The Law of Gestation and How to Use it To Manifest Your Desires


The law of gender manifests in all things as masculine and feminine. It is this law that governs what we know as creation.

This universal law has two parts: the first is that there are both male and female components to all things in nature. The second is that all things, including thoughts, need a gestational period.

The Masculine and Feminine Part of this Law

Even though we are either male or female, there are also both female and male aspects to ourselves and some aspects are dominant than others but they both exist together.

The soft sensibility of ourselves is our feminine side and the protective side is the masculine side. This means both men and women have these aspects in themselves.

It takes both our feminine and masculine sides to create or produce in nature, so it is very important to understand these aspects of ourselves so we are more in tune with both and therefore reap the benefits.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About This Law

The most important thing you need to know from that this law is that everything needs time to grow and mature. This means you desire doesn’t necessarily appear in front of you right after you ask for it. It needs to go through the entire cycle of creation process to manifest in your reality.

You can see this everywhere around you. A child takes nine months to be born in this world; all seeds must germinate before they sprout. All ideas need careful planning and action to become real.

All your hopes, dreams, ambitions, aspirations, desires need time to gestate. You cannot think of becoming a millionaire and a million dollars instantly appear in front of you. You either need to work hard for it, own a business, or buy a lottery ticket.

For your desires to manifest faster into your physical reality, you need to cultivate it like seeds that need water, sunlight, fertilizer, and love. When the time is right, your desires will appear in your physical reality. When you are ready, they will simply appear.

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Why Consciousness is the Seed of All Creations


In common parlance, you may have equated consciousness with “a state of wakefulness” or “awareness.” Awareness though is more commonly used on a superficial level, like when you notice changes in people and in your environment such as a brilliant smile that means the person is happy about something or the dreaded calm before the storm.

Consciousness involves both the superficial and the inner self, and it is through consciousness that you will be able to create the reality that you desire.

The MASTER (not the Seed) of Creation

Mind experts often contradict each other and themselves as to what is the TRUE seed of creation. Many say that it is consciousness; others say that it is thoughts, beliefs or other factors. These arguments create confusion among those who are practicing mind techniques, that they are unable to determine which factor is more important over the other. Needless to say, consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, etc. are ALL SEEDS OF CREATION and, thus, are EQUAL IN IMPORTANCE.

But the better term for consciousness is that it is the “master” of the reality-making process of the three aspects of the mind. The reason for this is that consciousness doesn’t just involve awareness; it also involves control, and it is through conscious awareness and control that you will be able to manifest your desired outcome.

Unconscious Consciousness in Action

Let’s face it: In this fast-paced, super busy world, you have become unconscious of the thought processes that take place inside your mind. Of the 70,000 thoughts that you have per day, 99% of this is plain mind talk or psychobabble.

And yet, because you are unconscious of your consciousness, you don’t know that you are absorbing all of these thoughts unfiltered. When you were conscious of your consciousness, you may be experiencing unpleasant or negative situations so that these thoughts and memories are not only absorbed, but are also tagged with the negative emotions that you felt.

As you repeat these thoughts over and over again, your subconscious begins to recognize them as truth and established them as beliefs and increased their strength and potency.

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