The Foundation of Conscious Creation

This section contains important concepts that you need to study to understand the foundation of conscious creation. These concepts will be essential to your conscious creation and manifesting success.


Before we can understand the concept of THE ALL, we must look at the quote from the Kybalion first and understand the meaning of “substance” as I will be using this term in the succeeding lessons. “Substance” is what is behind the physical manifestations; the essence; the essential reality; the thing in itself,” etc. “Substantial” means: “actually existing; being the essential element; being real,” etc. “Reality” means: “the state of being real; true, enduring; valid; fixed; permanent; actual,” etc. Read more…


THE ALL is Spirit or the Spirit is THE ALL since everything is included in THE ALL! But if we define what Spirit is, we will have a hard time, as this concept is as complex as the concept of THE ALL. The term Spirit is simply a name that men give to the highest conception of INFINITE, LIVING MIND. Spirit transcends our comprehension, imagination, and understanding of THE ALL, and we use the term merely so that we can speak, imagine, and visualize the concept of THE ALL. Read More…


We come to this aspect of the mind that’s shared by everything and everyone in the universe: the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the mind of THE ALL, the FIRST CAUSE of all things and which manifested first in the Universe. Since THE ALL is in everything in its entirety, including us (humans), it follows that the mind of THE ALL, or Universal Mind, is in our minds, or that our Individual Minds is connected to the Universal Mind. Your mind and my mind are therefore the Universal Mind in its entirety and possess all its qualities. Read More…


The Universal Mind is the source of infinite power and energy and it expresses itself through our Individual Minds. The Universal Mind is like the electric powerhouse where the appliances like TV, washer and dryer, computers, refrigerator, electric fans, etc., connect to and tap into this ENORMOUS and UNLIMITED source. Although these electric appliances don’t draw the same amount of power, they all tap into the same source, which is the Universal Mind. Read More…


The Hermetists were the original alchemists, astrologers, and psychologists, with Hermes as the founder of these schools of thought. From astrology has grown modern astronomy; from alchemy has grown modern chemistry; from mystic psychology has grown the modern psychology of the schools. But we must not assume that the Hermetists and ancient teachers were ignorant of modern schools of thought and science like chemistry, physics, astronomy, psychology, etc. Read More…


The Principle of Divine Oneness simply states that we are all ONE. We belong to the THE ALL that created us all and within us is also THE ALL in its complete state. Since we are ALL in THE ALL, our Individual Minds must also be in the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind is within our Individual Minds. The concept of Divine Oneness is very important because it will help you understand how you can affect the Individual Minds of other people, as well as ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is in THE ALL and the Universal Mind. Read More…


All life forms on earth are sustained by conscious, intelligent, live, vibrating energy called Life Force Energy (LFE). Life Force Energy pervades and sustains the entire Universe in all spheres, dimensions or planes of life manifestations. This conscious and intelligent energy has other names based on cultures, traditions, practitioners, healers and sciences including, “Prana”, “Chi”, “Ki”, “Psi”, “Ruah”, “Breath of Life”, “Bioplasma”, “Manna”, “Life Force”, “Orgone”, “Odic Force”, “The Force”, and “Quanta”. Read More…


We know that everything in the Universe is pure Energy with different rates of vibration, and that we can manipulate this energy using our thoughts and feelings. According to the Law of Vibration, “Like attracts like”, and this process of attracting similar vibrations is called Law of Attraction. Energy can be traced all the way to THE ALL or God, the First Cause in the Universe. THE AK exists at the highest frequency of Energy while humans, animals, plants and non-living things vibrate at lower frequencies depending on their “conscious awareness”. Read More…


You probably think there’s nothing you can do about the past that’s why you still keep obsessing about the things that you did and didn’t do. Perhaps you feel guilty about not doing your best while you still had your business or job, while you were still physically together with your loved one, while you still had so much money, while you were young. Maybe you think that if you could just travel back to the past, you’d be able to fix everything. You probably think there’s nothing you can do anymore to reverse the situation and you wish you could have done better. Read More…

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