For those who are new to the concept of mind power, they are immediately drawn to the promise, “What you think about you bring about”. They try out some mind techniques for a few weeks only to become disappointed and say that “Nothing happened,” or “I didn’t want that to happen!”

Since you are familiar with the functions of the three aspects of mind, you know for a fact that the above promise is TRUE.

Recapping the Three Aspects of Mind

Let’s first do a quick aspect on the three aspects of mind and how they function as a cohesive unit.

Your Conscious Mind gathers data in the form of thoughts, ideas and memories, which may or may not be impressed further with the emotions when these things were created. The Conscious Mind stores all of these data in your Subconscious Mind.

Your subconscious, which is the individual center of the Universal Mind, transmits these data to the Universal Mind, which in turn sends “like” signals or vibrations to the subconscious. Together, the subconscious and the Universal Mind work to actualize your needs, desire and reality, based on the vibrations that you sent and received. Simply put, you receive what you ask for.

So, you wonder: “If I don’t get what I asked for, where did the three aspects go wrong?”

The Source of the Mind’s Conflicts

You’ll be surprised to learn that if you don’t get what you ask, the three aspects of mind are not to blame. You should blame yourself. More specifically, you should blame your unconscious consciousness.

Throughout your entire life, you are bombarded with information that ultimately becomes your beliefs. Unfortunately, because you are virtually unaware of the types of data you absorb on a day-to-day basis, you end up storing limiting beliefs in your subconscious. You also confound these limiting beliefs by whatever negative emotions you felt.

Limiting beliefs combined with negative emotions are created by the Subconscious Mind through the Universal Mind using low frequency vibration.

By Law of Attraction, the Universal Mind also starts sending back the same low frequency vibration. The dual action of the subconscious and universal subconscious leads to the perpetuation of the reality that you experience right now.

But you might argue: “But I prayed for what I want! Why didn’t I still get what I desire?”

Your prayer is indeed a positive request to the Universal Mind; however, your prayer is greatly undermined by the more powerful undercurrent of your limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

For example, you pray that you will win the lottery, but inside your subconscious you are limited by such beliefs that winning lotteries is a one-in-a-million or that you never win in lotteries or you have betted for so long and you have never won anything, even a consolation prize.

As you can see, the more powerful “thought” is the idea that you will LOSE the lottery instead of winning it as you say in your prayer. Because “losing the lottery” is the predominant data, both your subconscious and the Universal Mind will ensure that you will not win, rather than give you what you truly desire, which is win the jackpot.

In contrast, if you harmonize your prayer with thoughts and complete faith that you will win the lottery, the Subconscious and the Universal Mind will also broadcast harmonious vibrations of wealth and prosperity which will physically manifest the jackpot that you desire.

How to Resolve Internal Conflicts

To resolve internal conflicts in the three aspects of the mind, you need to develop conscious awareness of your limiting beliefs.

Through meditation, visualizations, self hypnosis or other mind techniques, you must identify and isolate all the limiting beliefs and emotions stored in your subconscious and completely overwrite them with new, empowering and positive beliefs.

As an additional tip, always make it a point to absorb positive and empowering information from a variety of sources, like spiritual readings, law of attraction, and self-improvement articles. Reduce your exposure to negative influences such as pessimistic, cynical, and disapproving people and news reports on TV, print and social media.

By resolving all of these internal conflicts, you will be able to clean up the vibrations being sent out by your Subconscious Mind so that your wishes and desires will be plain and clear to read and act upon by the Universal Mind.