Generally speaking, ACTION is a state of DOING. When you act, it is always for a purpose. Even if you decide to do nothing, that is also considered an action. INSPIRED ACTION, however, should be differentiated from an unconscious, instinctive act.

Elements of Inspired Action

To distinguish inspired action from the regular actions and movements that you do, you need to consider these elements:

1) Inspired action is always conscious

2) Inspired action is performed with knowledge

3) Inspired action has a plan behind it

4) Inspired action is directed toward the achievement of a specific goal/s

5) Inspired action is a continuous process until the desired outcome is achieved

Action and Its Role in Mind Power

Usually when mind experts talk about action, they only discuss about its place in the end stage of reality creation, when after receiving the vibrations from the Universal Mind, the individual acts to manifest their desired outcome. Truth to tell, inspired action exists in ALL the stages of manifesting reality. It is apparent if you base it upon the elements stated above.

Inspired action always starts with consciousness. You are consciously aware of the fact that you are lacking something in your life. This is an action. If you are not consciously aware, you will open your consciousness to the factors, both good and bad, that are influencing your life. Again, this is also an action.

No matter what state of consciousness you’re in, you unconsciously act to store the data you have acquired from people and your environment into your Subconscious Mind. Your subconscious broadcasts your needs to the Universal Mind and you act based on the signals that are sent back to you.

From this, you can see that you and your mind’s three aspects are in a constant state of action, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

However, if you are to manifest your desired reality, you need to exercise conscious awareness in each and every stage of the reality creation/manifestation process.

The Stages of Inspired Action in the Reality Making Process

For inspired action to work in the manifestation process, you need to develop conscious awareness through meditation, self-hypnosis and other mind techniques.

With conscious awareness, you can get a closer look at your surroundings and inside yourself for the pervasive thoughts and beliefs that have been preventing you from achieving your desired outcome.

Such limiting thoughts/beliefs include the notions that you need to work long, hard hours in a job that you don’t like in order to succeed, that to suffer will have you eventually reaping rewards, etc.

Also included here is to find out what emotions you have in certain situations and your reactions to them. Once you have discovered these limiters, you then make the conscious decision to shift or overwrite these beliefs with something that is more harmonious toward your desired outcome. This is the FIRST STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION.

In the SECOND STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION, you actually go through with your decision to change your beliefs by educating yourself, and acquiring new knowledge to overwrite your old data. This can be accomplished by reading both psychological and spiritual articles about your limiting beliefs.

The THIRD STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION is focused directly on your Subconscious Mind. This is the stage wherein you direct the overwriting, shifting and storage of data into your subconscious. You also learn to control your emotions, particularly the impression of feelings into your data. By exerting conscious control over both your data and the emotions that are attached to them, you are also exerting control over the vibrations that your Subconscious Mind will be sending to the Universal Mind.

The FOURTH STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION is largely unconscious because, at this point, your subconscious and the Universal Mind are “communicating” and coming up with the “plan” for your new reality and the “parts” needed for its creation. Your action here is to shift your attention from an EXPECTED outcome, because if you have a specific outcome stuck inside your head, your mind and senses will practically be blind to what may be a better outcome that the Universal Mind has in store for you.

The FIFTH STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION is expanding your conscious awareness to the “reality plan” that the Universal Mind has developed for you. This means that you need to be sharp enough to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you. Again, limiting beliefs and emotions of fear and doubt may try to influence you in this stage. Acknowledge this information as a sort of warning, but take the risk and seize the opportunity.

The SIXTH (and final) STAGE OF INSPIRED ACTION is the performance of physical action to bring the Super-Conscious Mind’s plan into effect. There may be setbacks along the way, but for as long as you continue to be consciously aware, you will be able to recognize any solutions to any problems that you may encounter and implement them toward achieving your desired outcome.

In summary, it must be emphasized that the Power of Inspired Action is always correct and focused in the direction of your desired action for as long as you maintain conscious awareness and control in all the stages of the manifestation process. In doing so, you will be assured that you will be able to manifest your desired reality.