“Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space, and Change, is ever to be found the Substantial Reality – The Fundamental Truth.” — The Kybalion. ”

Before we can understand the concept of THE ALL, we must look at the quote from the Kybalion first and understand the meaning of “substance” as I will be using this term in the succeeding lessons.

“Substance” is what is behind the physical manifestations; the essence; the essential reality; the thing in itself,” etc. “Substantial” means: “actually existing; being the essential element; being real,” etc. “Reality” means: “the state of being real; true, enduring; valid; fixed; permanent; actual,” etc.

Behind all that we see and experience in our Physical Reality must be a Substantial Reality. When you look around you, what you see are material things that are constantly moving and changing, nature that is growing, flourishing, and changing; people being born, developing, maturing, and dying.

In everything, there is a sense of “becoming” and something that resembles a “life cycle”. When something grows and reaches its heights, it starts to decline. Nothing is still, everything is moving. There is nothing permanent but CHANGE.

And this change is the OUTWARD manifestation of a POWERFUL FORCE that we will call SUBSTANTIAL REALITY. Thinkers, philosophers, religious leaders, masters, alchemists, and Hermetics postulated the existence of Substantial Reality. For thousands of years, men have given this Substantial Reality many names.

Some call it “The Infinite and Eternal Energy” while others called it “Matter”. It has also been called other names, such as God, The One, The Absolute, The Great One, The Creator, The Supreme Mind, The Supreme Good, The Father, The Universal Mother and The Nameless., etc.

For these lessons, we will call this Powerful Force using its Hermetic name, which is “THE ALL”. This term is probably the most comprehensive of all names because it transcends names and terms.

This concept of “THE ALL” is something that we cannot describe in plain terms because it’s beyond anyone’s imagination and comprehension. Theologians, metaphysicians, scientists, teachers, masters have tried to define THE ALL, but their definition always falls short.

Hermetic thinkers, awakened men and women, and those who have reached higher consciousness assert that the true nature of THE ALL is Unknowable. This must be true as even THE ALL itself cannot comprehend its own nature and being.

So many made assumptions about the personality, qualities, properties, characteristics, emotions, feelings of THE ALL but failed to capture its true nature.

But while the essential nature of THE ALL is Unknowable, there are certain truths connected with its existence that we must accept. We must, therefore, examine the meaning of these lines from The Kybalion.

“THAT which is the Fundamental Truth—the Substantial Reality—is beyond true naming, but the Wise Men call it THE ALL.”—The Kybalion.

“In its Essence, THE ALL is UNKNOWABLE.”—The Kybalion.

“But, the report of Reason must be hospitably received, and treated with respect.”—The Kybalion.

What “THE ALL” Is

Since THE ALL cannot be confined in a simple definition, we should look at its qualities to understand what it is.

1. THE ALL must be “ALL that REALLY IS”. There can be nothing outside of THE ALL. Otherwise, THE ALL would not be THE ALL.

2. THE ALL must be INFINITE, for there is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit, or restrict IT.

THE ALL must be Infinite in Time, or ETERNAL, it must have always continuously existed, for there is nothing else that created it. Nothing came before it. It is the First Cause of everything. At the same time, I exist simultaneously through all planes of life’s manifestations. It must exist then, now, in the future, forever, and all the time.

There is nothing that can destroy THE ALL for it is indestructible. It cannot cease to exist, not even for a moment, and not ever’ because THE ALL can never become nothing.

THE ALL must be Infinite in Space, which means it is everywhere, for there is no place outside of THE ALL.

THE ALL must be continuous in space, without gaps in-between, without interruption, without limits, without separation – for there is nothing to break, interrupt, limit, and separate its continuity.

THE ALL has Absolute Power. There is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb, or condition it. It cannot be under any powers, it cannot be less powerful than anything for there is NO other power except THE ALL.


It is not subject to change in its real nature, for there is nothing to change in it, and nothing for it to change into, nor from which it could have changed.

You cannot add to THE ALL nor deduct from it. You cannot increase nor diminish it. It cannot be greater or lesser in any respect whatsoever.

It has always been and continues to remain what it is now, which is THE ALL.

THE ALL being Infinite, Absolute, Eternal, and Unchangeable it must follow that anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be THE ALL.

And since there is NOTHING outside of THE ALL in Reality then any and all finite things must be as Nothing in Reality.

This concept might be baffling to many people, but you will understand this concept in the succeeding lessons.

THE ALL is Infinite Living Mind

THE ALL being Infinite, Absolute, Eternal, and Unchangeable it must follow that anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be THE ALL. And as there is nothing outside of THE ALL, in reality, any finite thing is nothing in reality.

We see around us stuff that we call “Matter”. Which is the physical foundation of all things. Is THE ALL “Matter”? No, because Matter cannot create Life or Mind, which is what is manifested in the Universe.

Modern science tells us that there is no such thing as Matter—that what we call Matter is merely “interrupted energy or force,” that is, energy or force at a low rate of vibration.
Then is THE ALL mere Energy or Force at a low rate of vibration? No, as the Energy and Force described above are blind, and Life and Mind cannot evolve from blind force or energy.

What is higher than Matter or Energy that we know to be existent in the Universe? LIFE AND MIND! Life and Mind in all their varying degrees of consciousness!

So, is THE ALL Life and Mind? The answer is it depends. If you mean Life and Mind as we know, then NO, THE ALL is not that.

Instead, THE ALL, is INFINITE LIVING MIND, as compared to finite “Life and Mind” as we know it.

THE ALL is Infinite Living Mind and most people call it Spirit!

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