The concept of mental focus is definitely something that is not new to you. In fact, it is a conscious skill that you developed and that helped you many times in your life.

For example, you wouldn’t have been able to ace your exams if you didn’t focus intensely on your studies. That money-making project your boss is raving about wouldn’t have been completed if you hadn’t focused all your thoughts and energies into perfecting it.

You can use the same mental focus to create your desired reality.

The Power of Mental Focus and the Creative Process

There are three levels in the process of creation: mental, emotional, and physical.

It is in the mental level that the Power of Focus first comes into play.

In truth, mental focus is the degree by which you have sharpened your conscious awareness.

If you honed your consciousness, the thoughts from your Conscious Mind will be of a consistent quality so that its request or message could not be misinterpreted by the Subconscious and the Universal Minds. This leads to the production of harmonious vibrations that strongly resonate to the reality that you intend to create.

What’s more challenging is to utilize the power of focus on the emotional level. As you already know, emotions can affect the resonance of the vibrations that the subconscious transmit to the Universal Mind, even if you have focused your thoughts toward the reality you want to create.

Feelings related to love and other positive emotions produce strong, harmonious vibrations that can easily be directed by your focused consciousness toward your intended reality.

On the other hand, emotions related to fear cause disruptions in both consciousness and focus, so that you are unable to direct your mind’s aspects in the creation of your desired outcome.

Using your ability to focus, you can pinpoint and overwrite these limiting emotions and beliefs and replace them with positive ones that are more harmonious with the vibrations of the Subconscious and Universal Minds.

Yet another benefit of focusing your thoughts and emotions that you are not aware of it is that it leaves your consciousness open and receptive to all opportunities that may arise that will help you to create your reality.

Once you have mastered the discipline of focused thoughts and emotions, it will be a snap to direct your physical actions toward manifesting your reality.

How to Utilize the Power of Mental Focus

The procedure to utilizing your ability to focus is really simple, but requires a lot of practice and discipline.

1) Develop conscious awareness

You need to become consciously aware of your predominant thoughts and emotions in your daily life. Identify those that are harmonious with your intended reality from those that are not.

2) Improve the quality of harmonious thoughts and emotions

To increase your chances of creating the reality that you desire, you must improve the quality of your harmonious thoughts and emotions. You can do this by educating yourself on your desired goal. Learn about what is needed to achieve your reality and you will develop confidence, courage and faith, positive emotions which the Universal Mind will favorably respond to.

3) Consciously distance yourself from disharmonious thoughts and emotions

You must get rid of, replace, or shift those that are in direct conflict with the reality you want to create. Again, you can achieve this through the education mentioned above. Some may experience difficulty in shifting focus. You can do this though by setting up a number of options in your reality-creation plan. If one option is not working, you must shift to the next option on your list.

4) Explore the mind techniques and programs that are available to you

They which will provide you with the tools and procedures that will help you to develop and sharpen your mental focus.