The Universal Mind

We come to this aspect of the mind that’s shared by everything and everyone in the universe: the Universal Mind.

The Universal Mind is the mind of THE ALL, the FIRST CAUSE of all things and which manifested first in the Universe.

Since THE ALL is in everything in its entirety, including us (humans), it follows that the mind of THE ALL, or Universal Mind, is in our minds, or that our Individual Minds is connected to the Universal Mind.

Your mind and my mind are therefore the Universal Mind in its entirety and possess all its qualities.

You, me, and every human being on this planet – not to mention everything that is around us, living and nonliving – originated from the Universal Mind, as we are part of the Universe that THE ALL meditated on using its Universal Mind.

Just as the Universal Mind is a giant lake of pure energy, we, too, are beings of energy that are linked to THE ALL, like the tributaries of a river, as “Individual Minds”

And it is our Individual Minds that enable the Universal Mind to create the reality that we desire.

Characteristics of the Universal Mind

As the infinite source of all things, the Universal Mind has three main characteristics similar to THE ALL: it is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

The Universal Mind is Omniscient

When the Universal Mind is omniscient, this means that it has complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, and understanding of all things.

It is all-knowing and knows the smallest details of your life and those of everything around you. It also knows all your thoughts, your desires, your wishes, your fears, your frustrations, your worries, and all your feelings. The Universal Mind knows all your deepest secrets.

The Universal Mind is Omnipresent

The Universal Mind is omnipresent, which means it is present everywhere, in every atom, in every animal, in every plant, in every tangible and intangible, in every living and nonliving thing.

It is also present in you, in every part, and every cell of your body. It is present everywhere at all times.

The Universal Mind is Omnipotent

The Universal Mind is omnipotent, which means it has great or unlimited authority and power.

As with the attributes of omniscience and omnipresence, it follows that if the Universal Mind is infinite and sovereign, then It must also be omnipotent. It has all the powers over all things at all times and in all ways.

The Universal Mind is All-Present Everywhere at All Times

The Universal Mind is all-present in anything and everything in us and around us, including those that our senses cannot perceive.

It is literally in you and around you, whether living or nonliving things.

Everything is also one with the Universal Mind. Everything is its center. Any plants, animals, rocks, trees, buildings, mountains, are centers of the Universal Mind.

This means that YOU are a center of the Universal Mind. And since everything originates from the Universal Mind of THE ALL and you create through your Individual Mind, you are a center of creation.

In other words, you are a wellspring of Infinite Source.

And because you and the Universal Mind are one and the same, you possess ALL the qualities of the Universal Mind: you are also omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

Since you can find the Universal Mind anywhere and everywhere, this also means that everyone around you is a center of the Universal Mind: your friends and family, the plants and animals, all living and nonliving things, and all that you can and cannot perceive with your five senses are centers of the Universal Mind.

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