What Are Subliminal Audio Programs and How Can They Help You Achieve Your Desires?

To understand what are subliminal messages, it is important to know first how we acquire and store beliefs in our subconscious mind.

While there are some false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) that get stored in your subconscious mind if they are of considerable impact and meaning to your consciousness, a majority of them end up in your subconscious’ databank as a result of constant repetition so that it becomes accepted by the subconscious as ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Let’s take body shaming as an example:

People who are overweight tend to be ridiculed or even bullied. It is already bad enough that cruel comments give their self-esteem a tremendous battering, but with the constant repetition of these comments and bullying, the person being body shamed unknowingly stores these negative statements and experiences in their subconscious.

Over time, the subconscious accepts these negative statements and experiences as truths.

As a result of these FLBs, losing weight becomes very difficult for the body-shamed individual. That’s because their subconscious mind absolutely believes that they deserve to be overweight.

This is further aggravated by the negative emotions of stress, self-pity, depression, anxiety, and anger brought by low self-esteem and negative body image. The combined effect of the FLBs that they deserve to be overweight and negative emotions prevents them from losing weight.

To get rid of these FLBs, they need to be replaced by positive, empowering beliefs in the cellular and subconscious level. This can be accomplished by listening to subliminal audio programs.


Now, there are a couple of things that subliminal audio programs are NOT.

Silent Subliminals –  These are so many sites that sell “silent” subliminal audio programs. In recording hundreds of subliminals for Must Spark Joy, I can guarantee with absolute certainty that a completely silent subliminal is NOT possible.

Even when you record at a super high frequency, you can still hear the suggestions audibly when you use earbuds/headphones. It is for this reason that we use an overlay sound to “mask” the high-frequency suggestions.

No Whispers and/or Murmurs – A well-made subliminal has subtle whispers and murmurs, especially when the “masking” sound is gentle music or the sound of nature. This is the main proof that your subliminal contains suggestions.  The only time you won’t be able to hear the whispers and murmurs  (the suggestions) is when the music/overlay sound is very loud.

High-Speed Subliminals – Many subliminal makers claim that “high-speed subliminals” enable your subconscious to process suggestions and affirmations faster.

But, according to HumanFactors.com, a person can listen and process an audio recording at the rate of 150 to 160 words per minute, with a maximum of 210 words per minute. Suffice to say, if your conscious mind cannot comprehend subliminals faster than this, your subconscious mind will not be able to comprehend them as well.


I care so much about the process of producing these subliminal audio programs that my team and I had gone through several iterations before we came up with our current formula.

Our goal is to produce subliminals that WORK BETTER AND FASTER than ANYTHING that’s available on the Internet.

We use ReproSync Sound Technology to produce our subliminal audios programs. All suggestions are based on my knowledge of subconscious reprogramming, consciousness, and universal laws.

The suggestions and affirmations contained in each recording target the most common false and limiting beliefs related to that specific topic or desire.

We incorporate our Universal Mind affirmations, unconditional love affirmations, and closing affirmations in every subliminal audio program. These are usually missing in other subliminals in the market.

We include Solfeggio frequencies, which are tones that have been used in sacred music, including Gregorian chants. The chants and their special tones are believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

In some subliminals, we also include a specific brainwave that can relax the mind.

Our background music (excluding the sounds of nature) are custom compositions intended to relax your subconscious mind.


Adjust the volume of the audio so that it’s comfortable to listen to.

Use headphones/earbuds/earphones if there are people around you.  If you are alone in the room, you can play the subliminal without headphones. The reason for using headphones is so that you won’t affect the subconscious of other people around you.

Listen to a subliminal for AT LEAST 20-30 minutes every day and for AT LEAST 30 days. You can listen at any time of the day. There is no limit as to the number of times you can listen in a day.

You can listen to AT MOST five subliminals at a time. Example: you may listen to five subliminals about improving your health, manifesting love, finding a good job, manifesting abundance, and loving yourself. What’s important is you listen to these five subliminals every day for AT LEAST 30 days. Make sure these subliminals don’t contradict one another.


ALWAYS HYDRATE when you listen to subliminals. Drink 8-10 glasses of water as tuning to subliminals can be mentally and physically draining.

You may multi-task as you listen to your subliminal audio.

Some recordings contain binaural beats or sound waves that can make you feel more relaxed and even sleepy; but even if the recording does not contain any sound waves, we advise that you DO NOT listen to them while driving, working out at the gym, or lifting heavy equipment.

Listen to one subliminal audio at a time. If you want to listen to multiple subliminals, do so one after the other. The recommended time for listening to the subliminal is 20-30 minutes and for AT LEAST 30 days.

DO NOT obsess about the results while listening to the subliminal audio. Treat it as an ordinary activity. DO NOT ask when your desires will manifest while listening as doubt and the feeling of uncertainty negate the suggestions.

You can loop the subliminal audio through the night, while you sleep.

For faster results, use this tool alongside other tools that can effectively reprogram your subconscious such as hypnosis, visualization, and taking action.


For first-time subliminal tuners, you may feel slight shivering, warmth, agony, freshness or wateriness (in eyes) on the body parts the subliminal are intended for, or general tiredness.

You may also feel cerebral pains, discouragement or mental weakness, and nausea.

This is due to your negative programming being replaced by positive suggestions. This can also be due to not having the sufficient energy to listen to it or because you listen excessively with no break.

In the event that you encounter any of these, ensure you get a lot of rest, sleep, or take a 1-2 day break until the point that you can rest easy, and next time takes short breaks between sessions.

I would like to make it clear that although subliminal audio programs work very well and are highly effective to reprogram your subconscious mind, they should only serve as supplementary tools to help you manifest your desired reality.

If you are using subliminal audio programs as a form of therapy, please note that these audio programs are only meant to help improve the therapy and should not replace your therapy program altogether.