How to Use Subliminals to Manifest Your Desire

I became interested in subliminals in 2015 while listening to NAPS (Night Audio Programs) that I created to normalize my oily skin.

While NAPS work, it was strange for me to listen to my voice recorded in a loop all night while I sleep. It was even more strange when my house maid started noticing it and one day told me she could hear voices at night.

So, I thought of a better way and stumbled upon subliminals.

Since then, I’ve been listening to subliminals as my background music while I work, and I even wrote and produced hundreds of subliminals that you can find in my online store and YouTube!

The main reason I love using subliminals is it is the MOST EFFORTLESS subconscious programming technique available today.

What are Subliminals?

The Latin root for “sub” means below, beneath or under while “limin” is the Latin word for threshold. Subliminal mean stimuli that humans receive that is under the threshold of our consciousness.

Therefore, we are not consciously aware of these stimuli we are receiving on a daily basis; however, our subconscious minds still register them.

While other Conscious Reality Creation techniques focus on directing the Conscious Mind, subliminal messages target the Subconscious Mind by sending messages DIRECTLY to it.

Impressing your desires upon your subconscious mind through meditation and visualization techniques is highly effective, but can be quite a challenge for beginners because your Conscious Mind gets in the way. This is how subliminal audio programs come in handy.

Subliminals are audio recordings of positive and empowering suggestions, messages and affirmations that a person listens to so that the suggestions contained in the recording will replace the FLBs stored in their subconscious.

Subliminals either have soothing sounds, like a trickling stream or lapping ocean waves or music, which is recorded in an audible frequency.

On the other hand, the suggestions and affirmations are recorded in a non-audible frequency that you will not be able to hear them.

The trick is that the sounds and music are intended to “distract” the conscious mind. This opens up the “hearing” or “awareness” of the subconscious mind to the messages and affirmations that are recorded at negative decibels.

With repeated listening to subliminal audio programs, you gradually replace the FLBs that are stored in your subconscious.

How I Make My Subliminals

There are a host of other subliminal programs out there but be wary of incorrect subliminals.

Example, I see “silent subliminals” out there. The thing is, there is no completely “silent” subliminals. It’s not possible.

The affirmations should also not be spoken in a fast or high speed. Take note of these kinds of subliminal programs which will have absolutely no effect (or worse, the opposite effect!) on your goal to manifest your best self and your dream life!

I care so much about the process of producing my subliminals that I have done enormous research on impressing our desires upon our subconscious. Understanding how the Subconscious Mind works it the first step in creating EFFECTIVE subliminals.

I developed ReproSync Sound Technology to produce our subliminals. All suggestions written in my subliminal are based on my knowledge of the universal laws, subconscious programming, and conscious reality creation.

I incorporate the following elements in my subliminals:

  • THE ALL and Universal Mind (UM) affirmations
  • Unconditional Love (UL) affirmations
  • Positive and empowering affirmations based on the topic
  • Closing and affirming affirmations
  • Three subliminal boosters
  • Conscious Creation booster
  • Manifesting booster
  • 528 Hz Frequency (Love and Miracle Frequency)
  • 432 Hz Frequency (Nature frequency)
  • Alpha brainwave (To access the subconscious better)
  • Power booster
  • Secret frequency

For free subliminals, visit my YouTube channel. You can also visit my subliminal store for my available subliminal topics.

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