It has been our emphasis in previous articles that you can create the reality that you desire. So, if you read the title above, you may find yourself frowning and saying, “I want to change my reality. Why would you want me to accept my present miserable situation? Doesn’t this contradict what I want?”

True, this may seem to contradict what we have been teaching you so far. But acceptance of your current situation doesn’t mean that you AGREE to continue living this existence.

Understanding the Power of Acceptance

When you accept something, it means that the thing you are willing to receive is something that is agreeable or useful to you. All other things that are painful to you or have caused you harm are rejected. On a more profound note, acceptance also means receiving anything and everything that comes from the three aspects of mind, knowing that only GOOD THINGS will come from them.

But you might only think BAD THINGS have come to you. Shouldn’t you be rejecting them?

The reasons you are receiving BAD THINGS are:

1) You perceive them as BAD.

2) It has been an established belief that these things are BAD

3) You have a limited view of your talents and abilities so that anything you do will most likely turn out BAD

4) The desired outcome is not what you expected and is thus BAD

5) You are not consciously aware of the GOOD that is present in what you perceived as BAD

Imagine this scenario. You desire to have a better, high paying job and you make this request to the Super-Conscious Mind. But instead of the promotion that you are expecting, what the super-conscious gives you is a difficult project (by way of your boss) which has a strict deadline. Because you believe that you don’t have the abilities to finish the project, you tell your boss you can’t do it and he gives it to someone else, who ultimately gets the promotion even though the both of you possess the exact same skills. As you can see in this example, by rejecting the opportunity that is manifested to you by the super-conscious, you end up not getting your desired reality.

What Does the Power of Acceptance Entail?

The Power of Acceptance does not only entail receiving the good. It is also about ACCEPTING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY in the outcomes you create.

As we have emphasized in the past, all outcomes are based on the information that you send through the three aspects of mind. If your Conscious Mind is not aware of the data that it is filtering to the subconscious, you end up storing information that is tainted by your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Because they are not rational like your Conscious Mind, the vibrations that are transmitted and sent back by the Subconscious and Super-Conscious Minds are in response to what is the stronger impression, namely your WANTS, your NEEDS and your LACK. Since your conscious perception is so narrow and limited, you don’t perceive the “good” that is present in the realities that have been given to you and you outright reject them. What you don’t know is that by your rejection, you are also rejecting the better solutions that the super-conscious has for you.

To make the Power of Acceptance work for you, need to ACCEPT ALL RESPONSIBILITY…

1) For the mistakes that you made in the past

2) To come up with measures by which these mistakes and all inhibiting beliefs and emotions that have caused these mistakes to occur are discarded or shifted to a newer, more positive way of thinking and taking action,

3) For your present plans for making your dream a reality

4) For accepting whatever outcomes are produced and learning from them.

It is by accepting this simple principle that you stop becoming a Victim of Circumstances and become a TRUE Creator of Your Reality.