The Two Aspects of the Universal Mind

The Universal Mind is the source of infinite power and energy and it expresses itself through our Individual Minds.

The Universal Mind is like the electric powerhouse where the appliances like TV, washer and dryer, computers, refrigerator, electric fans, etc., connect to and tap into this ENORMOUS and UNLIMITED source.

Although these electric appliances don’t draw the same amount of power, they all tap into the same source, which is the Universal Mind

If you pull out the plug of these appliances from the electrical source the TV goes off, the washer and dryer stop whirring, and all the other appliances stop working.

It’s the same with us: we have Individual Minds and we use our minds differently from others. We can use our minds to think productive thoughts and also think unproductive thoughts.

Others use their minds to create wealth, amazing relationships, and healthy bodies, while some use their minds, although unconsciously, to focus on the lack of money, destroy their relationships, and have unhealthy bodies.

Although we have different ways of using our Individual Minds, we tap into the same powerful and unlimited source: the Universal Mind.

The Two Aspects of the Universal Mind

The Universal Mind expresses itself through the Individual Minds of men.

Through the Individual Minds, the Universal Mind has two aspects: the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.

The first aspect of the Universal Mind is the Conscious Mind or also called the Objective Mind.

The Conscious Mind directs our activities related to our environment outside of our physical bodies. It is usually directed OUTWARD things necessary for our welfare and survival.

The second aspect of the mind is the Subconscious Mind or the Subjective Mind, which is in charge of the functions outside of our physical body. It directs the functions of digestion, respiration, and all the automatic functions of the body without our conscious awareness.

These two aspects of the Universal Mind are physically one, but are occupied differently: the Conscious Mind receives information using reason and logic, while the Subconscious Mind receives information with various activities of sustaining life and promoting growth.

The Conscious and the Subconscious Minds

The difference between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds is important.

You know you’re reading this text right now, and that you are reading it using a laptop or a gadget. You know you’re being presented with principles and ideas, and you are considering these principles and ideas. The aspect of your mind responsible for these functions is your Conscious Mind or Objective Mind.

You also know that, at this moment, you are breathing and your heart is pumping blood through your veins and arteries, and you know that your thinking has nothing to do with these automatic actions. This is an example of the activity of the Subconscious Mind or the Subjective Mind.

When you are unconscious, the activities of the Conscious and Subconscious Minds do not overlap and do not affect one another; but there are times when we find ourselves forced to control the activity of the Subjective Mind using the Objective Mind.

For example, when we have a stomach ache, that means the Subjective Mind process of digestion has something wrong; so the Objective Mind steps in, and this is when you take a medicine for stomach ache to help the Subjective Mind do its work.

Just as the Conscious Mind can and DOES control the Subjective Mind, the Subjective Mind can and DOES also control the Conscious Mind as the connection works both ways.

When the normal digestive process stops, it doesn’t mean the Subconscious Mind stops its function: it only means the Subconscious Mind has been carrying out orders that are not good for the body and therefore affected the digestive process.

The thing about the Subconscious Mind is that everything that it does is AUTOMATIC and it doesn’t have a decision and a will of its own. It simply absorbs all kinds of information, whether it is positive or negative; stores this information to form PERMANENT BELIEFS, then carry out these beliefs on autopilot, whether or not these beliefs are correct or stupid, beneficial or useless, safe or dangerous.

In addition to the automated processes of your body, your Subconscious Mind also carries out the beliefs that you acquired during childhood EXACTLY as presented to you again and again.


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