How to Use Visualization to Manifest Your Desire

Visualization or imagination is my favorite Conscious Reality Creation technique because it involves the ACTIVE USE of the Conscious Mind and the “Will” (masculine part of manifesting) to create and design my desire.

Imagination is one of the most powerful forces of the universe. It is the key that many of the world’s best Olympians, celebrities, politicians, and athletes use to reach the pinnacle of their given profession.

Many people associate imagination with visualization, but imagination is more complete than visualization because it does not only include mental pictures but also feelings, faith, and senses similar to the sense of touch, hear, smell, taste, and sight.

But for these lessons, we will use imagination and visualization interchangeably.

Jim Carrey would credit his constant visualization to his success. He would also carry around a check for USD 10 million to motivate himself so he could visualize the check that he would receive in the future.

Just a few years later, he received a check for exactly 10 million dollars.

Some people may discredit visualization and say it’s just kids’ stuff, an old wives tale, or that it’s not based on any scientific proof.

Unfortunately for them, there’s a ton of proof out there. From NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), quantum mechanics, quantum physics, as well as many other scientific studies that back up how visualization helps us create our reality and achieve our desires.

Visualization takes time and effort to master, so the results may not come as fast for other people. So, if you have a hard time visualizing your desire, use your WILL to practice the technique every day until you become good at it.

Some people give up visualization the first time they tried it. They say, “I don’t resonate with this technique”. This statement is an excuse from the Subconscious Mind to not do anything necessary to manifest your desire.

I did not become good at visualization overnight, I struggled at first, but I persist to become good at it using meditation to train my mind.

Eventually, with everyday practice, I developed a mental focus that resulted in concentrated thoughts. These concentrated thoughts have FORCE and POWER that they manifest fast.

With years of practice, whenever I visualize now, it manifests almost immediately, unless my desire is classified as “complex”.

What Happens to Your Mind When You Visualize?

When you visualize a mental image, your Conscious Mind sees a complete picture of everything happening all at once.

When you focus your consciousness on this mental picture for some time, your Conscious Mind will send a signal to your Subconscious Mind that this mental picture is your current reality.

Note that the subconscious doesn’t know whether the mental image is real or not. It only takes into consideration what the conscious mind focuses on and the feelings that come with the mental image.

The more frequent the “thought-feeling combination” appears, the more the subconscious is driven to make this happen in your Physical Reality. This is how habits and behaviors are formed.

A mental image that you visualize ALSO radiates from your Subconscious Mind and is transmitted to other people’s Subconscious Minds. Whoever can pick up the mental image and feels compelled to respond to it subconsciously will help you fulfill your desire. This is how synchronicities happen.

We are all connected through the Universal Mind. Each thought, action, and event in the universe is connected and influences each other.

Your Imagination is Limitless

You are naturally gifted with limitless imagination; but perhaps, through the years, you’ve been conditioned to think otherwise.

The truth is, you have this gift of limitless imagination since you were young. As kids, we were wizards, queens, warriors, astronauts, etc., but most of us lost this imaginative quality as we grew up because of mind conditioning from different people and experiences.

We then started to use our creative mind in limited ways only, like to make decisions, count money and numbers, and stress over tomorrow’s worries.

In Conscious Reality Creation, we tap into this wonderful limitless quality of our creative mind. The power to create our reality starts in how we CHOOSE to see our desire in our mind’s eye.

I keep repeating throughout this master class that for as long as you can imagine or visualize yourself experiencing your desire right now, no matter what you see in your Physical Reality, you will create an experience where you have your desire.

Visualization and Mind Science

Nikola Tesla (who many consider the greatest inventor the world has ever known) said: “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

When you visualize, you’re pro-actively using your brains to change your reality (or energy) of what’s going on in your mind. When you’ve changed your energy to think differently (and imagine differently), you open up a realm of possibilities that can happen to you.

Schrödinger’s cat, the double-slit experiment, and countless other studies prove not everything is at it seems, until we deem it so.

NLP states that anything we tell ourselves our brain will go the extra mile to reinforce that idea. For example, if we tell ourselves we’ve had a really bad day, then our brain will automatically go and think of all the reasons why our day was so bad. If we tell ourselves that we had a great day, our brain will do the opposite and think of all the reasons why today was so wonderful.

Why is Visualization My Favorite Technique

Not only does this technique give me the BEST and the FASTEST results, but this is also the WAY of creation used by THE ALL.

Remember in our previous lessons that THE ALL created the Universe through observation, contemplation, or imagination. If we want to be the Ultimate Creator of our reality, we must “form mental pictures” or visualize our desire in our mind’s eye.

Visualization will take you from being unsure about something, to having a DEEPER SELF-CONFIDENCE that you can have what you want. Let’s go over a few reasons why visualization works.

You believe you’ve already done it before (giving you more confidence)

Your mind is familiar with what you need to do to achieve the desired result

You will automatically focus more on the desired outcome

When you focus your reality on what you want (and visualize it), then your mind reprograms itself to focus on what will give you the reality you’re looking for.

As you practice different visualization exercises, you strengthen your mind’s perception of the reality that can exist for you.

When you have a stronger perception of something, it gives you a deeper belief, and when you have a deeper belief in something, the more apt you are to make it happen in your life.

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