The simplest definition of the Subconscious Mind is that it serves as the intermediary between the Conscious and the Universal Mind. To better understand what your subconscious is, here are some of its functions:

  • Governs your autonomic nervous system or those bodily functions that don’t require active conscious control, such as the beating of your heart, breathing and your digestive processes
  • Serves as the repository for all thoughts, memories and other data that are filtered into it by the Conscious Mind
  • Transmits signals or vibrations of your thoughts and desires to the Universal Mind
  • Receives signals/vibrations from the Universal Mind and transforms them into physical reality

Relationship of the Subconscious Mind with the Universal Mind

Cosmologists have long theorized that all matter and energy, human beings included, originated from one Source. You may call this by a variety of names: Ultimate Source, God, a Higher Being, etc. In this discussion, we shall call this infinite well-spring the Universal Mind.

Based on this theory of Cosmology, you can already assume that the Subconscious Mind is derived from, an extension of, AND directly connected to the Universal Mind. In fact, both the subconscious and the Universal Mind share a number of similarities.

Foremost among these similarities is that both are not capable of rational thought and discernment. They do not distinguish between positive and negative. Another similarity is that they are both governed by the Universal Laws, specifically the Laws of Attraction, Vibration, and Resonance.

Perhaps the biggest similarity between your Subconscious and Universal Minds is that they share the same purpose, and that is TO GIVE YOU WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU DESIRE.

Inefficiency of the Subconscious Mind

You are probably thinking: “If it is the purpose of the Subconscious Mind to give me whatever I want, why am I not getting what I truly desire? Why am I getting only one problem after another?”

To answer this question, you must go back to your Conscious Mind.

Because your life is fraught with troubles, whatever information you have stored in your Subconscious Mind is not only negative, it is also amplified by negative emotions, like fear and anxiety. Although you consciously pray for a solution to your problems, what your subconscious is strongly picking up are your fears and doubts, which it transmits to the Universal Mind. Since your Universal Mind has no discernment, it will reply with even stronger negative vibrations, which in turn will be transformed into an unwanted reality.

To make this easier for you to understand, here’s an example:

You have a person who is sick with cancer and wants to be healed, but there is this pervading fear that he might not be cured, because his doctor told him that he is in late Stage 3. His fear is further aggravated by the knowledge of the various side effects of chemotherapy. Although he is praying daily for healing, what his subconscious is registering is his fear.

Based on the Universal Laws, it is this fear that is transmitted to the Universal Mind which, in turn, sends back equally negative vibrations which are acted upon by the subconscious. The resulting physical reality created by the subconscious is that this man is not only healed of his cancer, but it also spread to other organs which hastened his demise.

Making the Subconscious Mind Work in Your Favor

In order to make the subconscious mind work to achieve what you truly desire, you need to utilize its power with full conscious awareness.

To do this, you must not think of the three mind aspects as separate components, but as a complete working system that should be under your conscious control.