You probably see signs of your desires everywhere you go. If you’re trying to manifest your dream car, you probably see your dream car’s make, model, and even the exact color in every corner you go. You probably suddenly hear your friends and family members talk about cars, and you probably keep bumping into strangers who are car enthusiasts or are planning to buy the same car that you like.

You also start to see your dream car on billboards, magazines, social media, and even know someone who just bought your dream car!

These strange occurrences that seem like great coincidences are what you call synchronicities.

To fully understand synchronicities, you need to understand the power of your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has an immense ability to create everything that you wish for, everything that you want, and everything that you desire for yourself. The subconscious mind creates based on your predominant thoughts and beliefs, whether you created these thoughts and beliefs consciously and subconsciously. And since the subconscious mind doesn’t take a break, doesn’t sleep, and doesn’t take weekends off, it knows your predominant thoughts and beliefs 24/7.

Everything is about vibrational frequency

The way things appear in your reality is through the vibrational frequency of your thoughts. Every thought has a corresponding vibrational frequency. The law of attraction brings together things that have the same  vibrational frequencies.

There is an invisible “field of potentiality” that exists between all of us that transmits the frequency of these thoughts to transmit the messages in your mind to people, things, events, and circumstances around you, whether they know it or not. The subconscious mind matches the images that you see in your thoughts with “potential” matches to the images in your thoughts from the “field of potentiality”, depending on the vibrational frequencies that accompany these images. It’s like possessing that magnet within you where you “draw and attract” all the “potentials” of your desires to you.

So when you feed your subconscious mind with images of your dream car, the subconscious mind will now have a job of bringing to you situations, people, items, circumstances, and events that match the idea of you owning your dream car.

Synchronicities are signs that your desire is on its way

Synchronicities are signs that your desire is “cooking up” or on its way to you. They are also a good reminder of your vibrational frequency in the past few days or weeks. They will also tell you the main content of your thoughts, as well as your beliefs regarding your desire.

Some people get very excited when they see signs of their desire everywhere. They keep seeing them for weeks and even months and they expect their grand desire to manifest right away, and when their full desire doesn’t manifest right away, they get extremely discouraged. As a result, their vibrational frequency drops, and they end up disturbing the entire creation process of their desire.

So whenever you see synchronicities involving your desire, pay attention to them, acknowledge them, and affirm that they are what you want. You can literally say “Yes, that’s what I want! Please show me more!” whenever you see a sign.

Make sure to give your synchronicities love and gratitude to increase their vibrational frequencies, so your subconscious mind will send you better and more-accurate syncronicities and eventually create the full manifestation of your desire.