The Law of Compensation states that you are compensated in direct proportion to what you put out into the universe. This law is closely related to the Law of Cause and Effect.

‘Compensation’ does not only refer to to money or financial rewards. Money is not the only form of compensation known to man. This law particularly refers to the blessings given to you because of the actions, thoughts, words, and feelings that you put out to the world.

These blessings come in many forms: money, material things, relationships, friendships, amazing experiences, etc.

One thing you need to understand about this law is that all blessings are in direct proportion to whatever you are and what you send to those around you.

If you expect to gain from not doing anything, then you violate this law. You can see this in many get-rich schemes and those modus operandi that promise high returns for nothing. More often than not, those who believe in these schemes and modus operandi end up getting scammed.

How to Use The Law of Compensation

To make this law work in your favor, spend time thinking about your blessings and what you are grateful for in your life. You don’t need to have everything that you want in your life to be grateful. Simply take a look around you and be happy and thankful that you have them with you right now. These includes your friends, family, your home, work, and existing material things. By focusing on what’s good in your life, you attract more good things into your life.

Do your best when you work for others. Doing better means you draw better things to yourself and therefore increase your potential for more compensation.

Pay whatever you owe something with a grateful heart. Do not pay when you feel negatively about paying your bill because you will only cultivate and manifest negative experiences related to money. Release money with all your heart and you will be surprised to see money flowing freely into your life.

When you attracted into your life an experience that you consider unpleasant, simply let it go. Do not give it attention because the more you give attention to it, the more you will attract more of it. Change what you need to change to prevent the same experiences from happening again.

Always improve yourself. The only way to get more is to give and become more. When you always try your best, the Law of Compensation will always reward you appropriately.