The Eternal Now

You probably think there’s nothing you can do about the past that’s why you still keep obsessing about the things that you did and didn’t do.

Perhaps you feel guilty about not doing your best while you still had your business or job, while you were still physically together with your loved one, while you still had so much money, while you were young…

Maybe you think that if you could just travel back to the past, you’d be able to fix everything.

You probably think there’s nothing you can do anymore to reverse the situation and you wish you could have done better.

Of course you can STILL do all these things!

Time is an Illusion

What we perceive as “time” (like “space”) is an ILLUSION, although we are so used to perceiving “time” for centuries already that we are convinced it is real. We also think that if we miss an appointment or an opportunity to do great things in life, we can no longer bring back “time” and it is “lost forever”.

But time is a human construct that was invented centuries ago to make sense of the perceived “past”, “present”, and “future”. Time is also used as a point of reference to make sense of situations, circumstances, and events.

The concept of time is based and maintained by the scientific measurement of the relative positions of the Earth and Sun, and how the Earth completes its own rotation, as well as its full rotation around the Sun.

This is how we arrived at our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar. The Earth’s own rotation is also the basis of the 24-hour-a-day cycle, which is divided into “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon”, “evening”, and “midnight”. In between these major parts of the day are the seconds, minutes, and hours.

Examples of the Illusion of Time

Whenever I travel from the West Coast to Asia, I always miss one day, as if that day doesn’t exist. If I leave on February 14 from San Francisco and I arrive on February 16 in Manila, it’s just a 17-hour flight, but why did I miss February 15?

When going back to the U.S. from Asia, I leave on the same day and experience that day all over again when I reach the U.S. If I leave Hong Kong on February 14 at 11 p.m., I arrive in Los Angeles on February 14 at 3 p.m.!

You are reading this lesson “now” although I wrote this “in the past”. And you know that what you haven’t read yet is in the future, although I wrote some of them already.

The fact that I can talk to clients from the “past” (Europe) when I am in the “future” (Asia) proves that time is not real.

When it’s my birthday in Asia, it’s not yet my birthday in the U.S. Even after my birthday in Asia, my friends in the U.S. still greet me a happy birthday because, in their time, it’s still my birthday!

All these discrepancies and “time difference” show that our concept of time is not real and all that we have is the NOW.

The Eternal Now

When we raise our degree of consciousness and navigate through the Mental and Spiritual Planes, however, time does not exist. It is where everything exists simultaneously in the ETERNAL NOW, where our perceived “past”, “present”, and “future” all belong to the NOW.

Let’s go back to the Different Planes of Life Manifestation that we discussed and how the Spiritual and Mental Planes are more real than the Physical Plane.

The reason the Spiritual and Mental Planes are more real is they are the cause of all the manifestations in the Physical Plane.

Take note that whatever you see in the Physical Plane are the “effects” of what you did in the Spiritual and Mental Planes “in the past”, that’s why the Physical is called The Plane of Effects. We all know that the effects cannot exist without the causes, so the cause must always come first.

You also learned that the substance in the Spiritual and Mental Plane are less dense and travels at the speed of light, that’s why you can easily change or manipulate it. This plane has no concept of time and space, like what we are used to in the Physical Plane.

When we THINK of a mental imagine in the Mental and Spiritual planes, whether that image is from the “past”, “present”, or “future”, we INSTANTLY create that mental picture into Thought Forms in REAL TIME.

In other words, in the Mental and Spiritual Planes, all possibilities already exist RIGHT NOW. Whatever you can imagine already exist, whether what you imagine belong to the past, present, or future, it already exists NOW.

So, when you create something in the Mental Plane, it exists right away. If you want to travel to another country, you can do it right away by using the languages of thoughts and feelings.

If you want to be in 20 different places in one minute, you can also do it now. If you want to be with your loved one and become the most successful and wealthy couple, you can also do it.

If you want to be a millionaire, have the body you’ve always wanted, have the car of your dreams, and become the most influential person in your community, you can do it in the higher planes.

Using “I want” and “I will” in Stating Your Desire

The tendency of humans is to FORCE their desires to manifest based on our concept of “time”. Because of our human concept of time, our manifestations are deeply affected.

Most people, whenever they want to create and manifest their desire, they think that their desire “is in the future” and will “someday” appear in the NOW.

So, they say, “I want this” or “I will do this” or “I would like to have this” and then imagine themselves having and enjoying their desires “someday”.

The energy influencing those thoughts will only be influence in the ETENAL NOW with the “perceived future” not arriving. So, if you imagine your desire to happen “someday” or “in the future”, it will not actually make this desire appear in your reality.

Because we only deal with the ETERNAL NOW and every waking moment is NOW, when “tomorrow” arrives it is still NOW, and so your future imagination will ALWAYS STAY IN THE FUTURE.

If you wish to go back to the past and fix whatever “wrong” you’ve done in the past, you can do that as well by “remembering” the past and revising the scenarios.

Like what I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, even though you “remember” the events in the “perceived past”, you create them NOW.

Julian Barbour, a British physicist, describes time as “a succession of pictures, a succession of snapshots, changing continuously one into another. I’m looking at you; you’re nodding your head. Without that change, we wouldn’t have any notion of time.”

To Barbour, change is real, but time is not. Time is only a reflection of change.

You will understand the illusion of time better when you acknowledge your existence in the Spiritual and Mental Planes as MORE real than your physical existence where you use your five senses to perceive “realness”.

That’s why if you really want to enjoy life, do not always think about the past or the future — always focus on the NOW because we live in the NOW all the time!

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