What Manifest In Your Reality Are What You Believe In


Your beliefs are very powerful in that they may or may not result in the manifestation of the reality that you desire. Unless you know what sort of beliefs you have stored in your Subconscious Mind, you will not be able to exert full control over the creation of your desired outcome.

Beliefs Are Created Throughout Your Life

From childhood up to the present, you always create beliefs based on what people tell you and what happens in your environment. Unfortunately, a very hectic lifestyle, bombardment of information from various media, and other factors have made you unconscious of the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that you pick up.

Because you are unconscious of your consciousness, you cannot fully utilize the Conscious Mind’s ability for rationalization in order to discern those that are good for your well-being from those that are not. These thoughts are further aggravated by emotions that have been aroused and become attached to them.

The Subconscious Mind proceeds to process these thoughts and emotions and store them for future use. But, with constant repetition of the circumstances that led to thought/emotion formation, your subconscious begins to interpret these data as TRUTH. Because of this, the Subconscious Mind responds by manifesting the very reality that you don’t want.

Simply speaking, whatever it is that you strongly “believe” in will become your reality.

Examples of False Beliefs

In order to discover whatever limiting beliefs you have stored in your Subconscious Mind, you need to take a long hard look at your childhood and as you were growing up.

Here are just a few of the false beliefs that you may have absorbed, thanks to your parents, other significant adults, and peers in your life:

“If you want to succeed in life, you need to work hard.”

“Those who endure suffering will reap blessings from God.”

“You cannot be what you want to be because you’re stupid.”

“You are useless.”

“You are weak.”

“Your sister (or other close relative) is better than you. Why can’t you be more like her?”

“You will never amount to anything in your life because you are a coward.”

“It’s hard to lose weight.”

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