your mindset and replacing your deep-seated false and limiting beliefs about yourself so you can move past the confusion, misery, uncertainty, and failure. Letting go of your subconscious limiting beliefs will help your manifest the greatest version of yourself and live your dream life. 

Hello everyone, my name is Marie. I am the owner and author of Must Spark Joy, a website dedicated to the study of conscious creation, mind power, and reprogramming your subconscious mind for success and happiness. I also own Mind Power Influence, a website dedicated to remote influence and remote seduction. 

My interest in mind power and the study of the subconscious mind started when I noticed my life improve in so many different ways. I got curious and wanted to know how exactly I manifested so many wonderful things in my life.

I wanted to understand the recipe to successful manifestations and I wanted to find out if there is a process that I can follow to make sure I always get positive results. I wanted to know so I can finally answer these questions:

How did I go from being born into a lower-middle-class family in a remote town in the Philippines to achieving almost all my goals and desires?

How did I go from going to a public grade school as a child to attending the best universities in my country?

How did I go from earning a $300/month income working for a call center in Manila to becoming a business owner of four tech companies in San Francisco and in Manila?

How did I go from being a nobody to meeting the people I only read in the news or watch on TV, like the CEOs of my most-admired companies and the authors of my favorite books within one year of wishing so?

How did I go from not being able to afford a plane ticket out of the Philippines to traveling to 5 -7 countries a year for more than 10 years now?

How did I go from carrying a Philippine passport with SO MANY travel restrictions, visa requirements, and stringent visa applications to carrying a blue passport that makes travel very easy and gives me access to most parts of the world?

How did I go from wondering and dreaming about America to migrating to the U.S. and becoming a U.S. citizen?

How did I go from wanting to live in San Francisco to actually living in the best and most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco?

How did I go from only reading about the famous paintings of the world as a peniless teenager in the Philippines to actually seeing many of them in reality at museums in France and New York?

How did I go from wishing to go to New York City because I watched all seasons of Friends on pirated DVD to actually going to New York with free airfare and 5-star hotel accommodations?

How did I go from not being able to afford a $3 Starbucks coffee and a $5 meal in the Philippines to dining at the Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S., Europe, and Asia?

How did I go from admiring those designer handbags and shoes (that I couldn’t imagine I’d be able to afford ever) on the glossy pages of Vogue that I borrowed from my roommate in college to actually owning many pieces of them?

How did I go from wishing to see Rosemann Bridge in Iowa after reading the novel The Bridges of Madison County (I was jobless in Manila at that time, with no passport, and only had $12 left in my pocket) to actually seeing the bridge up close and checking out the other bridges of Madison county?

How did I go from wishing to see Titanic after watching the movie 11 times to actually becoming a first-class passenger at a real-life Titanic replica in Singapore. 

How did I go from mind-mapping my ideal guy to actually meeting my ideal guy in my mindmap three years later?

How did I go from wishing to become a princess as a child to marrying a member of a royal family?

How did I go from feeling stuck and limitied by a physical business to running tech companies that can do business almost anywhere?

How did I go from planning to share my knowledge of mind power and manifesting to actually building two websites (Must Spark Joy and Mind Power Influence) dedicated to it?

How did I go from utter obscurity to being inviting to speak at tech events, business events, university events, and even at Girls Scouts’ events?

I’ve had SO MANY other relatively smaller manifestations for years now but these are some of the biggest and the best manifestations that I’ve had since I started reprogramming my subconscious mind.

So, after researching and reading more than 100 books on mysticism, mind power, universal laws, law of attraction,  and subconscous mind, I now have a CLEAR PICTURE of the manifesting process and the science behind it.

The answers lie in understanding that everything is mind and comes from the mind, which means that everything around me and what I manifested so far is the result of my predominant thoughts and beliefs that are stored in my subconscious mind!

So, I put together this comprehensive FREE GUIDE to share with you that anything is possible when you have the right beliefs about yourself and the right mindset to achieve your dreams.

Changing your mindset and beliefs is not easy, especially when you have been programmed to believe that it takes ENORMOUS PHYSICAL EFFORT, TIME, and MONEY to achieve your desires.

This FREE GUIDE contains my own process of reprogramming my subconscious mind. A reprogrammaed subconscious mind is the foundation of Law of Attraction. You attract what you conceive and believe to be true.

I’ve used this process in all areas of my life with phenomenal results. When you follow and apply the techniques in this guide, you will be able to FINALLY let go of your false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) that have held you back for so long. It’s time to say GOODBYE to these FLBs FOREVER.

You are destined to be great, and you deserve nothing but your dream life!

💕 Marie