In common parlance, you may have equated consciousness with “a state of wakefulness” or “awareness.” Awareness though is more commonly used on a superficial level, like when you notice changes in people and in your environment such as a brilliant smile that means the person is happy about something or the dreaded calm before the storm.

Consciousness involves both the superficial and the inner self, and it is through consciousness that you will be able to create the reality that you desire.

The MASTER (not the Seed) of Creation

Mind experts often contradict each other and themselves as to what is the TRUE seed of creation. Many say that it is consciousness; others say that it is thoughts, beliefs or other factors. These arguments create confusion among those who are practicing mind techniques, that they are unable to determine which factor is more important over the other. Needless to say, consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, etc. are ALL SEEDS OF CREATION and, thus, are EQUAL IN IMPORTANCE.

But the better term for consciousness is that it is the “master” of the reality-making process of the three aspects of the mind. The reason for this is that consciousness doesn’t just involve awareness; it also involves control, and it is through conscious awareness and control that you will be able to manifest your desired outcome.

Unconscious Consciousness in Action

Let’s face it: In this fast-paced, super busy world, you have become unconscious of the thought processes that take place inside your mind. Of the 70,000 thoughts that you have per day, 99% of this is plain mind talk or psychobabble.

And yet, because you are unconscious of your consciousness, you don’t know that you are absorbing all of these thoughts unfiltered. When you were conscious of your consciousness, you may be experiencing unpleasant or negative situations so that these thoughts and memories are not only absorbed, but are also tagged with the negative emotions that you felt.

As you repeat these thoughts over and over again, your subconscious begins to recognize them as truth and established them as beliefs and increased their strength and potency.

Since both the Subconscious and Universal Minds do not possess rational thought, they establish a negative feedback loop of undesirable request transmissions and, worse, undesired outcomes.

True Consciousness in Action

On the other hand, if you have developed true consciousness, you become aware of the thoughts that pop through your head at any given time AND able to determine the reasons for their surfacing.

Because of this, you will not only be able to filter out the useless psychobabble, but also able to discard any thoughts that have been created because of unpleasantries in your surroundings.

True consciousness will also make you more aware of your thoughts, emotions and reactions that develop as a result of being exposed to a situation similar to something that you experienced in the past.

This awareness will enable you to shift your thoughts to something more positive, and helps you prevent letting your emotions give more substance to your thoughts.

At this point, you direct your Consciousness into your Subconscious Mind (self-awareness). Like a dutiful secretary, you rifle through the “files” in the filing cabinet that is your subconscious and unearth the false and limiting beliefs that you developed through the years.

Obviously, you need to replace these files. You can accomplish this through re-education. Psychology and spiritual journals have articles that extensively discuss these beliefs and the ways that you can shift your thought patterns or get rid of them entirely.

Now, you go to the tricky part, which is your Universal Mind. It is not enough that you have replaced your limiting thoughts and beliefs. You need to have clear visualization of the outcome that you want.

Not only that, you must believe and have faith that the universe will help manifest your desired reality, so much so that you are able to detach yourself from any expectations that you may have from the outcome.

You should be open and conscious to receive the Universal Mind’s response. If the outcome is not what you desired, again, open your consciousness and examine it rather than reject it outright. The universe has your complete happiness and well-being as its priority.

Perhaps your desired outcome is not really aligned with what is BEST for you. Analyze the outcome to see the plans and tools that the Universal Mind have created for you and accept the responsibility. Remember that you are literally the HANDS AND ARMS of the Universal Mind.

Finally, be conscious about all the blessings that you have received, no matter what outcome was given to you by the Universal Mind. By expressing heartfelt gratitude and maintaining open and faithful consciousness, you are increasing the flow of miracles and blessings into your life, which will ultimately lead to the full man