The Law of Cause and Effect is so powerful that it is referred as the “Iron Law of Human Destiny” or the “law of laws.”

This law states that absolutely every effect has a definite cause, and for absolutely every cause there is a definite effect.

This means that nothing just happens. There’s no such thing as, “It just happens.” Nothing is also a coincidence. Synchronicities don’t just happen. Nothing happens by chance. All these things have causes. Every action has a reaction or consequence. Every inaction also has a reaction or consequence.

The Law of Cause and Effect works the same for everyone, and it works every single time, 24/7. Whatever we reap, we will sow as certain as night and day.

What manifest in your life are the effects

Your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions — whether conscious or unconscious — create effects that manifest in your reality ALL THE TIME. Whatever you see in yourself and around you are the effects of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions.

Your debts and financial problems have specific causes, like your limiting beliefs about money, uncontrolled spending, and lack of motivation to improve your financial situation by finding a better job or using your time to create more wealth.

Poor health is the effect of your limiting beliefs about food and losing weight, lack of exercise, and poor diet.

If your relationships are in turmoil, there is a lack of sincere effort to think lovingly of your significant other and show him love and affection.

Every effect has a specific and predictable cause

Every effect has a SPECIFIC and PREDICTABLE cause, and every cause or action has a SPECIFIC and PREDICTABLE effect. This means that EVERY EFFECT that you see around you came from a SPECIFIC CAUSE that is WITHIN YOUR CONTROL. You can have the effect that you desire by fixing the cause.

Every human thought, feelings, and actions is a cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe that creates the effect whether desirable or undesirable, depending on the nature of the cause. The effect is ALWAYS a physical manifestation that you experience every single day.

Whatever thoughts, feelings, and actions that you transmit, you set into motion an UNSEEN chain of effects, that vibrate and travel from your entire body, to your environment, and into the cosmos. Eventually, whatever you send out returns to you like the swing of a pendulum.

The effects eventually become the causes of something else. This means the universe is always in motion and progresses from a chain of events.

Based on the nature of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, the Universal Mind, which is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent will assign corresponding effects. If you want better-quality effects, you must have better-quality thoughts, feelings, and actions. Simply put, if you want to improve your effects, improve your causes.

For the Law of Cause and Effect to be more effective, make the cause beneficial not only to you but also to your environment. You need to have the awareness that your thoughts, feelings, and actions will benefit the greater good, so a greater majority will reap the good results.

Ever wonder why the most charitable are also the most wealthy? Ever wonder why those who donate millions of their fortune also become richer than before? Abundance easily comes to those who help others improve themselves and their situations through thoughts (prayers), encouragement, and actions. These acts of helping others will reap accurate results, and will come back to you appropriately, depending on the IMPACT of your cause. This is the concept of divine justice.

The Law of Cause and Effect is the CAUSE that leads to the EFFECTS of the Law of Attraction, because whatever CAUSE you send out to the Universal Mind, it has the EFFECT of attracting it back to you.

What You Can Do

Determine the CAUSE and EFFECT relationship in whatever you want to fix in your life. Identify the specific things you will need to do in order to get the results that you desire. In this aspect, having a thorough and proper understanding of yourself and how you work as a person and a good knowledge of your belief systems will go a long way in assisting you to properly understand the causes and effects in your life.

DECIDE TO FOCUS AND TAKE ACTION. Spending your time asking, wondering, doubting, fearing, and not practicing the law of cause and effect results to outcomes that you won’t find ideal in your situation.

Remember that INACTION (CAUSE) results in NOTHING (EFFECT). Yes, you know that you have to visualize your desired outcome and are not supposed to doubt (absolute faith), but if you have not made an iron-clad commitment to do so (CAUSE), you will have the same situation or even worse (EFFECT).

If you don’t feel like doing the necessary things to get your desired results (CAUSE), you’re supposed to know why you are not getting results (EFFECT). It’s like working — do you expect to get paid when you don’t go to work?

Once you decide to take action, you’ve only completed half the battle. When you begin to practice what you learned about this whole process of creating your reality, the earlier you will have all your desires. You can fake it til you make it, because everything else will just follow. That is the law, the iron law of human destiny.

PERSEVERE. You don’t become a CEO overnight. You don’t build a successful company overnight. You don’t earn millions overnight. You don’t travel the world overnight. Everything takes time, commitment, patience, persistence, and diligent applications of what you know and what you learned from reading books, asking advice from others, etc.

It’s like writing a business plan and then expecting profits to come. No, it doesn’t work that way. YOU HAVE TO EXECUTE THE BUSINESS PLAN, and EXECUTE IT PROPERLY. You also have to hire the right people and take care of your customers and make sure they are happy. Then profits will come.

If you want your desire to come (EFFECT), stop complaining and giving in to your mental tantrums and start to discipline your mind (CAUSE).

Also do your visualizations, acting as if, affirmations, gratitude journal, etc. Do it until you get what you want. Don’t do it one week and ask why your desire hasn’t come yet. Don’t ask, just do. It is in doing (CAUSE) that you will get your desire (EFFECT).

REMEMBER THIS LAW whenever you do something. If you feel negatively about your situation (CAUSE), you will not improve your situation (EFFECT). There’s no other way around it.

If you keep whining about your situation, you will get exactly that version of your desire that will cause you to whine all the time.

If you keep crying over your situation, you will get exactly that version of your desire that will make you cry again and again.