What You Think About You Bring About


For those who are new to the concept of mind power, they are immediately drawn to the promise, “What you think about you bring about”. They try out some mind techniques for a few weeks only to become disappointed and say that “Nothing happened,” or “I didn’t want that to happen!”

Since you are familiar with the functions of the three aspects of mind, you know for a fact that the above promise is TRUE.

Recapping the Three Aspects of Mind

Let’s first do a quick aspect on the three aspects of mind and how they function as a cohesive unit.

Your Conscious Mind gathers data in the form of thoughts, ideas and memories, which may or may not be impressed further with the emotions when these things were created. The Conscious Mind stores all of these data in your Subconscious Mind.

Your subconscious, which is the individual center of the Universal Mind, transmits these data to the Universal Mind, which in turn sends “like” signals or vibrations to the subconscious. Together, the subconscious and the Universal Mind work to actualize your needs, desire and reality, based on the vibrations that you sent and received. Simply put, you receive what you ask for.

So, you wonder: “If I don’t get what I asked for, where did the three aspects go wrong?”

The Source of the Mind’s Conflicts

You’ll be surprised to learn that if you don’t get what you ask, the three aspects of mind are not to blame. You should blame yourself. More specifically, you should blame your unconscious consciousness.

Throughout your entire life, you are bombarded with information that ultimately becomes your beliefs. Unfortunately, because you are virtually unaware of the types of data you absorb on a day-to-day basis, you end up storing limiting beliefs in your subconscious. You also confound these limiting beliefs by whatever negative emotions you felt.

Limiting beliefs combined with negative emotions are created by the Subconscious Mind through the Universal Mind using low frequency vibration.

By Law of Attraction, the Universal Mind also starts sending back the same low frequency vibration. The Read more…

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The Universal Mind and How it Creates All Your Realities


People from various walks of lives have given the Universal Mind all kinds of names: God, Allah, Supreme Being, Higher Power, the Unified Field, etc.

These names, however, all aptly describe what this third aspect of mind is, namely the Ultimate Source, the eternal and limitless well-spring of every single reality that you can conceive.

In fact, you, me and every human being on this planet – not to mention everything that is around us originated from the Universal Mind. Just as the Universal Mind is a giant lake of pure energy, we too are beings of energy, linked to the Source, like the tributaries of a river, as an “Individual Consciousness.”

And it is our Individual Consciousness that enables the Universal Mind to create the reality we desire.

How the Universal Mind Creates Realities

The three aspects of mind — the conscious, subconscious, and universal — are akin to a well-oiled factory assembly line, with each aspect working properly to create your realities.

The Conscious Mind, being the rational aspect of mind, filters thoughts, ideas and memories which are stored in the Subconscious Mind. By the Law of Vibration, your subconscious sends out vibrations to the Universal [Subconcious] Mind.

Depending upon the frequency of the vibration sent by the subconscious, the Universal Mind answers back with vibrations of the same frequency (Law of Attraction). The actions of the subconscious and the Universal Mind result in the creation of a reality on what they INTERPRET as the need being asked for by the Conscious Mind.

Physical Manifestation of Reality

Many folks interpret the Universal Mind’s capacity for “physically manifesting reality” as a sort of magic or miracle. In fact, what may be going through their minds – perhaps even yours as well – is that what you desire will just poof into existence in a white cloud of smoke.

The Universal Mind does not work this way. Upon receiving the vibrations from the subconscious, the vibrations released by the Universal Mind work on the energies and things around you. It ultimately provides you with all the existent physical things you will need, Read more…

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